Face on the face after pregnancy?I don’t know if I don’t look at it!

Is the spots because of the boy?

Will the gender of the fetus really affect the appearance of the pregnant mummy?

The academic community does not have a unified view on the impact of fetal gender on the level of pregnant mummy hormone levels.In fact, compared to before pregnancy, regardless of whether the fetus is male or female, the hormone level in the pregnant mother will change significantly. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, testosterone will increase significantly.

Even if it is considered the study of the gender of the fetal mother’s hormone level, the statistical data difference is not very large: when it is close to production, the estradiol content in the pregnant mother of the girl is about 23000ng/L.With a boy’s about 20000ng/L.

Conclusion: It is not much related to the sex of pregnant moms to become better or bad.

Why does RENCI grow pregnancy spots?

█ pregnancy spots

█ Unknown: chloasma

█ Common onset of onset: forehead, cheese, temporal part

According to statistics, about 70%of domestic expectant mothers in China will appear tea brown spots on their faces after 4 months of pregnancy. They are generally distributed on the bridge of the nose and cheeks, and some will also be distributed in the forehead, butterfly shape, which is calledPregnancy spots.

So how does pregnancy spots form?

The level of estrogen and progesterone in the body of pregnant mothers will increase: 1. Estrogen can stimulate melanocytes to secrete melanin; 2. progesterone to promote melanin transfer and diffusion.

Conclusion: Under the common action of estrogen and progesterone, the expectant mothers during pregnancy have obvious pigmentation.So the skin is so tragic.

Does Renci’s pregnancy spots disappear after unloading?

"Don’t be afraid, just after giving birth."

ExcUSE, how do I hear that some pregnancy spots not only disappear, but also deepen?

Under normal circumstances, the melanin precipitation on the pregnant mummy will gradually become lighter or disappeared by the body’s metabolism after 3 to 6 months.For a long time, it has not been taken under ultraviolet rays, but it will cause it to disappear after childbirth, and the spots will grow more than the growth of time.

Conclusion: Skin care is a woman’s homework for a lifetime, even if she is pregnant, it cannot fall.

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