Fan Weiqi declared that there were three lies: the number of outs during pregnancy, only one bed in Chen Jianzhou did not drink.

In order to maintain Chen Jianzhou, Fan Weiqi’s word of mouth was also "flipped", and the statement was full of lies -an introduction.

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Since Chen Jianzhou was charged with sexual harassment on June 27 by Daya Fa Changwen, Guo Yuanyuan exploded Chen Jianzhou sexually harassing female artists during the pregnancy of Fan Weiqi.

However, Chen Jianzhou’s wife Fan Weiqi personally did not make any public response.

It was not until June 29 that Fan Weiqi responded to Chen Jianzhou’s sexual harassment incident on her personal social platform.

Fan Weiqi explained in the response article that many netizens paid attention.

The first thing she responded was the problem of "Fan Weiqi disappeared." The problem of climbing over the overheated search. Fan Weiqi said that he had been at home and had no god.

Fan Weiqi also mentioned her journey during pregnancy and the problem of her and Chen Jianzhou sleeping in a house.

Fan Weiqi said at the end of the response that her husband Chen Jianzhou was a very upright person who believed him himself.

However, netizens did not buy Fan Weiqi’s response, but instead found a lot of lying parts in the response article, three of which were the most obvious.

The first is the number of times of pregnancy.

Fan Weiqi said in the response that she had only had 5 times during pregnancy, and Chen Jianzhou was accompanied, and the rest of the time was recuperating at home.

However, netizens discovered the clue.

According to the social media released during pregnancy, Fan Weiqi found that Fan Weiqi went out more than 5 times during pregnancy, and more than 10 times when they went out, and Chen Jianzhou did not accompany each time.

The second is that Chen Jianzhou dripped wine.

Fan Weiqi said that anyone who knew Chen Jianzhou knew that he did not touch the wine and could not drink during his pregnancy.

In an interview with Chen Jianzhou and Fan Weiqi, although Chen Jianzhou had not had a bad drink, Fan Weiqi himself said to the media, "So far, it is very good, so … another glass of bar!"

Fan Weiqi and Chen Jianzhou once drank together were also picked up by netizens.

There is also the owner of the seafood store that Chen Jianzhou drank a lot of whiskeys in his store while meeting with his friends.

Third, Fan Weiqi responded to netizens that there was only one bed at home.

However, netizens also found that this was opposed to the remarks that Fan Weiqi had spoken himself.

Fan Weiqi once said, "There is still a house at home, and you can live for friends who play Chen Jianzhou at home."

Moreover, Fan Weiqi Chen Jianzhou couples were not only a house.

Regarding Fan Weiqi’s "rollover" response, netizens have said that "Fan Weiqi lies no longer weird", "Fan Weiqi and Chen Jianzhou are really a family", "Fan Weiqi was hit by the speed of light".

It can be seen that Fan Weiqi’s response is not satisfied.

In this way, Fan Weiqi made his reputation even worse because he helped Chen Jianzhou’s voice.

Fan Weiqi returned from the United States to Taiwan Province in 1999. Because he liked singing, he joined Fumao Records and officially entered the entertainment industry. He created and sang many well -known songs.

Fan Weiqi is a member of the sisters circle of sisters. In the case of clearly Chen Jianzhou is the first love of the big S, Fan Weiqi can also become a good friend with the big S, and has to admire Fan Weiqi’s ability to accept.

In 2010, Chen Jianzhou proposed to Fan Weiqi after many years of love. In 2011, the two held a simple wedding, and then gave birth to twin sons.

After getting married, Fan Weiqi rarely appeared in front of the screen, and Fan Weiqi was affected by Zhang Shaohan’s incident, and her popularity was not as popular as before.

Fan Weiqi was a stones that raised their feet, but we would not know how painful it would be.

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