Female college students after pregnancy (real story)

"Mom, Dad is back," Since his birth, his son has never seen Dad. He has seen his father for the first time in five years.

Qin Lifang’s son pulled a man’s hand and came to the kitchen cheerfully. He excitedly told his mother,

Qin Lifang is busy making dinner in the kitchen. For almost six years, she raised her son to five years old. During the period, she only knew.

When she heard her son calling his dad back, there was no anticipation on her face, but there was an embarrassment and uncomfortable.

Li Yuanping took out gifts such as toys and chocolates bought for his son. His son happily took the toys and chocolate and went to play in his room happily.

"Dad, don’t you leave tonight, I want to sleep with you at night, can you tell me a story?"

Qin Lifang shook his head with a smile and shook his head. He had worked hard for five years. He didn’t care about his father. He just bought him some toys and ate. He actually thought about sleeping with his father at night. Who said his son and motherrelative?

Li Yuanping took a lot of gifts to Qin Lifang, but she didn’t look at it coldly and said, "Let’s go, here is without your son, and your son was made by me six years ago."

Qin Lifang was very calm, as if she was talking to people she didn’t know. Her face couldn’t see a sad look, as if she was talking about other people’s affairs.

Li Yuanping’s mood at this moment is mixed, and it is difficult to express in words. Seeing that the cute son is five years old, he has not fulfilled his responsibility of being a father.

Recalling that when he left, Qin Lifang was pregnant with his son. Now his son is five years old. He did not give her an explanation, so he went to study abroad alone.

In the rental house, Qin Lifang had obvious pregnancy reactions. She vomited from the bathroom, and the whole person seemed sluggish.

Li Yuanping said, "I’m going to graduate from college immediately. I want to go abroad to study. I can’t take care of you by your side. Do it. This is the key. You will live there in the future. Everything will wait for me to come back."

When I was in high school, I was in love. Some teachers and parents watched them. When I went home during the day during the day, I would usually not happen.Besides, there is no time to get in love with college.

After reaching college, reading is not so nervous, it is also the time when young people are the most vigorous.Couples during the love period, except for eating in class, remaining together, I can’t wait to stick together every day.

At this time, the girls were relatively simple and intoxicated in the sweetness of love.Like other boys, Li Yuanping often accompanies Qin Lifang for dinner and watching movies, buying snacks and traveling.

Li Yuanping said, "We are still studying now, and we are unable to raise children. Who will the children give birth to? Besides, I will go abroad to study abroad, or do the children do it."

Qin Lifang said resentfully: "I don’t know you yet. You want to abandon me, and you are as chic and other women as foreign countries, don’t think I don’t know!"

Li Yuanping said, "Don’t listen to others nonsense. There is nothing at all. Some people deliberately talk about nonsense."

Qin Lifang said: "You go to France to study, Wei Yuzhu has to go to France to study. You have no one in foreign countries, can you not have heaven?"

Li Yuanping said, "I have nothing to do with her. She is insisting on nonsense and let others believe that I am with her. You have to believe what I say."

"We are still two width together, don’t entangle, it is a kind of liberation for everyone. I can’t control wherever you go, but you can’t control my child."

Qin Lifang knew that it was useless to say anything now. What he could stay can be left is only the child in his stomach. If he doesn’t even have a child, let him go as far as he goes.

Li Yuanping has always persuaded Qin Lifang to do the child before going abroad. He said that if you give birth to the child, you will be very bitter.

"You can stay with me. I can eat any bitterness. I vowed your love words. You said that I would be responsible for me, but now I am pregnant, you left me halfway, and I ran abroad to go abroad.","

"Going abroad is the idea of my parents. They hope to have a lot to me. If I do n’t go abroad to study, they will be sad. As a child, I think you should understand."

Qin Lifang said, "You want me to understand you, but let me go to the hospital to remove the child! You will definitely not come back if you leave.Let’s go! "

Li Yuanping went to France to study, and his girlfriend told her that Wei Yuzhu and he took the same plane and walked away. Listening to the classmates said that they were very happy to chat in the waiting room.

Qin Lifang returned home and could only tell her mother about her mother, saying that she was going to give birth to her child.

The mother said loudly: "Now the man is irresponsible, do you give birth to your child? Do you want to marry someone in the future? Nowadays, women do not want children to divorce, just to be convenient to marry in the future."

Li Yuanping said goodbye, it really hurt Qin Lifang’s heart.She decided to give birth to the child, and she raised the child alone, and she didn’t want to marry anymore.

"Mom, the child is born and I will raise it alone, and don’t want you to afford it. I don’t want to marry anymore. I just want to raise the child well."

My mother said, "How do you raise, do you want to work, do you want to afford the nanny? I won’t bring you a child. I will bring you a child, others ask about the child, how can I answer?"

Qin Lifang’s mother refused to bring her children. In five years, she brought her children while working, and she could only carry it alone.

Li Yuanping said: "Now I tell you the truth of the matter. Wei Yuzhu had a good opinion of me and confessed to me. I directly rejected her. She told her dad about this."

Qin Lifang said: "What does this have to do with her dad? This is the relationship between the two of you, what does it have to do with his dad?"

Li Yuanping said: "At that time, my dad opened the company, and some money was invested by her father. If I did not agree with her, her father withdrew the capital. My dad told me about this, and I wanted to study abroad.I don’t bother. "

Qin Lifang said, "Then how do you go abroad to study with her, you really have not been with her."

Li Yuanping said: "I am a general plan. See if my father can do business in recent years. Now my father has done a good business and does not owe their family money. I will come back after graduation."

Qin Lifang said: "You really can make a story. Someone saw you in the waiting room that year and saw you very much. Is this true?"

Li Yuanping said: "This is what Wei Yuzhu deliberately made for others. The purpose is to make you die, and I feel that I and her are fine, so you will do the child."

Qin Lifang asked: "When you are studying in France, how do you have a relationship with her, and do you live together?"

Li Yuanping said, "Do I say that there is no faith in you, in fact, I live in my own relative’s house. She knows that you have given birth to a son, and she no longer cares about me. She knows that I will definitely come back to you after graduating."

Qin Lifang said in a faithful manner: "How do you prove that you are telling the truth, not to write a story to lie to me?"

"Wei Yuzhu is about to get married soon. Some students have received her wedding invitation. Now you should know whether I have something to do with her."

Qin Lifang said, "You play with your son for a while, you are hungry, I will eat two dishes immediately."

Li Yuanping secretly kissed Qin Lifang and said, "It’s been five years, you have worked too hard, or I’ll help you burn the vegetables together."

Qin Lifang said, "The son is big, you should pay attention, the children are very smart now, do you know why your son is kissed with you?"

Li Yuanping said, "I don’t know, I am also very strange. He has never seen me for so many years. Why is it so close?"

Qin Lifang said: "I have always told my son that my dad loves you very much. You have to be obedient. Dad is very hard to make money in foreign countries. Do you want to know? So my son always asked, when did Dad come back, I can only say it is veryI will come back soon, in fact, I don’t have any in my heart. "

The son saw that his father came back to eat together. He was particularly excited and kept giving him vegetables on the table.

Qin Lifang said, "Look at my son, I have raised him for so many years, you see how much he is to you, I really hurt him."

Li Yuanping said, "Don’t be jealous, he is our child, and I can accompany you every day."

The son said loudly, "I want my father to sleep with me at night."

Li Yuanping and Qin Lifang glanced at each other and laughed, Qin Lifang

Said: "Okay, dad go to sleep with you at night."

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