Female college students have increased pregnancy. Sister Sister tells real cases: In fact, these three kinds of people

Nowadays, the phenomenon of pregnancy of female college students seems to be more and more. Nowadays, people’s thoughts in social life are becoming more and more open, and there will be enough to pay for feelings. Now almost everyone will have their own love during college.After all, love during college is often simple and simple. At this time, love is often the most worth cherishing experience in life.

But in recent years, female college students have become more and more pregnant, so why is this?A school sister tells the real case: Almost these three people

I have graduated for a year. When I was in school, I was a student union, so I still understand a lot of things in the school. It is normal for college students to fall in love.During the college, I will talk about a love and find the other half that suits you. They all say that "university that is not in love is incomplete." In fact, it is really normal to fall in love, but the phenomenon of pregnancy is not common. During the college period, the phenomenon of pregnancy is not common.I have also heard that there are female classmates who are pregnant. I have also understood it. In fact, there are nothing more than three kinds of people.

The first kind of person, who is in love at the beginning, a slightly immature girl

There used to be such a girl in our class. She usually is a very inconspicuous girl in the class. The relationship with everyone is also average. It is not very noisy in the class.But in the second half of the year in the second half of the year, I suddenly became pregnant. Only friends who were with her knew it. I later learned that because I did not have a long time of pregnancy, I chose to be a crowdIt took a long time to get better.

In fact, we also know. At first glance, she seemed to be a very ordinary, obedient girl, and a love of love was not vigorous. Some people even thought she did not fall in love, but it was such a one.The girl later became pregnant and became a flow of people. I also learned through her good friend. She likes her boyfriend very much. The relationship between the two is also very good, but she does not take care of so much.It did not take good protection measures, which led to her pregnancy, and because she was not ready to get married, they were afraid of their parents to know, and the last two talents broke the child, and then they continued to live.

The second kind of person, a girl who is in contact with the society prematurely, and the girl who embarked on the road

It is said that universities are a small society, and a transition from school to society. The life of the university is open and free. Many people can choose their own feelings freely and choose their own lives. Some people may compare becauseSome people may start to contact society prematurely for a better life, but they cannot live down to live down to the earth. When facing temptation, they cannot keep their hearts and eventually lead to their own way.

During my college, there are not many girls, but there are, at that time, which girls in the same grade might make money in society, and there may be psychology such as comparison.At the time of our class next door, there are one or two girls. We do n’t know their family conditions, but they know that their lives during school are very rich. They are very fashionable every day.There are very different differences, and high -end bags and cosmetics are also very conspicuous. This makes everyone familiar with it. Only by understanding, they also know that they often go to the bar in the bar, and the boyfriend is not a school.People often see that they will leave on the sports car on weekends. From time to time, the dormitory has been used to everyone. Later, they took a month of leave for a while. Finally, everyone knew that they were pregnant.

And this situation also exists. Some female college students go to the society prematurely and want to contact some rich people through their own appearance, or fall in love with rich people.Pregnancy, so you still need to be practical during college. Don’t compare and do what you should do at this age.

The third kind of person, a girl who fell in love with the scum man

Sometimes love love is very wonderful. Those who fall in love with the right, two people will be better and better together, but the relationship is getting deeper and deeper, but those who fall in love with wrong will often bring harm to themselves. During collegeIt will also be there when encountering scum men.

Some boys may hold a casual attitude when facing a relationship. They can’t get the pursuit of hard work before, but they are unwilling to cherish it after getting it.It is not cherished, and even leads to emotional failure.

One of my friends during college has experienced such a thing. The boy is very handsome. My friend also liked it at first. It belongs to the experience of a female chasing men, and the two have come together. Friends really like him. On weekdays, friends really like him.It took all kinds of care for boys, but the relationship between the two people did not go too long. It was still because the man’s incompetence caused the relationship to fail. At that time, my friend was pregnant because of love.In this difficulty, my friend also took a long time to get out of the pain of falling out of love.

In fact, the pregnancy phenomenon of female college students also exists. For girls, they really need to protect themselves. No matter what the situation is, it is necessary to consider it carefully. Do not cause harm to their bodies because of their feelings.

The pregnant phenomenon of female college students has always existed, and it needs to be paid attention to many people. Whether it is a boy and a girl, they need to be serious when facing feelings. Good feelings must be understanding each other, caring with each other, protecting each other, maintaining each other togetherWhat do you think of your feelings?

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