Female college students were drunk in the nightclub toilet and were picked up by men in their 50s.

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—— [Foreword] –

Although the public security environment is getting better and better today, with the development of the entertainment industry, bars, nightclubs, KTV and other places have become where many men and women are relaxed, and many young people are curious about these entertainment venues., Even take the entertainment venue as a must -have place for themselves, and take pride in these entertainment venues, but most young people do not have enough ability to judge, and these entertainment venues are often mixedGirls, if they are not alert to psychological and protect their own consciousness, more and more girls are drinking in entertainment places such as bar and KTV in order to entertain and pursue excitement.

—— [University girls were picked up in the bar late at night] –

On April 4, 2014, this day happened to be the birthday of Xiaojing (pseudonym).Her college roommates have taken leave to celebrate this special day for her.Throughout the afternoon, several girls played and played. They originally planned to eat simply meals, but when they thought of their birthdays, they did not want to go back to school, so they discussed to go to a nightclub to play.Everyone did not come to the nightclub, and naturally agreed to this proposal.The girls took a taxi to a local nightclub, and the nightclub marketing staff was already waiting there.They passed through a dim and long corridor, and finally came to the lively scene.I was excited to see the scenery of lits.Standing in the corner and feeling the enthusiasm and carnival of the crowd.

These people are college students involved in the world. Although they do not drink much alcohol and the concentration of wine is not high, it has exceeded their own tolerance.Therefore, everyone was drunk, so someone suggested that they took a taxi to return to the dormitory to rest together.Before leaving, Xiaojing mentioned that she needed to go to the toilet. The roommate said that she would wait for her here after hearing it, but just let her come back soon.However, no one expected that Qi Linlin’s departure would have a significant impact on her life.Soon after, she also regretted that she decided to go to the bar.Xiaojing entered the bathroom confused, and before entering the compartment, he fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

Xiao Jing’s felling sound alarmed Zhang Zhang, the male next door, and Zhang was a middle -aged man in his fifties. He was still mixed in a nightclub when he was so old.After Zhang came over, he saw Xiaojing lying on the ground at a glance. Xiaojing was only twenty years old, and his appearance was very good. The pure female college student was very attractive for Zhang.

So Zhang dragged Xiaojing to the men’s toilet and took off her clothes, and then violated her. After Xiaojing woke up, he found that he was in the men’s toilet.So I didn’t dare to stay, and hurried back to their roommates.The roommates asked her where to go, Xiao Jing shook her head, and the tearful begging begging roommates took her back to school.Although I don’t know the specific passage, I know that Xiaojing was obviously bullied.The girls looked at each other and took Xiaojing to leave the nightclub.Back in the dormitory, Xiaojing cried and told his friends about the original committee.

Everyone proposed that Xiaojing’s alarm to punish the criminal, but Xiaojing did not agree with life. She was afraid that she would let her parents know that she had gone to the nightclub and encountered such a matter after the alarm.Extremely strict, parents have told not to go to such a place since childhood, so she is afraid of calling the police, and she is more afraid that her parents will not want her.Several of them discussed for a long time, and finally decided to go to the nightclub to check the surveillance video to reveal the identity of the criminal.The next afternoon, they came to the nightclub again, claiming that their friends had lost some items, demanding viewing the surveillance video, and copying Xiaojing into the clip of the men’s toilet to leave.However, Xiaojing did not agree to call the police, and the girls were worried that they might cause adverse effects, so they dared not take action.

—— [Specifies choosing to jump off the building] –

A few months later, Xiaojing suddenly felt unwell, and she decided to go to the hospital for examination.However, the results of the inspection shocked and sad, and she found that she was pregnant.The only possible reason is Zhang.This sudden blow made Xiaojing almost collapse. She felt that she was unable to return to heaven and could not change anything.She thought that once her parents knew this fact, they would be disappointed and disgusted with her.Under various pressures, Xiaojing could not bear it. She chose to come to the rooftop for a night and jumped from there.

When friends learned the news, they immediately chose to call the police. When the police came to the school to investigate, the friends took the initiative to provide the matter of the matter and the surveillance video that day to the police to gather the testimony of Xiaojing’s friends. The police instantly understood the incident instantlyAfter passing, the men’s toilet monitoring video of this nightclub was investigated. In the end, Zhang Mou, who was locked in the criminal suspect, was taken back to the police station.Acknowledged his crime, in front of the CBIC, Zhang eventually was sanctioned by law.

—— [Conclusion] –

A young girl, at the time of youth, can no longer return to the past.Her parents were washed with tears every day, even if she told them that when facing major choices, they would never let her bear too much pain.However, the victim finally left the world.The world of flowers outside is full of temptation for whoever is. It is not wrong to yearn for, but the premise to enter is to protect themselves, especially girls.If you do not do evil, it does not mean the evil in the world.Therefore, you should let go of your heart anyway, don’t cause irreparable results due to a moment of great intention.

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