Ferry!The 20 -year -old girl was forcibly violated after abortion, and begged hard: please let go

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On July 21, 2018, a very shocking killing case occurred in Bazhong City, Sichuan Province. The 20 -year -old girl’s ex -boyfriend had a knife at her neck.The girl who surgery does.

Why do girls make such a crazy move and destroy her great youth, what kind of love and hatred between her and ex -boyfriend, eventually leading the girl to kill the killer?

Zhu Fengxia was born in a small mountain village in Guizhou in 1997. The family conditions are average. His parents are native rural people. They relieved their hard -working feats with hard -working hands.

Because living in a mountain village all year round, whether it is life or education, it is relatively backward, so parents do not pay much attention to Zhu Fengxia’s education, and they depend on self -discipline in learning.

After studying in high school, her academic performance is not ideal. The score can be barely able to go to three colleges, but the high tuition fees make the family frowning. After repeated consideration, in order to reduce the burden of her parents, she decided not to decide not to have the burden of her parents.Read.

Zhu Fengxia wanted to walk out of the mountain village with the opportunity to go to college. She also longed for the prosperous life of big cities to take a look at the world of flowers outside, but because of family conditions, she had to choose to stay at home.

So she helped her parents at home to help her parents. The time of leisurely cooking for her family became her daily life. Two years have passed two years. The boring life made her unwilling to see it. She really didn’t want to stay in the mountain village for a lifetime.

After a few nights of thought, Zhu Fengxia died up the courage to express his thoughts to his parents. He wanted to work outside to make money. Parents watched their 20 -year -old daughter, and they didn’t want her to stay in the mountains.

But what can a girl go out, can she cope with the sinister society?Although her parents wanted to let her go out to fly, she couldn’t rest assured her safety.

In July 2017, a university in the same village came back to the summer vacation. She told Zhu Fengxia that many college students now will go to the electronics factory to use some zero workers, and she will go to the factory to work in the factory a few days this time.

After hearing this news, she seemed to grab her life -saving straw, and hurriedly informed her parents. The two also relieved them. In the end, Zhu Fengxia and the female college students in their fellow villagers went to an electronic factory in Xiamen, Fujian.

After seeing the prosperity of the big city, Zhu Fengxia was shocked in an instant. The bright lights were in sharp contrast with the previous hometown. If she could live here, she secretly thought.

As a young man, Zhu Fengxia has a strong ability to learn and adapt to. She relies on a lively and cheerful personality, and her simple person. It does not take long for her to integrate into the life of a big city.

When she works in an electronics factory, she meets all colleagues who are about the same age. Because she is good at talking, there are still a lot of friends around. A group of young people’s lives always yearn for passion and full of happiness.

Zhu Fengxia’s relationship with colleagues around him is becoming more and more familiar. After one day of work, some people suggest that everyone finds a KTV to relax. Seeing everyone enthusiastically participated, she agreed.

Due to the first time to participate in this kind of party, the singing and singing in the box soon let her fall into it. The life of the big city is good. In this kind of light and green atmosphere, she never drank it at this time.A few bottles of iced beer.

Under the influence of alcohol, she was gradually a little dizzy, but she never had the feeling of halo at this moment. This feeling was really comfortable. A group of people sang songs crazy.

But after a while, she suddenly felt a pain in her stomach. Douda’s sweat beads slipped from her cheeks, so she hurried to the bathroom. When she went out, she met her colleague Yue Rui (male) in the same box.Essence

After she walked into the bathroom, she knew that she had come to the holiday. In addition, she had just drank a few bottles of ice beer, which caused the stomach pain. She endured the pain and walked out of the bathroom. She planned to go to the pharmacy to buy medicine.

However, the colleague (Yue Rui) who had just hit at the door was waiting for himself. He asked Zhu Fengxia anxiously, because the two were not very familiar. Under his repeated questioning, he explained the reason for him.

After learning about the incident, he asked Zhu Fengxia to wait for the private room. Without a few minutes, he walked with painkillers and a cup of hot water. This warm scene made the two who were not familiar with.Since then, the contact information has been added.

For a period of time, the relationship between the two became more and more frequent. Zhu Fengxia gradually liked this kind big boy. After all, it was adolescence. Under the stimulus of hormones, the two started dating.

Although Zhu Fengxia is a girl from Dashan, after dressing up, her image temperament can be regarded as a beautiful woman. Because of this, Yue Rui started a crazy pursuit of her.

Yue Rui is not a native of Xiamen. He also came to work in Xiamen. His hometown is Sichuan Pakistan. He is two years older than Zhu Fengxia. As the relationship between the two is getting closer, the last two are naturally together.It’s right.

During the period of love, Yue Rui had a lot of relying on Zhu Fengxia. The picture of love and love was also envious of the people around him. He thought he could have been living steadily in Xiamen.

However, the good times did not last long. When the phone called, he broke the existing tranquility. Yue Rui received a call from his parents, thinking that he was not working in an electronics factory for a long time. It was difficult for him to settle in Xiamen according to the existing economic strength of the family.

So he wanted him to return to his hometown to start a business. After all, the older generation still had a certain relationship. He could also give him a little start -up funds in the family. After hearing his parents, Yue Rui thought again and again, and felt that his parents were very reasonable.

Yue Rui told Zhu Fengxia about his thoughts. After all, the two also had half a year of feelings. He hoped that the two would return to Bakhong, Sichuan to start a business together, so that they could have a good harvest in their careers.

After Zhu Fengxia heard, she was very tangled. After all, she was just familiar with the environment in Xiamen. If she went to a new place and had to start again, the risk of entrepreneurship was still very large.Abandon yourself.

But she couldn’t bear her boyfriend in her heart. She explained her thoughts to her boyfriend. Yue Rui knew that she had a shaken heart, so she changed her to guarantee that she would treat her well, and she also had a reasonable plan for entrepreneurship.

In Yue Rui’s clever words, she still reluctant to love her first love. In the end, she still defeated everything. In April 2018, the two sat on the green leather train back to Sichuan Pakistan.

But entrepreneurship is not as beautiful as imagined. The two first made a clothing shop. At first, because it was a new store, some customers in the store also looked at the freshness, but the two would not manage the operation.After a period of time, there are very few customers who enter the store.

Yue Rui watched herself out early and returned every day. He was busy, but he did not get the same return, and the shop had been at a loss at a loss. This made him distressed. What should he do?

For the development of his career, Yue Rui did not promise to him before. He had almost no time to accompany his girlfriend. Long -term running and busyness also made him gradually get cold to Zhu Fengxia.

All this Zhu Fengxia looked in it, but she thought that her boyfriend was forced to live for life. He also expressed his understanding.Buy drunk with friends.

At a deep midnight, Zhu Fengxia’s sleeping Zhengxiang remembered the heavy knocking outside the door. After opening the door, Yue Rui had drunk, and fell asleep after entering the door.

Just after Zhu Fengxia settled in a good boyfriend, she also planned to sleep, but his mobile phone kept coming the news and holding a strong curiosity. She saw a chat with others on her boyfriend’s mobile phone.

At this moment, her mind was blank, and she followed Sichuan. She didn’t expect this result, but soon she performed extremely calm. That night she thought a lot.

Wait until the next morning, Yue Rui woke up and saw his girlfriend cleaning up, which surprised him. Zhu Fengxia calmly proposed to him to break up, neither of them said, it seems that this is destined to be destinedThe result is the same.

Zhu Fengxia held her luggage, with great grievances and unwillingness in her heart, and left this place that made her sad without looking back. This time, she chose to go home for a while to mediate her emotions and then go out to work.

After Zhu Fengxia returned to her hometown in Guizhou, her mood became increasingly better over time, but her heart was faintly disturbed, because she didn’t come to aunt for almost two months.

With uneasy emotions, she secretly went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick, but this test was really pregnant, but she was just 21 years old.Essence

Because there is a fee for abortion, the money made by working by myself has been spent almost when I was in Sichuan, and I dare not tell the family about the matter, but I could only explain the situation to my former boyfriend.

After learning about this, Yue Rui agreed quickly, saying that she would let her come over to Sichuan for surgery, and the cost would bear it all. Moreover, she could still take care of her.

At this point, Zhu Fengxia could only agree, after all, there was no better way, so she stepped on the train to Sichuan Pakistan again.

The surgery was successful, but after the surgery, the patient had to be well recuperated. After returning from the hospital, Yue Rui arranged her in the rental house before the two. Looking at the weak ex -girlfriend, he was very inside.Guilty.

Yue Rui was determined to take good care of his ex -girlfriend, but after two days, his nature was leaked. After a drunk, he looked at Zhu Fengxia lying in the weakness in bed and couldn’t help but the beast desire.

Zhu Fengxia was still in cultivation at this time, but Yue Rui ignored her weak body. Although she begged hard, her body could not stand, and the pain almost made her faint. In this way, Yue Rui forcibly infringed him.

However, the incident did not end. The next day Yue Rui stretched the poisonous hand to Zhu Fengxia, who was weak. In his heart, the woman was a free venting tool. After satisfying, he fell asleep.

This time, Zhu Fengxia couldn’t stand it anymore. Looking at the sinful face of her ex -boyfriend, she dragged her tired body and walked towards the kitchen, picked up a ax and chopped his neck angrily until there was no breath.

On July 22, 2018, Zhu Fengxia came to the police station in Pakistan, Sichuan to surrender. She acknowledged her criminal motivation and process to the police. Everyone could not imagine that young girls who could not help but couldn’t help but were murderers.

Immediately, the police rushed to the rental house, and the scene in front of him stunned everyone. The death of the deceased and his cruelty. After evidence, the girl who surrendered was the murderer.

On October 18, 2019, the Intermediate People’s Court of Bazhong City, Sichuan Province accepted the case. After the judgment, Zhu Fengxia was sentenced to death for intentional homicide.Essence

The matter has been settled, and the two families have fallen into a deep sadness. As girls, you must improve your awareness of self -prevention and protect your virginity.

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