Fifty days of disappearing in September?People found it, but not pregnant

Source: Changan Jian, Central Political and Legal Committee

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Thursday, August 13th, June 24th of the lunar calendar

Cover news

Fifty days of disappearing in September?People found it, but did not get pregnant. Recently, Chongqing’s 33 -year -old woman disappeared for more than 50 days.After full search, the Chongqing Wulong Police found Xiao Mou, a missing woman in Jinhua, Zhejiang.According to Xiao Mou’s narrative and investigation and visits to the factory workers, the police confirmed that they were not pregnant when they disappeared.At the same time, according to the results of the local hospital in Zhejiang, Xiao did not have traces of recent caesarean or natural delivery.

Xiao said that it was because of family contradictions and was unwilling to return to Chongqing because of family contradictions.Xiao Mou’s family said, "The police did not leave to go to find her outside, let us know that people are safe, and I really thank them very much!" (

Hard news

1. State Council: Recently, the "Opinions on Further Doing a good job of stabilizing foreign trade and stable foreign investment" recently proposed 15 policies and measures for foreign trade and stabilizing foreign trade.The level of facilitation of personnel with personnel, support key industries and key enterprises.(People’s Daily)

2. The three departments responded to the US Minister of Health’s visit to Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson saying that on the issue involving the core interests of China, some people in the United States do not have fantasies and flukes, and those who play the fire will balize themselves.A spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council said that the Democratic Progressive Party authorities "conspiracy with epidemic" are just a farce.A spokesman for the National Health and Health Commission said that the United States has seriously damaged the wrongdoing of the wrongdoing of Sino -US health and health.(Xinhua News Agency)

3. The Supreme Law, Supreme Prosecutor, and Ministry of Public Security: Recently issued the "Several Provisions on Criminal Cases Involved in Poverty Alleviation in the Facilities of Poverty Alleviation in accordance with the law".The property should be returned within five working days.(China News Network)

4. The Ministry of Commerce: On the 12th, the person in charge of the relevant departments stated that the total import and export of the free trade pilot zone in the first half of the year reached 2.2 trillion yuan, accounting for 15.6%of the country.Stable foreign investment has played a very important role.(CCTV News)

5. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rurality: Data released on the 12th. As of July 31, the central government’s purchase subsidy funds for the purchase of agricultural machinery was 11.48 billion yuan, with a progress of 67.5%, and 1.41 million agricultural machinery subsidies for the purchase of 1.21 million agricultural subsidies.The agricultural mechanization momentum is strong, and it will ensure the harvest of food throughout the year.(People’s Daily)

6. Ministry of Cultural Tourism: Recently issued the "Guide to the Open Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures of the Open Epidemium in the theater and other performance venues" (third edition).Essence(China News Network)

7. The total amount of human resources in China ranked in the world’s No. 1 China Association for Science and Technology. Recently, the total number of human resources in my country continued to maintain the world’s first, reaching 101.545 million; in the past two years, the new scientific and technological human resources, the graduate level level The proportion of women is more than half, and the proportion of women’s science and technology human resources will be further increased.(Xinhua News Agency)

8. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government: On the 12th, the German Consulate General in Hong Kong and the French Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macao, respectively, suspended the implementation of the "Agreement on the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the Federal Republic of the German Republic of the People’s Republic of China", and the onset of shelving.Effective "Agreement on the Transfer or Crimes of the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of the French Republic on the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China and the French Republic.(People’s Daily)

9. In many places to promote the "N-1 order mode" on the 11th and 12th day, there have been initiatives of the six provinces such as Wuhan, Henan Xinyang, and Chaohu, Henan, Henan Province.Personal dishes are not enough to increase the dishes, eliminating the waste of catering from the source.(CCTV)

Local dynamics

1. The unveiling of the Grid College of Shandong School of Political Science and Law Recently, the establishment of the unveiling ceremony and the "grid staff training and legislative research seminar" for the establishment of the grid of the Shandong School of Political Science and Law was held at the Shandong School of Political Science and Law.Liang Zhanguang, deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, said that accelerating the management of grid -based service management is an important task to maintain social stability and safety, and it is an important measure to follow the people’s beautiful life wishes.(China

2. The "two -way preferred" mechanism of the first people’s jurors and the people’s mediators in Shaanxi. Recently, the Shaanxi Judicial Department and the Provincial Higher People’s Court issued the "Implementation Opinions on Establishing and Implementing the" two -way preference "working mechanism of people’s jurors and the people’s mediators.During the working period, the outstanding people’s jurors and people’s mediators will implement a "two -way preferred" working mechanism to ensure that the two teams are promoted and complemented by each other.(Shaanxi Legal System)

3. Anhui Guangde Police Medical Lien Kaishi Green Channel. This channel coordinates the hospital’s emergency department in advance to start the plan for the treatment of police medical cooperation medical treatment to win valuable time for the injured of the accident."Fast discovery, timely rescue, and effective treatment" provides a strong guarantee for traffic accident treatment and rescue wounded work.(Legal Network)

breaking news

1. Prosecutors reported that on the 12th, the case of Li Xincao’s drowning was reported, and the People’s Procuratorate of Panlong District, Kunming City filed a public prosecution to the Panlong District People’s Court of Kunming in accordance with the law.Last September, Li Xincao rushed out of the bar and jumped into the bar and drowned in a bar in Kunming and Luo Binglian and others. The bar monitoring showed that Luo Bingqian had pressed and slapped Li Xincao.(@@@)

2. The school reported that the indecent video incident of male teachers recently, the male teacher Kangmou and the female student indecent videos of Zhenjiang Yi Middle School in Jiangsu have attracted attention. At present, Pan Mou, a publisher of indecent videos, has taken the initiative to invest in the police.On the 12th, the middle school involved reported that the teacher Kangmou immediately moved away from the front -line post of teaching and ordered in -depth inspection. After the public security department was investigated and qualitative, it would be further dealt with.(@(()

3. The person in charge of the first bomb app was approved by the first bomb app to upload a large number of film and television dramas in the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries without authorization.More than 10,000 yuan, charging more than 24.26 million yuan in advertising fees. At present, the Shanghai Jing’an District Procuratorate approved the arrest of 22 criminal suspects who played infringement videos through pirated film and television APPs.(China ’s crackdown on infringement and counterfeiting work network)

4. Tianjin Men’s Holdings of the Tianjin Public Security Bureau Peace Branch reported that at 11 o’clock on the 12th, a major criminal case occurred at Yingkou Road in Heping District, Tianjin.The criminal suspect Liu Moumou (male, 67 years old, Tianjin) was murderer with a knife, causing passers -by and women to died slightly and slightly. The suspect has been controlled.Whether it is no difference to kill people still needs further investigation.(@((()

5. Cao Cao’s tomb cultural relics will be fully unveiled in the protection and display project of Cao Cao Gaoling’s original body of Cao Cao, Henan. Recently, it has entered the stage of cultural relics and will be created as a cultural site park in the Three Kingdoms, becoming an important platform for studying the culture of the Three Kingdoms and the history of the Han and Wei Dynasties.Cao Cao Gaoling, Anyang, began to excavate in 2008 and found the remains of Cao Cao’s coffin. He was selected as the first of the "Top Ten Archaeological Discovery of the National Top 2009".(@(()


1. How to catch the weasel in the washing machine?On the evening of the 10th, Hangzhou Fire received for help: a weasel ran into the washing machine in the resident’s house.After arriving at the scene, the firefighters found that the space in the washing machine was very small. The weasel was very alert. The firefighter decided to turn the weasel first.As a result, in the process, the weasel put a very stinky fart.In the end, the dizzy weasel was caught by a firefighter and brought it to a unmanned grass to release it.(Litchi News)

2. The man fainted for the 10 days to take a wedding photo. In Zhengzhou, Henan, a man suddenly fainted on the bus, and the passenger quickly helped.Fortunately, the man quickly returned to consciousness.It turned out that the men’s marriage was close. In order to look good in the wedding photos, it has been diet to lose weight recently. There is no normal diet for a week.Netizen: Don’t be embarrassed, you have to P any anyway.(@(Video)

3. 50,000 yuan of high -tech underwear, the shaping all depends on the Ms. Hangzhou Zhang, who spent 50,000 yuan for her daughter to buy four sets of "Luber Mas" underwear. It is said to be a high -tech product and can be shaped.As a result, after half a month, her daughter was not only effective, but also bruised and rashes.The mother and daughter believe that the underwear has no high -tech and depends on the principle.The local market supervision and management department has been involved in the investigation.(@1818 Golden Eyes)

Warm news

1. The police rushed into the water to smash the window to rescue the trapped driver. On the 11th, Chengdu, a car in the heavy rain was drowned by the stagnant water of the tunnel, and the situation was critical.The two policemen rushed into the water quickly, smashing the driving window to rescue the driver.When the driver was rescued, the car sank into the water.The police’s fingers are scratched by glass during the rescue, (@而 而)

2. The auxiliary police officer of the elementary school took the C position C. Recently, Jiangsu Lianyungang and the auxiliary policemen attended the shooting photo of 12 graduation photos of Guanyun Experimental Primary School, and also sat in the C position.It turned out that the school was near the scenic spot, and the traffic in front of the door was large.Shi Dongliang often opened his arms and guarded the children through the zebra crossing.In the graduation season, the children specially invited Shi Dongliang to take a graduation photo together, thanking him for his protection in the past 6 years.(@((网)

3. Before losing consciousness, the driver was rescued by the driver of the car. On July 21, the driver Yuan Feng, the driver of the Hangzhou Bus 335, had a sudden chest pain, and his mind was blurred.Before he lost consciousness, he stopped and rescued a car.The citizens worked together to rescue, and then Yuan Feng was sent to the hospital to be diagnosed as an acute coronary syndrome.Recently, the Hangzhou Federation of Trade Unions awarded him the "Hangzhou May 1 Labor Medal".(@1818 Golden Eyes)

Foreign news

1. Nearly 100,000 children in the United States have been diagnosed with new crown pneumonia. Recently, the American Pediatric Science Association and the Children’s Hospital Association have released a recent data report. As of July 30, the number of children in the United States reached 33,8982 cases, and 97,078 cases were added in the last two weeks in July.In the past few days, Trump has repeatedly argued that "children are immune to new crown viruses" and tried to promote the school to resume classes in order to drive the operation of the US economy.(CCTV News)

2. The two airports from Moscow received a bomb threat on the 12th. The emergency department representatives of the Russian capital said, "Anonymous news said that the three planes parked in Moscow Siememejo airport were buried with bombs, and Dorjero VorwaAll planes in the airport were threatened by bombs. "At present, experts are investigating the bomb situation.(China News Network)

3. Singapore destroyed about 9 tons of ivory on the 12th, Singapore destroyed a large number of ivory seized to commemorate the World Elephant Day.The destruction operation has been destroyed by about 9 tons of ivory seized in recent years in two days. This is also the largest destruction operation in the world in recent years, including smuggling ivory from more than 300 African elephants.(World Wide Web)

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