Finding relatives finally found the "sister" in 41 years, but found that she was a sister

Cai Youqun’s hometown was in Jiangjin, Chongqing. 41 years ago, their family came to Fujian with her father. In a rental house in Nanping, Fujian, the mother was missing first. After that, she, "sister", and younger brother were abducted.Father alone.On June 23, the upstream news reported the matter.("The woman’s family of 5 people was abducted and the woman was abducted: the younger brother found it, the mother and sister have no news yet")

On July 4, Cai Youqun told the upstream news reporter that after meeting with his younger brother a few days ago, "sister" also found.However, "sister" turned out to be sister.

On July 1, Cai Youqun cried and cried with a man in Nanping, Fujian, "Do you know that I have been looking for you for more than 40 years!" At this moment, she dreamed of countless times in her dream. Now, she finally takes photos.Entering reality.

Cai Youqun met with his younger brother

Cai Youqun said that after his loved ones were abducted, he had been guilty for 41 years. "I was the boss. If I protected my brother and sister at the time, there was no such thing., I can find the way home. "

On the afternoon of the third day after recognizing his brother, Du Xiaohua said on his social platform that after working hard, Cai Youqun’s "sister" also found.On the 4th, the reporter contacted Du Xiaohua, and he said that the news was true.Earlier, under the help of Cai Youqun, he came to Nanping, Fujian with Sun Haiyang and others to witness the touching process of recognizing Cai Youqun and his younger brother.The story of insisting on seeking relatives is very moved. I hope that more families can reunite. "

On the 4th, the reporter contacted Cai Youqun, and she told the reporter: "Yes, both younger brothers and ‘sister’ have been found, but I am a sister." She said, maybe she was too young at the beginning, and my sister and sister were confused. In fact,I am a sister, and the "sister" I found is actually my sister. "I remembered that I was the second child before, and I had a sister and a younger brother.Here, treat me as the boss. "

She said that the news about her sister was also contacted by the police, and her sister was in Fujian."Sister actually has memories and has been looking for me, but I don’t know how to find it." Cai Youqun revealed that the three sisters and brothers are now together.

Cai Youqun has changed his Douyin to "all Cai Youjun Cai Youhong found it."

Cai Youqun said that in the future, they planned to go to the father’s grave together to condolence the news of the third sister and brother reunion."Our third sister is reunited, I hope my mother can find it too!"

Upstream journalist Zhu Ting

Source: Chongqing Morning News

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