Fishing with corn, you need to pay attention to these 4 details, don’t use it blindly

Corn is a kind of bait that is often used in fishing. In the fishing circle, there is a title of "king of vegetarian bait". Use corn fishing without too much operation and processing. Old tender corn can be used to hit nests or directly hook fishing.Especially when fishing some large individual fish, there are few bait to shake the status of corn.

Fishing with corn is not complicated from the perspective of use, but there are also many techniques hidden. If you do n’t have a certain fishing experience, you can use it blindly if you just look at others.In this article, there are several details that you need to pay attention to using corn fishing. I hope to help the friends who are first fishing fishing.

1. Clarify fishing species

Fishing with corn, first of all, you must clearly clarify the fish species of fishing. You must know if there are fish that love or eat corn in the waters. This is very important.Small fish, so large corn can be bitten by a few catfish. This is like taking a large pork ribs to let a two -year -old child be squeezed. Can they eat them?The corn is fishing in large and large fish such as tilled mouth, carp, grass carp, and cattle, and it is important to clarify that fish species is important.

Second, the selection of old tender corn

Corn is divided into old corn and tender corn. You must also know how to choose from fishing fish species. Old corn is suitable for fishing carps and catches of large individuals. Of courseThen add some curved wine, honey, brown sugar, etc. for fermentation to improve the flavor of the old corn, while the tender corn is mainly fishing grass carp, lipstick, catfish, etc. The fresh corn sticks bought back can be used directly after peeling.Processing.

Third, the fishing method is mainly blunt

Fishing with corn should be based on the fishing method of fishing. Many fishermen can’t change their minds. The fishing method of noodle bait is used on corn bait.Obviously, it is worrying.Why do you want to catch the bottom?Because the corn is fishing big fish, and the big fish is usually on the underwater activities and foraging, and the high alertness of the big fish must ensure that the sub -fish hook is lying on the bottom. This will not only eliminate the vigilance of the big fish, but also helpThey swallow bait.

Fourth, don’t lift the pole frequently

The first three points are the skills and details of fishing with corn. The fourth point is related to the patience of the fishermen. Skills and details are easy to learn, but patience is not everyone. Corn belongs to the bait of fishing big fish slow fish.It is not the same as earthworms and noodle bait. If you have no patience, you can frequently raise your pole to change the bait as soon as you look at the hook without a fish.Sometimes they encounter such a big fish in a day.


Some fishermen say that you veterans say that it is good to fish with corn, why I can’t catch anything after using it!Is it deceiving?Here I declare that this is not a lie, it is the experience summarized by many old fishing people through practice. Corn is indeed a good bait of fishing fish. If you don’t believe it, you can ask.Old fishermen, which corn that is not used, is not easy to use, you can only say that you will not use it!

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