Five types of sleeping often occur at night, detailed explanation of "Zhou Gong Dream Interpretation"

When you dream of seeing your home

Student is to see through the red dust, which means that the insight into earth is a kind of wisdom.

When a man dreams of a monk, he will get rid of the trouble of family contradictions and live a happy life.

When a woman dreams of a monk, it means that she can become the internal assistance of her husband and help her husband’s career development, which is not only richer, but also longer.

Unmarried men and women dream of being a monk means being able to get a happy marriage.

When you dream of eating raw meat

It means you may argue with people in real life.Note that raw meat here refers to raw meat other than sashimi.

Dreaming of a car accident

Explain that you must re -examine your life: Think back carefully, is your life lost control, or is it too extreme in the treatment of something?If you can make a detailed plan in advance, deal with it calmly, and do not have a good job, then you will definitely succeed.

If you dream of an accident at home, then you are worried about your family.

If you dream of an accident in the office, then you are eager to achieve good results in work.

Dreaming of a flying accident together indicates that you lack confidence in recently and have lost confidence in others.

If you dream of being injured in the accident, it means that you long for a stable feeling-it is an ideal choice to travel with friends on weekends.In love, you don’t need a fixed relationship at present-especially the traditional type.Even if there is, it will end quickly.But don’t be sad, a warm and sweet relationship will soon come.

When you can sing

When a man dreamed of singing loudly, there would be sorrow and pain.

The married woman dreamed of singing loudly and had children at home.

The girl dreamed of singing loudly and was invited to attend the wedding of relatives.

The businessman dreamed of singing, and the business was suddenly depressed.

Dreaming of others singing is a sign, and there will be good news soon.

Dreaming of his wife singing, the family will be happy.

A woman dreamed of her husband singing, she would soon be pregnant, and she could have a boy.

The staff dream of listening to the singer and singing. It is an ominous sign and hear unfortunate news.

Dreaming of a singing with friends is auspiciousness, which means that the dreaming person is healthy.

Dreaming of singing and sorrow is auspicious, and the body will be strong.

When you dream of tea

Men dream of drinking tea, life will be happy and happy.

Women dream of drinking tea, her husband will love herself even more.

Unmarried men dream of drinking tea and will marry a wise woman as a wife.

Unmarried women dream of drinking tea and will marry a wealthy businessman.

The man in love dreams of drinking tea, and love will deepen.

The businessman dreamed that after drinking a cup of tea, he had to go abroad by boat.

The patient dreamed that after drinking a cup of tea, there would be noble guests.

Women dreamed of tea to her husband and soon gave birth.

Dreaming of cooking tea is about to come.

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