Folk story: 50 -year -old wife is pregnant, her husband is ecstatic, Taoist priest: She is not in her belly

During the Ming Dynasty, there was a rich man named Shen Ding.The head of the Caichang often worried about the affairs of his son -in -law. Unexpectedly, when his wife was 50 years old, he suddenly found that he was pregnant.Lord Shen was ecstatic when he learned that his wife was pregnant. After that, he carefully took care of his wife and accompanied his wife every day.

Since she was pregnant, she has been uncomfortable. She often feels backache and dizzy. In addition, Chen’s sleep quality is not good. She will have nightmares every night and often wake up from her sleep in the middle of the night.The Lord Shen is the pillow of Chen’s. He treats Chen’s changes in his eyes. He only feels very distressed. Whenever Chen woke up from his dream, Shen Cai will ask her what she dreamed.With the Caichang, he refused to tell him his dream.

In the middle of the night that day, the Chen family woke up again from the dream. The master Shen asked Chen’s dream again. He frowned to Chen, "Our husband and wife should have trouble and the Communist Party, what did you dream of?Woolen cloth?"

Chen chose to silence again. Shen Cai’s premise saw that his wife was unwilling to say more with himself, so he had no longer questioning. Unexpectedly, after dawn, Chen took the initiative to find the owner of Shen Cai and told his dream.At that time, it was just bright, and the Caichang was staring at the kitchen at the kitchen to cook the medicated diet for his wife. Chen hurriedly found it. She panicked the wealthy master to the bedroom, slowly talking about the nightmare that had been troubled by her.

It turned out that after Chen’s pregnancy, he dreamed of a male ghost full of blood and sullen face every day.The male ghost climbed out of the stomach of Chen’s belly. He cursed Chen and Shen Caichang every day in his dream. He also said that he would break the corpse of Chen and Shen Cai.After the family and Shen Caichang, they will become a green smoke into the stomach of Chen’s.

Chen said that at first she did not take the dream to heart, but as the pregnancy time increased, Chen’s dream of dreamed of the fierce male ghost every day, and she woke up from the nightmare every time.Chen did not want Shen Cai to worry about herself, so she never told the Dream of Shen Cai. Until this morning, when Chen got up, she found a black handprint on her belly. She realized that the matter was wrong.Essence

Listening for Chen’s explanation of Chen’s original committee, the head of Chen frowned immediately. He carefully checked the black handprints on Chen’s belly and found that the black handprint was larger than the adult’s hand.It’s appalling again.Seeing the black handprint on the belly of Chen’s belly, Lord Shen’s face became extremely ugly. He was worried about Chen’s body and the children in her belly, and hurriedly instructed the servant to invite the high mana Qingyang Taoist chief.

The Chief of the Qing Dynasty and Shen Caichang had some friendship. He learned that there was a strange thing in the owner of Shen Cai, and he hurried to the Shen family.Captain Qingyang Dao listened to Chen’s nightmare that troubled her, and listened to the head of Chen Caichang describing the black handprints on the belly on the belly of Chen.Chen’s fainted passed, and the master of Shen Cai hurriedly supported Chen, but heard the Chief of Qing Dynasty said seriously: "She is not a person in her belly!"

When the Caichang heard the words of Qingyang Dao, his face suddenly turned a little white. He dared not look at the Chief of Qing Yang Dao: "The doctor came to see the pulse, and they all said that my wife was pregnant.Maybe not people? "

Captain Qingyang Dao frowned to Lord Shen Caichang: "Why did your wife suddenly get pregnant? You understand better than anyone in your heart. Now that the person has become a evil ghost into your wife’s belly, ready to collect debts from your family. If you wantTo keep you and your family’s life, it is best to tell the truth, otherwise I can’t save you. "

The master of Shen Cai became pale, and he knew that what he did could not hide anymore, and slowly explained the truth to the Chief of Qingyang.

Master Shen said that half a year ago, when he went to collect accounts in other places, he unexpectedly heard that there was a local view of the local area.The so -called posterity is to bury the dead bones under their own house, and to burn incense every day. As long as you persist for a month, this dead person is likely to return to the people who worship themselves.The locals told Shen Caizheng that this method is very spiritual. Many local people are children who seek in this way.

In order to make his wife pregnant, the master of the wealthy decided to try to find the aphonisties. He dug a scholar’s grave in the middle of the night and brought the scholar’s bones to the cellar.Master Shen Cai will burn the skeleton in the middle of the night. After a month, his wife Chen was really pregnant.The master of Shen thought the scholar reached his home, but he did not expect that the scholar would turn into evil spirits entangled Chen’s, let alone that the scholar gave Chen Dream to Chen’s night and night, and he also vocally killed himself and Chen.

After listening to the truth about the truth of the Qing Dynasty, the Captain Qing Yang Dao frowned tighter. He stared at the Lord Shen and said, "Ask the aphrodisiac method, it is too shameful, and he will be accidentally affected.When it is back, if the dead soul buried under the house is willing to be your child, everything is good to say. If he is unwilling, with the dead soul of your family, he will never be born forever. "

Captain Qingyang told the Caichang that the scholar he was selected had already been renamed. As long as he was born to the family, he could form a husband and wife with the lovers of the previous life, and the master of Shen Cai destroyed all this.EssenceTherefore, the scholar hates Shen Caizheng, so that he will become a evil ghost into the abdomen of Chen. Chen’s uncomfortable since she is pregnant, because the scholar is slowly sucking Chen’s yang.The scholar can cultivate the ghost king, his mana will become very powerful, it is difficult to deal with, and Chen will become dead bones.

Captain Qingyang Dao sighed to the Lord Shen Caichang: "Your wife dreams of scholars every day, and black handprints appear on the belly., I will not let you go! What are you seeking the auspiciousness, it is clearly asking for a life -threatening king! "

Lord Shen Cai heard the consequences of Yang Dao’s explanation, and then he knew that he was afraid. He immediately knelt in front of the Chief of Qingyang Road and asked him to save himself and Chen.The villain does not have a long time in your wife’s belly, and there is a chance to save. "

Later, the Chief of Qing Dynasty re -selected a Feng Shui treasure, and the head of the fortune buried the scholar there, and sacrificed the scholar for a month before resolving the scholar’s resentment.One month later, Chen’s stomach was recovering flat, and she no longer had nightmares. Tsinghua Yangdao said with a smile and told Shen Yuan and Chen’s: "The scholar has been reborn, and he successfully voted for the house.People, I want to come to him in this life, I can regret it, and stay with the lovers of the previous life. "

After the incident passed, Lord Shen understanding that he and his wife had no fate, so he no longer asked. He and his wife adopted two children without parents and no mother. They really loved them and enjoyed the joy of Tianlun.

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