Folklore: Girls have repeatedly have a spring dream, and they are pregnant three months later.

During the Jin Dynasty, Hueiji had a girl named Yuting. She was a daughter of a large family. She was born with her face like a spring peach blossom, her eyebrows were like Liuye Qing in the early spring, a pair of bright eyes was moist, and the sandalwood mouth was light.Yu Ting not only gave birth to beauty, but also outstanding talents. She was a well -known talented woman in the city. Therefore, since she and her, the people who came to the door were endless.

Yu Ting was loved by her parents. Her parents did not want her to marry so early, and did not settle in Ying. She did not expect that when Yu Ting was eighteen years old, she was pregnant inexplicably.

The incident had to start that morning. At that time, the girl came to the advice, saying that Yu Ting felt unwell when she got up early, and her face was pale and vomiting.When his parents learned of the news, they immediately invited Lang Zhong. Unexpectedly, after Lang Zhong had a clinic for Yu Ting, he said that Yuting was pregnant.

His parents asked who the child in Yuting’s belly was, but Yuting cried and said that he did not know why he was pregnant. The parents knew Yuting most. They did not believe that Yuting would do something bad, but if Yuting had no lover, there was no lover, but there was no lover.How do she get pregnant?

In order to find out the truth, his parents locked Yuting in the embroidery building. They sent people to observe the embroidery building secretly. After a few days, they really found something wrong.The servant responsible for staring at the embroidered building said that every midnight, they saw a black mist flying into Yuting’s room. It was not until the sky was about to leave.

After listening to the servant, his parents immediately found Yuting and asked, "What strange things do you have encountered recently?"

Yu Ting tangled for a while before he repeatedly had a dream of spring, and told his parents by a ugly man’s crazy entanglement in the dream.

Since three months ago, Yuting has followed her mother to visit the city outside the city and has a spring dream every night.In Yu Ting’s dream, a ugly man with a short figure, ugly appearance, and fierce expression has been entangled with her. No matter how she struggle, she could not escape the man’s control.

Yu Ting only thought it was a dream. She was ashamed to mention this kind of dream. She never told her parents that she did not expect that she would be pregnant because of this.

After listening to Yu Ting’s words, his parents suspected that there was a ghost entangled in Yuting, so he invited a highly powerful Taoist leader to help.

The long name is Xuan Zhuzi. He has practiced for many years and has a strong mana. He is best at descending the demon and eliminating demons.The Captain Xuan Zhuzi heard what happened to Yuting, and told Yuting and her parents: "Your family is full of viasm, and the nearby lonely ghost ghosts dare not approach your house. Every day, those who come to your family shouldIt’s the ghost king. "

The chief of Xuanzhuzi said that the female ghost in the underworld cannot be born. In order to pass on the generation, the ghost king will find a woman from the world to have a child. Yuting is the woman selected by the ghost king.Ghostly ghosts grow up, they will be killed by ghost fetuses, and they must not survive forever.

After the ghost king is watching Yu Ting, she will come to entangle her every night, and will cast it to make Yuting think that everything is dream. In fact, everything happens, otherwise Yu Ting will not be pregnant.

After Yu Ting knew the truth, she was frightened and fainted. The parents were panicked when they saw it. They hurriedly begged Xuanzhu Taoist to save Yuting.Back to a fair. "

After the chief of Xuan Zhuzi rescued Yuting, she gave her a golden scissors and told her to put the scissors under the pillow.In the middle of the night, the ghost king came to Yuting again, but as soon as he entered the room, the gold scissors flew out of the pillow, piercing the ghost king’s chest, and the ghost king was so flying.

Later, Yu Ting learned that the golden scissors were the magic weapon that Xuanzhu had a long man, and it was the most powerful treasure to uniform the ghost.With the help of Xuanzhu Taoist, Yuting subdued the ghost king, and the chief of Xuanzhuzi cooked away from the ghost fetus in Yuting’s body. She eventually got rid of the ghost king and escaped the robbery.

After this incident, Yu Ting raised it for a while. Later, her parents selected her an honest and loyal husband. Yuting eventually married her child and lived a peaceful and happy life. She never encountered strange things again.

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