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The second episode of the best marriage: After seeing the son’s girlfriend, the chaebol was shocked.Women never expected that they turned out to be a father -son relationship.

It turned out that after confirming the relationship with Taishan that night, Xiying hit a child with a child.There was also a vomiting reaction during the live broadcast. This was a serious live broadcast accident, and the Internet also exploded on the Internet, and they began to speculate whether Xiying was pregnant.

In order to suppress public opinion, he was lying on the bed and asked the assistant to take a photo of himself, and wrote the text that he was vomiting because of excessive labor.This trick is really effective.Netizens have left messages to let her pay more attention to rest.The doctor told Xiying for six weeks of pregnancy. When he heard the child’s heartbeat, Xiying was shocked and happy.But the doctor said that there was acne inside.This kind of thing is generally not good for pregnancy, so if this time is not prepared, the probability of infertility will be very high in the future.

After being discharged from the hospital, Xing Ying couldn’t wait to call Taishan, saying that he would tell him a good news.Taishan also prepared a romantic candlelight dinner.Xi Ying thought that Taishan was prepared because he knew that he had a child.

But Xiying never expected that when Taishan knew she was pregnant, the first reaction turned out to let him give up.Taishan believes that he is only 28 years old and he is just a child. He is not ready to be a father at all.

Then you’ve been there for so long, you can’t do it for three minutes, and you are extremely disappointed.Before leaving, warned Taishan not to appear in front of him, and the two were unhappy.After returning home, Xiying looked at the photos of B -ultrasound, as if he saw his child.Helplessly, he gradually wept, and Taishan did not sleep all night.

The next day he found Xiying again and apologized for the injury to the hurt last night.Because it was too sudden, she didn’t know how to face it for a while.Then Taishan told Xiying to get married. He will be ready for all jobs, and will take Xiying to see his parents tomorrow.Facing the sincere apology of Taishan.The haze in Xiying’s heart was swept away.

After seeing Xi Ying’s dress in the morning, I frowned slightly, but said nothing.Then he brought Xiying to a high -end Hanbok shop. Taishan called the boss to customize a set of Hanbok for Xiying.Xi Ying asked him what he was doing?

Taishan told Xiying that because his parents were more traditional and especially liked to wear Hanbok, he had to leave a good impression for the first time.Xi Ying insisted on wearing his favorite clothes, so Hanbok was not bought.Taishan believes that it is rude to see his parents in a short skirt.Xi Ying also believed that the old thoughts should be abandoned, and the two quarreled on the road.

Although Xiying was used to various scenes, it was still a bit nervous after getting off the bus.Although I knew that Taishan was a child of rich people, she did not expect that she was so rich. The mother glanced at Xiying’s dress, and her face suddenly became dark.The invisible pressure made Xi Ying Chang relieved.However, when he saw Taishan’s father, he was immediately shocked.

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