For 8 months of pregnancy, my boyfriend marries the inside story quickly with others, making people unacceptable

Awen and Xiaoli were originally a loved lover.When the two people worked in the factory, they cared for each other and supported each other, and had gone through five years.

In these five years, Xiaoli had been aborted twice for Awen.Every time I was pregnant, Awen said that the two were still young, and they had enough money to buy a house before they asked for children.

However, He Xiaoli was pregnant again, but the doctor said it was the third time.If you have a miscarriage, with Xiaoli’s current physical condition, you may never be a mother in the future.Xiaoli was scared after hearing it. He told Avin, "We are also 26 years old, and we need a child to get married."

But Awen said impatiently, "Just you! Anyway, I can’t even support it now." As a result, Xiaoli comforted Avin, "It’s hard to suffer.It’s. "

Unexpectedly, every time, every time he mentioned marriage, Awen always refused one by one on the grounds of busy work or something.Helpless Xiaoli returned to her mother’s house and decided to have a wedding after giving birth.

But what Xiaoli dreamed was that when she was 8 months pregnant, an amazing news came.Avin actually married a girl in the town?And the two people also held a big banquet, not to mention how lively.

Xiaoli collapsed instantly, so she cried and found Awen, and asked him why?Two people have gone through five years together, not to mention that the child who has been pregnant now is almost born?

I didn’t expect that Awen was not afraid of boiling water. If he said nothing, "I’m with you, worry about money every day, what can you bring to me! But when I am married to this womanIt is. There are two houses in the family, and there is a two million demolition funds. It can be said that my life has been struggling for 20 years. There is no way, I really don’t want to live that kind of hardship, I have enough! "

After Xiaoli listened, she squatted on the ground and cried …

What to do if you think about?It’s been almost nine months pregnant now, so I won’t go abortion!And the doctor said that with her current physical condition, it may not be born after abortion.

Looking at the sad Xiaoli, the conscience in Avon’s heart seemed to be condemned. I was guilty to Xiaoli, "It’s not possible to give birth to the child.You support. There is no way I am married now, and I am wrong, even if I am sorry for you. "

Facing the shameless face of her boyfriend, Xiaoli gave him a slap.Then squatting on the ground covering his stomach, screaming painful …

Aswen saw the situation wrong, and immediately called a car and sent Xiaoli to the hospital.

After learning about the situation, Xiaoli’s parents rushed to the hospital.Seeing the daughter lying on the bed, she couldn’t help crying and cried.Then he drove Awen away, saying that he would never see him.

At this time, Xiaoli was lying on the bed, her heart was ashamed.Finally, I thought about it, and decided to raise the child alone, provided that Avin must be responsible for maintenance, and it can only be the same.

But as a single mother, Xiaoli will be very difficult in the future.No matter what, I hope she can be strong and face the future life.

At the same time, she also hopes that she will reflect on herself, and then look for her eyes when looking for the other half.

After reading Xiaoli’s story, I couldn’t help but feel distressed for a few seconds.At the same time, I feel that poor people must have hate.

It is proved again that girls must not live with others easily before marriage, let alone get pregnant.Otherwise, once a man changes his heart, women can easily fall into an embarrassing situation.Not only the reputation of the body is damaged, but it also affects the future happiness index.

So girls, when looking for the other half, be sure to polish their eyes.Especially the character’s character and family background, we must understand clearly.Do not give yourself easily, otherwise it is likely to go wrong in one step, causing an irreversible situation.


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