For eight months of pregnancy, my girlfriend found out that she had AIDS, her mother had 500,000 fetal fees, and her boyfriend did not say goodbye

Xiaoli is 23 years old. He is a high school classmate with her boyfriend Xiao Jin. After the college entrance examination, neither of them passed the ideal university, so she came out to work.Five years later, the two have reached the age of talking about marriage, and Xiaoli has been pregnant for eight months. They intend to do the wedding before the child is born.

Who knows that Xiaoli found that she had AIDS during a routine medical examination, but Xiao Jin was normal. The doctor suggested that they kill the child, otherwise the child will have a high probability that he will infect AIDS.After learning about this news, Xiao Jin was very angry. He felt that his girlfriend would definitely do something sorry for him. Otherwise, how could he be infected with this disease?So he broke up with his girlfriend that night, and moved out of the place where he lived overnight.After Xiao Li’s mother learned of this, she decided to discuss her daughter. She asked Xiaojin to ask for a 500,000 fetal expenses, but was rejected by Xiao Jin, and she also gorgeed Xiaoli.

Xiaoli had no choice but to ask the reporter for help. After the reporter called Xiao Jin’s phone, Xiao Jin said that the child in his girlfriend’s belly was definitely not him, so he would not pay for this child. Let his girlfriend go to the child’s biological fatherEssenceBut Xiaoli said that she did not know the child’s father. She and the other party met in the bar. At that time, she was drunk and confused.I couldn’t remember anything, and she did not expect that the absurd overnight would cause her to be stained.

After listening to Xiaoli’s words, the reporter also felt very speechless. Although he sympathized with Xiaoli’s misfortune, he also understood Xiaoli’s boyfriend’s approach.Later, after the repeated communication of the reporter, Xiao Jin finally agreed to see the love of love in the past and gave Xiaoli a compensation of 50,000 yuan. Since then, the two have been widening.The matter was finally coming to an end. Xiaoli paid a painful price for her stupid behavior. Here I would like to remind the young girls now, do not indulge herself, otherwise it is likely to pay an unimaginable price.

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