Four diet principles in the early stages of pregnancy, are you master?

Most of the premium mothers who just get pregnant have more or less symptoms of pregnancy.The mothers with a mild vomiting response occasionally vomit once or twice, or they are only present for several days.If it is a strong mother who has a strong response, what is to eat and vomit, so it brings a lot of unnecessary trouble to yourself, so what should I eat in the early stages of pregnancy?

Early pregnancy diet principle

1. Choose food that promotes appetite

Most women with early pregnancy decline or change the taste. Whether it is sour, spicy, salty, and light, they must cater to the preferences of pregnant mothers. Do not avoid too much mouth. The purpose is to allow pregnant mothers to obtain sufficient nutritional supply.

2. Choose food that is easy to digest

Such as porridge, dried bread, steamed buns, biscuits, sweet potatoes, etc., can reduce vomiting.

3. Eat if you want to eat, eat less meals

Especially for pregnant mothers with a heavy pregnancy reaction, don’t stick to eating time, just eat as long as you want.For example, when you get up and get up early, sit in bed and eat a few pieces of biscuits, bread and other snacks, which can reduce vomiting and increase the amount of feeding.

4. Add 400-600 micrograms of folic acid every day

The fetus is bed in the uterus of the pregnant mother, and the nerve tube begins to differentiate and develop. In order to avoid fetal nerve tube deformities, women with pregnant women must start supplementing folic acid when planning pregnancy. This is particularly important.Insufficient folic acid intake has a variety of negative effects on pregnancy, including low weight, early peeling of placenta, and neurotranscele malformations.

What can I not eat in the early stages of pregnancy

1. Fruit that cannot be eaten

Litchi and longan are easy to cause dry stool.Persimmon, it is easy to cause stomach stones.Watermelon, white orchid melon, cantaloupe, peach, can easily cause diarrhea.Jackup and durian are likely to cause loss of appetite.Fresh bayberry can easily cause excessive stomach acid.

2. Drinks that cannot be drunk

Strong tea, coffee, carbonated beverages, cold drinks

3. Spinach

People have always believed that spinach is rich in iron and has blood nourishing function, so it is used as a good vegetable to prevent anemia during pregnancy.In fact, spinach contains not much iron, but contains a lot of oxalic acid.Ocaxosis can affect the absorption of zinc and calcium.The content of calcium and zinc in pregnant women is reduced, affecting the growth and development of the fetus.

4. Hawthorn

Pregnant women prefer to eat sour things, hawthorn has become the first choice.Hawthorn has an exciting effect on the uterus. Pregnant women’s food can shrink the uterus and cause the possibility of abortion, so eat less.

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