Frequent abdominal bloating, don’t take it seriously!It may be cancer signal

A year ago, Ms. Lu, 24, frequently bloated

But I didn’t take the matter

I thought it was a gastric ulcer due to excessive stress

Self -taking medication relief

Until not long ago

The stomach is swollen until you can’t eat it before you go to the hospital for treatment


Gastrointestinal carcinoma with a high degree of malignant degrees

What is gastric seal ring cell carcinoma?

Hurry up and follow the small circle to learn about it

What is gastric seal ring cell carcinoma?

It is generally believed that printing cell carcinoma is a very malignant gastric malignant tumor. Compared with non -printing cell carcinoma, the overall prognosis of gastric printing cell carcinoma is poor.It has the characteristics of strong invasion, rapid course, and high degree of malignant.

Indian ring cell carcinoma is a special type of gastric cancer containing a large amount of mucus. Because the cells are full of mucus, the nucleus is squeezed to the side of the cells, so it looks like a ring, so it is named.

Most of the diseases are in young and middle -aged, especially young and middle -aged women. The average age can reach about 40 years old. Some young patients may develop onset at 20 and 30 years old.

Typical symptom

If the patient has obvious abdominal distension and does not alleviate it, and the effect is not good after taking the medicine, you should be alert to whether it is a special disease of the stomach.

In addition to abdominal distension, nausea, weight loss, anemia, and even black or vomiting coffee samples appear. We all call it alarm symptoms. In this case, we should go to the doctor in time.

Indian ring cell carcinoma is a diffuse tumor, which affects the entire stomach, causing "leather stomach", causing the stomach to shrink and relax well, so that patients can not eat well.A series of symptoms such as abdominal distension.

High -risk crowd

Gastric printing cell carcinoma needs to perform endoscopy in time, take biopsy under the endoscopy, and diagnose the pathological examination.

1. Helicobacter pylori

Helicobacter pylori is the carcinogenic factor that has been clearly confirmed.

But don’t talk about the color changes of the bacteria. Under the guidance of a doctor, according to the age of the patient, whether there are other diseases and medical history to determine whether to eradicate H. pylori.

2. Genetic factors

If the family of first -level relatives in the family has a history of gastrointestinal tumor disease, be sure to screen early, and at least once at least once at the age of 40.

3. Other risk factors

For gastric cancer, autoimmune gastritis and severe atrophic gastritis may also be pre -cancer lesions of gastric cancer, so patients with such diseases should also be screened regularly.

But don’t talk about atrophy, everyone is particularly scared, because the degree of atrophy is different, the chance of cancer is absolutely different. If it is limited to the mild atrophy of the gastric sinus, its cancerous rate is not different from normal people, only severe atrophy.The kind of atrophy accompanied by the whole stomach can significantly increase the cancerous rate, so don’t be overly anxious, but it will also affect the prognosis.

Source: CCTV Life Circle

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