Frequent mouth and dry tongue, be alert to this disease!Can cause multiple organs damage and affect fertility?

With the decline of the cliff -like temperature, the "frozen mode" has opened all over the country.In this weather, in addition to cold, dry mouth and tongue inevitably appear.

Especially after waking up every morning, I feel that my throat is about to smoke, and the skin is cracking. The whole person looks like a withered old branch.

At this time, we must be alert to dry syndrome that may occur at any time.Although this disease sounds common, there are very few people who really understand.

What is dry syndrome?

This kind of systemic autoimmune disease of various glands represented by the gonads represented by the tear glands and salivary glands.The corresponding symptoms are dry mouth, dry eyes, and migraphy enlargement.Because these symptoms are very similar to "getting angry", many people did not pay attention at first.

When we think that drying syndrome only causes us to dry our mouths, this disease and infringe on many systems of our body, and even affect the lungs, liver and kidney.

As a global illness, my country has maintained 0.29-0.77%of the disease.It should be noted that middle -aged women are more likely to get sick, and the proportion of men and women is about 1: 11.2.

How to distinguish whether you have a dry syndrome?

① dry lips

This is the most typical symptom. Generally speaking, you may need to drink water for a while, and even suddenly wake up at night.In addition, the tongue also shows dryness and cracking.

② Dry corner conjunctivitis

Because the secretion of tears is continuously decreased, there may be two manifestations of patients at this time.The first is that the eyes are dry, and I always feel dry; second, sometimes I really want to shed tears, but I can’t cry.

③ Other drying

Generally manifested as dryness in the nasal cavity, throat, and digestive tract, and even symptoms such as constipation and indigestion.

Be wary of complications!

Because there are no obvious symptoms at the beginning of dry syndrome, it is difficult for patients to feel serious discomfort. When they discover, they may have affected the whole body organs.

① kidney

The harm to the kidneys is to cause kidney abnormalities. The most typical is a large amount of proteinuria.

② liver

Liver function will also appear abnormal due to dry syndrome.

③ lung

Light, there are intermittent dry cough, and the lung fibrosis occurs in severe cases.

④ Merge multi -immune system disease

Because dry syndrome is an autoimmune disease, it may be combined with a variety of immune system diseases. The most typical is rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and autoimmune hepatitis.

⑤ skin

Skin may also cause damage, such as rash and allergic purpura -like rash, mainly appearing in the lower limbs.

Does dry syndrome really affect fertility?

Yes, it will affect fertility!

Because such patients will have antibodies such as anti -SSA, anti -SSB, and ANA, because the existence of these antibodies will affect the conception of women of childbearing age.At this time, the probability of embryonication will be much higher.

In addition, these antibodies can also affect the heart development of the fetus, and even cause diseases such as newborn lupus erythematosus.

Do this well, stay away from dry signs!

① Choose the right facial cleanser and shower gel, and use less alkaline soap.Try to avoid rubbing hard when taking a bath.

② Do a good job of oral hygiene, regular oral examinations, and try to use toothpicks as little as possible.

③ Pay attention to replenish water, do not wait until thirsty and unbearable before drinking water.If you are easy to get dry and dry, you can increase saliva secretion by taking some gum or xylitol.

④ Pay attention to eye hygiene, usually protect the eyes, and do not keep your eyes in a long period of fatigue.

⑤ In daily diet, avoid long -term food for spicy stimulation, fried and high salt.

⑥ Quit smoking limited alcohol, smoking and drinking will not only aggravate the disease, but also cause other diseases.

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