Frequent nail worships?Do these points well, you can avoid lightning and beauty

Summer is here

Everyone’s dressing is also more colorful and colorful

At this time, the beautiful nail art is the finishing touch

Not only did the fingers look a lot longer

The overall temperament has also improved a lot

Crystal armor, phototherapy armor, French armor …

There are many styles that make people look eye -catching

In addition, the nails are growing day by day

It’s always just a few days after doing it

I want to change the next kind

But frequent nails

The damage to nails is very great

Affected by factors such as nail polish ingredients and nail treatment methods, long -term manpower people are not only prone to problems such as nail deformation, falling off, cracking, etc., but also may also be infected, inflammatory invasion and chronic damage to the organs.

Let’s count it together:

What harm can nails cause?

Infection, inflammation

Nail art tools are used for different people every day. If they do not have completely disinfected and have wounds in their hands, they may be infected by bacteria or even infected with onychomycosis.

It is easier to color after polishing and polishing, and it is not easy to fade.However, long -term repeated nails will make the nails thin and soften.The surface of our nails has a layer of nail glazed and nail surface, which is also part of our skin. It has a certain breathability and protection function.Frequent polishing the surface layer of the nails will not only reduce the breathability of the nails, but also make the nails very fragile and sensitive, and it is more likely to cause fungal infection.

Pruning armor skin is to remove a thin layer of skin near the moon white, which is actually a damage for nails, which is equivalent to leaving an open wound on the fingers.The methyl of the methyl is protected, and bacteria, fungi and microorganisms are easy to invade, so that the skin around the nails is infected, red, and swollen. If the infection is serious, it will quickly purulent and form methylitis.

Chemical damage

Nail polish contains a large amount of chemicals, such as gylone, ethyl acetate, and phthalate.These chemicals are coated on the surface of the nails and will continue to cause damage to nails.If the nail nails are repeated for a long time, the normal function of the nails will gradually be destroyed, and problems such as nails break and fall off will occur in severe cases.

Some irritating substances can easily cause respiratory tract infections for a long time, especially the colorless, tasteless, volatile phthalate, will enter the human body through the respiratory tract, digestive tract, and skin.When the concentration of the remaining is too high, it will cause damage to the reproductive system, endocrine, and cardiovascular liver.People with asthma or pulmonary disease may cause various complications, severe or even life -threatening.

Some merchants will buy nail raw materials from unconventional channels for profit. These inferior raw materials are very harmful to the body. Especially for women who are preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy, long -term contact may lead to abortion or fetal malformations.Be cautious nails.

In addition, these substances are also carcinogenic, and nails are more likely to have cancer than ordinary people.

Accelerate hand skin aging

In order to make nail glue faster, the hands are usually placed under the nail light for irradiation and solidification.Common nail lights include UV lights, LED lights, etc.Among them, the long waves of UV lights can reach the depths of the leather. Some studies have found that using UV lights to do phototherapy armor is equivalent to exposure to the sun for 15-40 minutes, which will cause dry skin, melanin, destroying the elastic fibers in the skin and the elastic fibers in the skin and the elastic fibers in the skin and the elastic fibers in the skin and the elastic fibers in the skin and the elastic fibers in the skin and the elastic fibers in the skin and the elastic fibers in the skin and the elastic fibers in the skin and the elastic fibers in the skin and the elastic fibers in the skin.Collagen fiber.Frequent use will also accelerate the skin aging of the hand, leading to wrinkles on the hands.

But for many girls

Beautiful nails really make people want to stop!

If you really want nails

How can we reduce damage?

Tool disinfection is the key

There are actually many harmful bacteria around our nails. If there is no completely disinfection of the tools, it is equivalent to spreading bacteria, and there is also the risk of being infected.Try to choose nail shops with sanitary security and security, and it is best to use disposable nail tools to avoid cross -transmission.

Pay attention to maintenance

You should apply a layer of base oil to protect your nails before applying nail polish.Do not do nails when the skin is injured in the skin near the nails or nails.

Reduce nail frequency

The time interval between the nail art is as long as possible, giving a sufficient recovery time for the nails. It is recommended to do it every three months or half a year.

Keep your hand hygiene

Wash your hands frequently to prevent bacteria from hiding.

Pursuing beauty in a correct and healthy way, it will not make beauty a burden ~

Author: Shi Jingbo

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