Friends who have poor sleep are here, and use it to cook to help you calm down and sleep well.

Gastrodia with old ducks helps you sleep at the top, angelica with hens with blood and blood circulation spiritual stick!Female Chinese medicine medicine will bring you two Yunnan characteristic medicines.

Wang Yuying Chief Physician

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Deputy Chief Physician Lu Yi

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Calm and peace


Gastrodia’s appearance is very ordinary, but the effect is very powerful. In China, the monograph "Shennong Materia Medica" in my country records that Gastrodia has the effect of calming the gods.

Modern medical research shows that the active ingredients are gastrodin, which has the effect of expanding cerebral blood vessels, increasing cerebral blood flow, and can improve sleep, improve memory, and also relieve dizziness and headaches caused by insomnia and anxiety.

Duck meat is cold, which is good for the effects of stomach, nourishing yin and nourishing the kidneys. For people who have deficiency heat in the body and are easy to get angry, duck meat has a good therapeutic effect.

Private dishes of Chinese medicine -Gastrodia duck meat pot

Blood and blood circulation


Angelica is called the first medicine of blood supplement. It is suitable for all blood deficiency people. In terms of women’s postpartum, after the hemorrhage, the weakness of the elderly, and the blood disease, the angelica can be selected.

"Materia Medica Essentials" records that angelica is blood stagnation, blood deficiency can make up, so Angelica is not only the first medicine for blood supplement, but also has a good blood circulation effect.

Modern medical research, Angelica has the function of promoting hemoglobin and red blood cells. In addition, it also has a good effect on anti -thrombosis, anti -blood gel, improving blood circulation and expanding coronary arteries.

Expert reminder

Chinese medicine talks about women based on blood, and menstrual, pregnancy, fetal, and birth are inseparable from blood, so women are most likely to have blood deficiency and poor blood operation.At this time, it is particularly appropriate to use Angelica to replenish blood circulation.

Chicken has the effect of nourishing qi and essence, nourishing the spleen and spleen, and complement each other with angelica and blood circulation.

Chinese Medicine Private Food -Angelica Qi Pot Chicken

Expert reminder

Although Angelica is good, not everyone is applicable:

1. Those who have a lot of menstruation and have a tendency to bleed are used with caution;

2. Use with caution for pregnant women;

3. Those with damp heat and skin allergies are used with caution;

4. Those who have stools should not take it.

Seal the gastrous gastrous duck pot with a sedative god, and the angelica gas pot chicken with blood and blood and blood, have you learned?I often do n’t sleep well in insomnia. I often eat Gastrodia Duck Pot to help you sleep enough ~

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