From pregnancy to breastfeeding, a woman in Shanghai was broadcast live for 2 years but did not know!Netizens look while screenshots

Many people now

Will be due to safety and other reasons

Install the camera at home

But do you know?

Some people have installed the camera

All your every move is broadcast online!

According to media reports, a mother in Shanghai has been broadcast live from 2017 to breastfeeding.Netizens watched screenshots while watching, and even left extremely explicit comments, but this mother always knew nothing.


Video source: Zhejiang Radio and Television Station

According to reports, users with green fruit cameras have recently reported that their lives at home have been broadcast live online.The reporter contacted several users by phone, and they all said they did not know the live broadcast.The reporter found that there is no need to pass any verification. As long as you open the "latest" column of the "Green Fruit" APP, you can clearly see the live broadcast of many users.

For example: At 11:33 noon on September 22, the labeling location was in a residential area in Shanghai. The camera aimed at a living room.A pair of underwear walked around the house. After a while, he picked up the mop and started to mop.In the meantime, he also said a few words to his wife.

Data show that the live broadcast of 4804 times was collected 1093 times.This situation is not individual. In the live broadcast content of the green fruit platform, in addition to pets, street views, landscapes and road conditions, there are many stores, business halls, clothing stores, and even live broadcast content inside the family.

Among them, the number of live broadcasts inside the family is the largest, and many netizens will also communicate and discuss in comments or barrage. Even some "wonderful" pictures are attached to the comment area by screenshots.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, a user positioned in Shanghai, the camera is also facing the living room.

Since 2017, netizens have begun to "watch" the live life of the family and discuss in the comment area.The camera recorded the female owner’s breastfeeding state from pregnancy to the present. There are many screenshots about the hostess sitting on the sofa, and there are many explicit comments, and the onlookers seem to be unaware.

In addition, the reporter also contacted the phone call

The following users

They all expressed their unknown to the live broadcast

Ms. Wang Shanghai: At 12 noon on September 22, Ms. Wang of Shanghai was busy at the kitchen at home, and her son was sitting on the sofa with an electric fan.When the reporter called her phone, she could clearly see that in the live broadcast, she picked up the phone and started answering.According to her, this is the first day she just put on the camera. She only knows that she can watch the picture on her mobile phone, but she does not know that the picture can be seen by others.Ms. Zhang, Shijiazhuang, Hebei: The camera of Ms. Zhang’s house in Shijiazhuang, Hebei is installed in the living room.Earlier, she did not know that the video had a live broadcast function, and never watched the live broadcast of other people on the platform.After receiving a call from the reporter, she checked the mobile phone and found that "the live broadcast has been opened" in the Qingguo app, and then closed immediately.The live broadcast becomes a black screen, and the above shows "the camera has been encrypted, you need to check it after applying to the owner."Mr. Zhao, Zhoukou, Henan: Mr. Zhao’s family in Zhoukou, Henan Province worked in the field. In order to look at the children, a camera was installed in the yard of his hometown.The live broadcast shows that at noon on the 22nd, children are playing in the yard, and the camera can still take passers -by.He said that it was settled when the phone was bound after the camera was binding, and "fully open", but did not know that it was completely open and equal to the full public live broadcast.

Operator: Dives out of the personal live broadcast content

The reporter learned that after buying a green fruit camera, scan the QR code, and you can install and bind your mobile phone according to the guidance. Users can see the real -time screen of the monitoring, and can also live on the platform in real time.

In the platform’s "Green Fruit Camera Service Agreement", the content of the privacy of user privacy is as follows:

The content of the user taken by the green fruit camera provides a specific or unspecified third party through the sharing function of this service, and should be properly cured and distributed the link address, QR code, etc. based on its own cautious judgment.And bear all the consequences of this.

According to the relevant person in charge of Qingguo Live Platform operator: If the user chooses the live broadcast, it needs to be manually set to confirm. Among them, there are two options: "complete openness" and "required verification" in the authority settings.

Under a completely open option, small words indicate, "Everyone can see your live broadcast in the square."

The relevant person in charge said that after receiving the relevant reflection, the pages of all personal user live broadcast have been temporarily closed, and the content of the personal live broadcast of the user.Inspection.

On September 23, the reporter opened the green fruit page and found that there were only live broadcasts such as nature, pets, street views, etc. The other live broadcasts have been offline.

According to the person in charge, the Qingguo Platform only retains the live broadcast of the cooperation project, and the rest are temporarily removed.In the current live broadcast of these projects, it will also take an inventory to make corresponding treatment according to the situation.

Lawyer: "Small Tips" ≠ completely obtains user consent

For this matter, Yu Chao, a lawyer of Lawyer Jingheng, said:

Although the green fruit platform has a "small hint", it is a two -code thing with the full acquisition of the user’s consent. It cannot rule out that the user does not notice the prompt or does not understand the use of the camera use function at all.

Therefore, even when the platform obtains the consent of the live broadcast, there is a "small tip". If the user’s privacy is infringed, it still has to bear the infringement liability.The photographer agrees.


Netizens have said "too terrible"

However, the security problem caused by the camera

It’s not the first time

Previously, the "Water Drop Live" platform also revealed that users were broadcast live without knowing it.Even, a man and a woman wearing a pajamas and moved in the room were also broadcast.

In fact, the law has long stipulated in this regard

The "Cyber Security Law of the People’s Republic of China" officially implemented on June 1, 2017 made clear stipulation on strengthening the protection of personal information and punishing illegal buying and selling personal information.This regulation emphasizes that network operators need to establish a sound user information protection system. Any collection, storage, processing, and transfer personal information should be explicitly communicated with the collector, and the collector’s consent was obtained before the above operation.

According to the "Network Security Law", offenders who have not fulfilled network security management will not only be punished by administrative penalties, such as being ordered to suspend related business, close websites, revoke related business licenses or business licenses, enterprises or relevant personnel are punished by administrative fines, etc.If the violation of the rules is serious, the corresponding criminal responsibility can be investigated in accordance with the Criminal Law, such as imprisonment, detention or criminal fines.Specific accountability is mainly determined depending on the severity of the leaking user information.

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