From pregnancy to giving birth, many mothers must understand in advance

It has been 4 months since the Spring Festival of 20 years, have you resumed work?This long "winter vacation" not only exercised everyone’s standard of cooking, but also quickly improved the feelings of the little couple in each other. I heard that many young couples have arranged the "mouse baby".

Interestingly, only a few "rats" are obtained by preparing for pregnancy. Most of them are "surprise gifts" tested by the pregnancy test rod after the menstrual delay.Faced with pregnancy, the prepared pregnant father and pregnant mother seemed to be more calm, and the little couple who was unexpectedly pregnant was more surprised: husband, I was pregnant!Husband, what should we do?

Don’t panic, the Plobbu helped the novice mother to sort out the relevant content. From the first day of your test, you will sort out the knowledge of pregnancy in all aspects.Today we start with the construction & production inspection that everyone is most concerned about.

Testing with pregnancy test sticks is the first step for most young sisters to judge whether they are pregnant.It takes 4 days to reach the uterus, and it takes 3 days to bed on the uterus. Therefore, for the younger sisters with planned pregnancy, you can use the pregnancy test stick to detect morning urine in about ten days after the same room.For younger sisters who have not been delayed for more than 3 days during pregnancy, you can also use early pregnancy test strips to test whether you are pregnant.

However, the accuracy of early pregnancy test strips is not 100%. It is determined that the HCG value (human chorionic gonadotropin) is determined by blood testing.Generally speaking, checking the HCG value does not require an empty stomach, but according to the hospital’s different requirements, it may be slightly different. It is recommended to draw blood in the morning. The blood drawing part is the elbow venous blood collection. The result is about 1-2 hours after blood drawing.The HCG value without pregnancy generally does not exceed 5miU/ml, and the HCG value of about 10 days after conception is usually between 20-500miu/ml. At present, it can basically determine whether it is pregnant and start the journey of building and production inspection.

01 Apply for mother and child health manual

After confirming that after pregnancy, the first day of the last period of menstrual bleeding is the last menstrual period, the number of seven days in the future is a gestational week, the 4th gestational week is one month, taking Beijing as an example, the mother and child health manual can be processed for 6 weeks of pregnancy.Essence

The handbook handling location is the local community health service center. If both parties are Beijing household registration and handle the place where the woman’s household registration is located; if the unilateral part is a Beijing household registration, both men or women are handled in their Beijing household registration.Beijing nationality is handled at its place of residence.

To apply for the mother and child health manual, the pregnant mother needs to be present. Both husbands and wives carry the original ID card, marriage certificate, hukou book, residence certificate, proof of pregnancy checklist, etc.If it is a foreign account, the pregnant mother needs additional temporary residence permit.Of course, the requirements of each community health service center may be slightly different. It is recommended to call in advance or on -site confirmation.

02 Inquiry, selecting files & inspection hospitals

I believe that many pregnant mothers have chosen phobias, especially when they go to have a baby in life, how to choose the following aspects how to choose the file & production inspection hospital:

① Medical level

The medical standards of different hospitals are high or low, mainly depending on the hardware conditions of the hospital and the professional standard of doctors. The overall level of public triple hospitals is the highest.

Specific to choose which hospital to build files should be determined according to the situation of the maternal women itself. The following types of situations are recommended that you must go to the Trina Hospital:

1. High -risk mothers.Age ≥ 35 years old. This kind of inspection must be performed when giving birth to a baby. Because there are creative examinations, many secondary or private hospitals do not have this technology.There are chronic diseases, such as thyroid dystrophic diseases, gestational diabetes, etc., it is recommended to go to the three hospitals for treatment. If the conditions for the first selected hospital are not enough, it becomes more troublesome to refer it in the later stage;

2. Faced women, such as anemia, such as anemia.Big hospitals have more qualifications for physicians, which can deal with multiple pregnancy problems and make "October pregnant" more secure.

② Medical condition

1. Whether it is easy to sign up: The younger sisters who have been hung up to the production inspection must have a deep understanding. The popular hospital will always be "difficult to find", so it is definitely a big threshold to enter the inspection.

2. Whether the birth checkups are crowded: Hot hospitals are often accompanied by the mighty queuing army, delaying the time without saying, it may seriously affect the emotions of pregnant women. Therefore, the degree of crowded during the checkup is also a point that you need to pay attention to when choosing a hospital.

3. How about the hospitalization conditions: Many of the popular top three hospitals sought after by pregnant mothers because of the large flow of people, all of which are equipped with 6-8 people.People/dual rooms.At this time, the spacious delivery rooms of ordinary public hospitals and private hospitals seemed particularly tempting.

4. Is there any pain to give birth: As a pulse baby who is afraid of painful stars, you can’t accept the baby without having painlessness!However, in fact, the number of anesthesiologists in my country is far less than demand, especially in the three hospitals will become more obvious. The anesthesiologist must give priority to ensuring the development of large surgery. We consider clearly in advance.Generally, private hospitals have painless delivery.

③ Far distance

Each pregnant woman has a birth check of about 12 times. If an emergency occurs, it may have to go more times, especially if the body will become more inconvenient in the later stages of pregnancy, so the distance of the hospital is very important.The pulse baby recommends that everyone follows the principle of "three near", that is, it is close to home, close to pregnant mothers, and close to her husband’s units, so as to facilitate the balance of balancing production inspection and work.

④ File conditions

Different hospitals have different conditions. Before you go, you must see if you meet the requirements, otherwise you may run for nothing.General hospitals need to provide maternal and child health manuals, pregnancy certificates, and time to seal the time.

Take the third hospital of the north as an example: need to prepare the Beijing mother and child health file manual, the Haidian district certificate of the pregnant woman himself (including residence certificate, real estate certificate, household registration certificate, and work certificate.The official seal, the address of the business license must be Haidian District), and the construction cycle of the third hospital of the North Medical Hospital (a file is sealed every half a month.-On October 31 is a batch).

03 File Stage

Each hospital’s archive process is different, and the specific situation of the hospital shall prevail.

We take the construction process of the three hospitals in Beijing with the most consultations in Beijing as an example:

04 Maternity Inspection Period

In order to make it easier for the pregnant mothers to check, the Baby of the pulse has been listed in the table and the project is listed in the table. The individual examination projects will be adjusted according to the requirements of the hospital, the habit of doctors, and the situation of pregnant mothers.

These inspections are more important, and the pulse baby will tell you in detail:

★ Donald syndrome screening:

Detect the concentration of gonad hormones in the maternal serum in the maternal serum, and the concentration of the gonad hormone in the velvet membrane, and then compose the danger coefficient of Tang’s child’s age, weight, and due date.If the result shows that the positive should not be too scared, this result is just that the baby’s risk of Tang family is higher than that of the average person, which does not represent the final diagnosis result. Doctors will open amniotic fluid examination for further judgment.

★ Four -dimensional color ultrasound fetal malformation screening:

Compared with the traditional B -ultrasound, the four -dimensional color ultrasound can not only do accurate malfunction, but also have no radiation to the fetus.Doctors will carefully measure the fetal fence, abdominal circumference, thigh length, and check whether the pillar is inherently abnormal.

★ Switching of gestational diabetes:

With the increasing elderly women, the incidence of gestational diabetes is also increasing.Pregnant mother first draws blood on an empty stomach, and then takes 75g of glucose orally.The diagnostic criteria for gestational diabetes are: fasting blood glucose exceeding 5.1 mmol/L, more than 10.0 mmol/L an hour after serving sugar, and more than 8.5 mmol/L in two hours. At any time point, the diagnosis is diagnosed as gestational diabetes.

★ Hepatitis B:

This examination item is mainly to confirm whether the pregnant mother carrys hepatitis B virus or has infected hepatitis B.If this examination is positive, you must tell the doctor so that you can injected vaccines for newborns within 24 hours of birth to avoid infection.

05 Living phase

Pregnant mothers will enter the production stage first during the third trimester. At this time, there will be water -like substances or mucus flowing out. This is the breakdown before production.At the same time, it will be accompanied by red substances, which is what we often say. These red substances are the blood of the capillaries of the capillaries of the cervix. It also indicates that it is about to be produced.At this time, you need to go to the hospital in time. The doctor will determine the degree of the water breaking and the opening of the palace in accordance with the results of the inspection.At this point, the entire pregnancy checks have ended. Congratulations to you to upgrade from prospective mother to a mother!

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