From pregnancy to production, 60 doctors have suggested to help you sort it out

1. After natural pregnancy, there are no special circumstances. If there is no symptoms of bleeding, it is not recommended to frequently check the level of HCG.

2. During pregnancy, it is not recommended to check 5 eugenics, trace element measurement, and ABO hemolysis.

3. Start eating folic acid in three months before pregnancy. In the third month of pregnancy, the fetal nerve tube deformity is prevented.If possible, you can eat it throughout your pregnancy.

4, early pregnancy and vomiting do not eat much, but insist on eating less and meals, don’t care too much about whether nutrition is balanced.

5. Don’t eat raw food, such as raw meat.Wash the fruits and fruits to prevent the infection of parasites.

6. You can drink coffee during pregnancy, but the daily caffeine intake is less than 200mg.Generally, a cup of coffee a day is safe.

7. Prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, there are no particularly effective products yet, but controlling weight. Do not grow too fast to a certain extent to reduce the risk of stretch marks.

8. Properly increase your weight according to the weight before pregnancy.If BMI <18.5 before pregnancy, then the weight increase of 0.5kg per week in the middle and late pregnancy; if BMI18.5-24.9 before pregnancy, then the weight increase of 0.4kg per week in the middle and late pregnancy;The perimeter weight increases by 0.3kg. If it is obese before pregnancy, the weight increases by 0.2kg per week in the middle and late pregnancy.

9. After pregnancy, do not eat raw meat, do not eat these fish, including: sharks, swordfish, king catfish, square fish, swallow fish, golden lion fish, and Malinn.Because mercury content is easy to exceed the standard.

10. After pregnancy, it is best not to eat popcorn on the roadside, because leading lead is easy to exceed the standard.Remember to choose a qualified product

11. Use iodized salt during pregnancy, less than 6g per day, don’t eat too salty.

12. Began to pay attention to calcium 1000mg per day in the second trimester, and 1200mg of calcium supplementation per day in the third trimester.Eat calcium tablets 300-600mg every day in the second trimester.

13. Sisters with pregnant vomiting can try to drink a small amount of ice drinks or soda, carbonated drinks, lemon juice, ginger tea, etc. to relieve pregnancy.

14. Sisters with acid reflux during pregnancy, avoid eating greasy, chocolate and other foods, and drink less caffeine drinks.

15. Sisters with constipation during pregnancy can relieve constipation. If not, you can consider lactose.

16. The hemorrhoids during pregnancy can take a bath in the morning and evening for 10 minutes to help you relieve hemorrhoids.

17. There are generally pregnant women’s schools in the preparation hospital to teach you how to deal with uncomfortable pregnancy and some precautions during pregnancy. It is recommended to listen to it when you have time. It is particularly practical.

18, 19-20 Weeks after the card is completed, when you come to the birth check, remember to wear loose clothes so that you can listen to the fetal heart for examination.Also remember to carry small biscuits with you, wait too long to avoid hypoglycemia.

19. You can make up during pregnancy, but remember to buy qualified products, make makeup, and remember to remove makeup.

20. It will feel pain in the pubic bone in the second trimester, and it will be related to the unblocked separation of the pubic bone caused by the increase of the baby and the secretion of relaxation. Most of the birth will naturally recover.

21. Sisters during pregnancy develop a good habit of drinking milk. It is a good calcium supplement.

22. If physical conditions permit during pregnancy, it is recommended not to bring your home every day, you can go out appropriately or participate in some laborious jobs.Studies have found that those who adhere to work during pregnancy have a higher probability of delivery.In fact, most of the women’s obstetric doctors are working before their pregnancy.

23. Parenting books are also recommended during pregnancy.

24. Exercise during pregnancy may not make you start soon, but the pregnancy sports will bring many benefits during the pregnancy, such as controlling weight, blood sugar, alleviating constipation, backache, improving sleep, and so on.

25. Exercise during pregnancy.You can walk, yoga, Pirati, swimming and so on.During exercise, the body sweat slightly, his breathing is accelerated but can be fully dialogue, so that he can’t get angry.

26. The umbilical cord is very common. Don’t worry too much. Even the B -ultrasound is not reported in foreign countries to prevent unnecessary worry to pregnant mothers.

27. In the second trimester, the sleeping posture does not have to lie on the left side. There is no special case. As long as you sleep comfortably, you can.

28. Controlling weight during pregnancy is very important. Don’t raise children too much, it is best to be about 6 pounds.

29. Medication during pregnancy is not a taboo. The most important thing is to take medicine safely.Principles of medication: When the profit is greater than the disadvantages, it is recommended to take medicine.

30. After breaking the water, just come to the hospital as soon as possible.The difference between amniotic fluid and urine is that amniotic fluid will continue to flow out like faucet, and it will not stop.Movement will flow more.

31. After 37 weeks of pregnancy, after 37 weeks, put social security cards, inspection books, ID cards, and case information together to prevent temporary production, and family members can find them in time.

32. Keep invoices and information after hospitalization, and need to be reimbursed.

33. Remember to eat and drink before giving birth. When you enter the delivery room, you can bring high -energy foods such as chocolate and red bull.

34. For the first production, starting from regular contractions to the opening of the palace mouth, the average first -class mother needs to be nearly 12 hours average, which may be longer.

35. In the delivery room, internal inspection is needed, the more relaxation, the more uncomfortable.Don’t be embarrassed, because every mother has to check like this.

36. In the delivery room, urinate once every 2-4 hours.Avoid that the bladder is too full and affects the decline of the fetal head.

37. Most of the production of pregnant women will not cut the side, but when you encounter a child with hypoxia, you need to come out faster and the fetal head is too large. Remember to listen to the doctor to help you.Severe tear.

38. During the production process in the delivery room, try not to yell and save energy. Learning to Latin American Zhi breathing method can help you relieve childbirth pain.

39. On the day of the side cut, you need to apply ice on the day of the side. After that, you need to wipe and clean the perineum with warm water every day to keep the perineal refreshing and clean.When sleeping, lying on the side of the wound without wounds can reduce pain.

40. Breastfeeding starts within 1 hour after delivery.

41. After delivery, you should urinate 6-8 hours to prevent venous thrombosis from getting out of bed.

42. It is normal for the first time after delivery, which is a little painful.Still to persist.

43. Moms who are born can start eating something when they are born, but mothers who produce cesarean section need to start eating normally after exhausting.

44. For the first delivery, it will not be normal, remember to listen to the commander and doctor’s command.

45. The discharge is generally discharged in about 3 days, and the cesarean section is generally discharged from 5-7 days.

46. Although the birth will endure hardships and pain during childbirth, it will recover faster. Although the cesarean section does not suffer during the production, it is very sinful after birth, so it can be smooth.

47. Low pain after giving birth has nothing to do with painlessness.

48. The newborn baby eats less. Don’t worry too much. At that time, the baby’s stomach was only the size of the glass beads itself.

49. Don’t drink too much greasy soup after giving birth, it is easy to cause milk.

50. There is no milk within 2-3 days after giving birth, and it is normal to give the baby more.

51. There is no so -called milk -ranging food. If you want more milk, do three things well, sleep well and rest, drink enough water, but do not exceed 3L, so that your baby is more inhaled. These methods are promoted to increase milk.

52. When confinement, you can brush your teeth and wash your hair, and there is no problem at turning on the air conditioner.

53. Window to ventilate when confinement.

54. If you have conditions, you can live in the center of the confinement or ask a reliable moon, which can help you reduce a lot of parenting conflict with your mother -in -law.

55. After the baby finishes milk, remember to pat.

56. Postpartum lochia will be clean within 6 weeks.

57. Postpartum hormone changes, some mothers will depressed postpartum, and when they are particularly poor, they want to cry at any time, and they want to seek help from family and doctors.

58. 6 weeks after giving birth, it is recommended to do basin detection and discover problems as soon as possible.The golden period for the treatment of pelvic foundation within half a year after giving birth.

59. After 6 weeks after giving birth, there is no dew for recovery of the wound.Do not applaud when there are dew, which will cause the infection to affect the mother’s postpartum recovery.

60. After giving birth to a child, don’t rush to rush to have a second child. It is recommended that 2-5 years in the 2-5 years.

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