Ginger with one treasure, bad breath, constipation, and old stomach problems!But do n’t touch 2 people, eat it in “poison”

The old saying often says: "Eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer, do not work doctors to open prescriptions."In other words, eating more ginger in the sky is quite good for the body.In summer, it is a good time to eat ginger.However, after eating ginger, the whole person feels hot, and sometimes even sweats.So -Why eat ginger hot?First, Jiang can sweat.

When it is hot, the human body will cool down by sweating. If you can’t sweat, you may have heat stroke.And "Shennong Materia Medica" said that Jiang "Weixinwen … sweating, wind and dampness paralysis", that is, using some ginger can help sweat and cool down to prevent heat stroke.

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Secondly, Jiang can be Wenyang and scattered cold.Nowadays, people don’t go out in the air -conditioned room, and they like to eat ice watermelon and cold drinks. The cold is easy to invade the body.If the cold, cold convergence can easily lead to muscle tension, the meridians are not smooth, which will affect the operation of the whole body.Jiang is the "enemy" of evil cold. At this time, drinking ginger tea in time will help expel wind in the body.Finally, ginger can appetite to help digestion.In the hot day, many people’s appetite is a bit bad.

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As the saying goes, "The rice is not fragrant, eat ginger". At this time, a few slices of ginger can stimulate saliva and gastric fluid secretion.In addition, gingerin can also stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of food.

Health reminder:

It should be noted that people with heavy internal heat and those with yin and fire are best not to eat ginger. Not only do they not health, they will also aggravate physical discomfort. Undoubtedly, they are "eating poison".

Those with yin deficiency and fire are often manifested as long -term annoying insomnia, dry mouth, dry throat, dry cough less sputum, constipation, hemorrhoids, and hemorrhoids.

Next, I recommend several ways of health and eating of ginger -ginger bubble Yibao minor illnesses and small pain. Since ancient times, ginger’s status should not be underestimated.The ancient medicine book believes that ginger flavor is scholarship, warm, non -toxic, has the skills of warming the cold, and the warmth of the lungs and phlegm."Pharmacopoeia" (2015 edition) contains its "solution to the cold, relieves vomiting, reciprocate phlegm and cough, and relieve fish and crab poison."Moreover, if you can find a good partner for ginger, double the health effect–

Adding red dates: nourishing qi and blood, removing dampness and nourishing yang jujube and ginger tea have the effect of supplementing qi and blood, warming the stomach and warm palace.Moreover, the effect of ginger removal of cold air is significant, especially suitable for people who are often staying in the air -conditioned room.

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Method: Cut 3 ~ 5 slices of ginger or dry ginger, add a few red dates to brew with boiling water; or boil with boiling water for 5 minutes to give full play to the efficacy of ginger.Reminder: Ginger tea is suitable for people with qi deficiency and yang deficiency physique (manifested as yellowing, fatigue, cold limbs, etc.), and it is best to drink it during the day.

Add Chen Vinegar: Promote blood circulation, relieve joint pain, ginger vinegar, can promote blood circulation, increase resistance, relieve colds, and help treat arthritis.Materials: 500 ml of high -quality vinegar, 100 grams of old ginger.Method: Cut the ginger into thin slices, it is best to use fresh ginger; put the ginger in the bottle, and then pour it into the vinegar; the vinegar should not be passed by the ginger, and the ginger slices should not be exposed; it can be eaten after soaking.

Add brown sugar: The practice of relieving dysmenorrhea and driving away the ginger brown sugar from the old stomach disease is different, and the effect is different:

① Treatment of stomach cold

After the ginger brown sugar boiled water, remove the residue and get the juice, simmer slowly, add white honey to collect the cream.A spoonful of sorrow every morning, long -term use, has the characteristics of "simple and honest".Note: People who are hot and humid in this side cannot be convinced.

② Treatment of cold cold

Ginger first boil (slightly open), chop, and drink brown sugar and green onions while drinking hot.

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③ relieve dysmenorrhea

Remove 25 grams of shredded ginger, take brown sugar, and boil water; then put the ginger shredded for five minutes.It should be reminded that relieving dysmenorrhea varies from person to person and may not be effective for everyone.

Mint: Removing bad breath, digestive ginger and mint can remove bad breath: Some studies have found that when taking ginger oral ginger can increase the level of cymbal oxidase-1 in the human body.Sulfur compounds.Mint contains mint alcohol and other medicinal chemicals that can make a fresh breath and have a variety of medicinal properties, including alleviating abdominal pain, anti -inflammatory sterilization, and digestion of the stomach.

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Therefore, the combination of ginger and mint is a strong combination on the bad breath.Method: Take 3 ~ 6 grams of mint or fresh mint boil, add ginger to the ginger, let it cool for a while, and drink it from time to time.

Add leek juice and fresh milk: moisturizing intestinal laxatives, warm and liver and kidney this time add "two treasures": Material: 200 ml of fresh milk, 50 ml of leek juice, 15 ml of ginger juice, and appropriate amount of sugar.Method: Rinse the ginger juice and leek juice into the milk and boil it together.Two doses daily, morning and evening, warm and warm.This tea party comes from the "Danxi Mind" by Zhu Danxi in the Yuan Dynasty.Nutrition comments: Milk can moisturize the lungs and nourish the stomach, intestines and laxative, and tonic and solve the heat; leek is the product of Xinwen to nourish the yang, which can warm the liver and kidney.", You can moisturize the intestines.

Ginger can be used like this -Jiang’s 3 wonderful uses don’t know if you lose a lot.

1. Add a few flat ginger when the cold blood promotes blood circulation. It has the effect of dispersing cold and blood circulation. It is also effective for preventing colds. You can try it in winter.Patients with blood pressure and impatient people.

2. Relieve ginger slices to relieve motion sickness, which can relieve motion sickness.In addition, ginger slices can also be used to alleviate motion sickness and seasickness.It is generally recommended to post the car and board the ship five minutes.

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3. Sleeping and sleeping for insomnia can be chopped by ginger and wrapped in pillows with cloth to make people easy to fall asleep.

Before eating ginger, everyone should pay attention -3 small questions about ginger must read before eating

1. Eat ginger at night, poison like a frost?

In fact, this is a misunderstanding.If you think about it, there are many dishes for dinner with ginger. If this is the case, wouldn’t it be poisoned?Whether you can eat ginger at night depends on your physique. If the cream is too exaggerated, it is too exaggerated.

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The theory of Chinese medicine believes that human constitution is different from cold and heat.People with less cold and heat bias, generally should not eat ginger at night, otherwise it is not good for health; people with great coldness often feel that there are various cold or cold in the whole body. Drinking bowl of ginger soup at night can help sleep; hot hot.People, that is, their bodies often have various heat performance. Such people should not eat ginger during the day or at night.In short, whether you can eat ginger at night depends on your physique and cannot be comprehensive.

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2. Can germinated ginger be eaten?

Geye ginger is not poisonous.It is just that after germination, the water and nutrients of the ginger itself will slowly decrease, and ginger will become dry and rough, and the flavor will decrease.It should be reminded that germinated ginger is easier to rot and deteriorate, and "rotten ginger" cannot be eaten.Save the post: Ginger should not be stored in the refrigerator, just put it in a cool and ventilated place.

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3. Can I wash my hair with ginger juice?

First of all, hair loss is not a simple phenomenon. There are many reasons that can be caused. Most young and middle -aged people belong to seborrheic hair loss androgen -derived hair loss.Lastatic hair loss, traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation is caused by the skin of hepatobilia, dampness, hot stagnation, and fumigation.Ginger is not suitable for this type of hair loss.Therefore, if you have hair loss, you should go to the hospital for treatment, do n’t pour ginger juice on your own ~

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