Girlfriend pregnancy: Except for giving birth to the child, everything else regrets

I can always hear such a voice around: How good your women are pregnant, do n’t have to work in ten months, and some people wait for them. After giving birth to a child, you can do confinement.Actually, I want to say that this is really not like this!

From pregnancy to production, a woman must go through pregnancy, her body, weight gain, stretch marks, and even the fetus will be squeezed into other organs in the later month, resulting in poor breathing.In October, I was born in the basin. Needless to say, the hard work in the middle is equivalent to walking away at the ghost door when it is produced.

The girlfriend had just finished production in the previous section, and she was alone at home. She said that it was not the child’s crying that made her feel the most, but to coax her children until 3 or four in the morning.Four.I think most mothers have experienced this experience.Many people still feel that "isn’t it just bringing children at home, how difficult it is."The suffering of this is not qualified to evaluate unless they have taken their children.

At night, the child is crying for the first time, and it is common to sleep well. Sometimes he is on the toilet, and the child must come out immediately as soon as you cry.No one takes care of it; basically does not have their own time, not to mention the most precious years in their career for family and children.

Gu Jia said in the TV series "only thirty": "When Xu Ziyan was born, I suddenly felt that Gu Jia was dead before, and the mother of Xu Ziyan survived." The girlfriend also said during pregnancy.arrival.After giving birth, she said that she wanted to divorce. Except for the birth of the child, there was no regret, and everything else regretted it.

In fact, I understand that because of the differences between men and women, men cannot experience the hardships of women from pregnancy to production, but they do not experience it, and they should give the other half a full understanding. After all, she is for you, for you, for youThe home, a person who went from the ghost door.

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