Girls are suspected of being "applied" by corporate leaders to become pregnant, and they are violent abortion afterwards

Recently, a girl from Hengyang Teachers College sent a letter of help on the Internet. The content of the letter was roughly. In June 2021, under the arrangement of the school, they entered the school -enterprise cooperation unit of Hengyang Normal University and Jiamu, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is an internship, and its company owner is a guest professor at the school.

After graduation, due to the professional counterpart, under the recommendation arrangement of the school, the victim girls entered the company smoothly. During the inauguration, the company’s owner (Wenmou) was invited to serve as the company’s sister, and invited girls to serve as the company’s total chief.assistant manager.

During his tenure, on November 12, 2022, Wenmou asked girls to accompany him to attend the meal of foreign trade activities the next day for the next day for the next day.Some confession to the girl said that her family was unhappy, and she pulled the girl to the hotel to open a room, and raped the girls when the girl was unaware or could not resist.The girl is the first time)

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When the girl woke up, she was completely at a loss, but Wen also said, "Don’t be afraid, believe me, I won’t let you get pregnant," and other words.

During December 5-9, 2022, girls felt uncomfortable and dizzy and drowned.I went to the hospital on the 9th of the month to check. The results of the inspection showed that they were pregnant. Later, the girl contacted Wenmou as asking him how to deal with it. Wenmou said it didn’t matter. The smaller the better, Wenmou later deceived the girls for the reason for the meeting.A hotel, forcibly and roughly pressed the girl to the bed to invade the girl. The girl’s text stated that because Wen was too rough and cruel, the girl could not get out of bed for more than a day.After that, the girl was very uncomfortable, and went to the hospital to check her body. The examination found that cervical erosion and white blood cells were high.Girls said that Wenmou was afraid of things, and wanted to deal with children through rape by rape.Fortunately, Wen Mou did not make Wenmou

After that, Wen Mou repeatedly forced the girls to kill the children and promised to compensate 80,000 yuan, but it took a dozen periods to pay.The girl said that Wenmou wanted to bind the girls with installment payment after the child was destroyed and be his sex slave.

The girl’s article finally said that her experience is definitely not a case. If there are students with the same encounter, they can contact themselves and will use our own way to justice.

Many people do not want to let the third person know after encountering such a thing. They are afraid of being looked at themselves from other people, and they feel embarrassed. Many unmanned livestock just hold this psychology, so that they will be unscrupulous to do whatever they want to do whatever they want.EssenceThe girl’s behavior is worthy of our learning and likes.When you are not fair, you resolutely choose to ask for help and expose things at the same time. The girl is very brave!Intersection

As soon as the incident came out, it caused the majority of netizens to talk about it. Some netizens believed that the girl was taken to the hotel for the first time, and some netizens said that the price did not talk.Here, it is unknown to the true and false of the matter, but I still hope to investigate the matter as soon as possible and give the victim a fair.Give everyone the truth!

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