Girls who do not get married must first understand the problem of having children#Each mother is great

Before you get married, you must understand the pain of having children.Before giving birth, you must learn about these things.Let me talk about when I have a child.When the first contraction and analgesic will become more and more frequent when it is 20 minutes, it hurts without sleeping all night.I had no experience in entering the plant the next morning, I thought I could do painlessness, but I missed the painless time.I have opened 4 fingers and I ca n’t be painless. I did n’t sleep for a second all night.It was really too torment for a night, and I even vowed that I would never have children anymore in the future.Back pain in the delivery room.Every time the contraction comes, it is gritted.Sisters who have given birth to children can understand and make their whole body strength.After finally giving birth, I had to be sewed, and it was too torment for one stitch and one line, thinking that it was over.I did not expect to press the stomach to dew.After giving birth to a child, you have to take a closer to promote uterine contraction. You have to experience the pain of contraction for two days, and press the stomach to discharge evil dew again, which is also painful.It also needs to urinate, because it is necessary to prevent uterine adhesion and lower limb thrombosis.You didn’t imagine as simple moves as you got out of bed. It took half an hour to complete it.After giving birth, you have to go through the baby’s raising milk.Originally thought that breast milk had milk, feeding powder without milk.But the physiological rising milk is experienced by everyone, and the pain of fetal milk is no less painful than having children.After giving birth, I knew that the feeding of various postures was not right.In the first few days, I couldn’t feed my back sore lying down. The baby cried in a hurry to eat, and I was so anxious.After giving birth, the newborn’s stomach is only a little bit, so I sucked only a little bit of the breast pump, and I will grow up without anxiety.After giving birth, I know that it hurts like a brick to block the milk, not to mention how it hurts it when it is opened when it is opened.It was really sweaty.After giving birth, I knew that my stomach was still so big.I know that the baby has to eat once every three hours, but I don’t know that it takes 20 minutes to eat it once, and the bottle is to be washed, so you can’t sleep all night.After I was born, I learned that the baby would go through the February of the February. He would cry because of flatulence. It is not important that boys and women are really important. Health is the most important.So I hope you can understand all these ideas before pregnancy.I think girls have the right to know these.If you are a boy, I hope you need to take care of your wife.Because he really paid a lot.After saying so much, you may feel that you have to have a child so bitter, why do you have to give birth?Let me tell you why, because he is crying in your arms, it is fun or sleeping, as long as you see him, you will feel super happy, you will feel that everything is worth it.

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