Golden Mao was pregnant by accident, the hostess cried quickly, but her attitude changed when she was born.

Personal dogs are the most popular in their lives. The shoveling officers have paid a lot of effort in order to take care of their dogs.However, it is not uncommon for pet dogs to run away from home due to their own physiological needs, which makes people break.During the estrus, dogs need to find partners, but their various behaviors have brought countless troubles to shoveling officers, making people unable to let go of it all the time.

The Golden Mao of the Xiao Li family is usually very good and sensible. It is the favorite happy fruit of the family, which brings a lot of joy to people.The obedient dogs are rarely troublesome, but when it is in estrus, it has caused a lot of trouble.The quiet golden retriever likes to be noisy at night, causing many neighbors to dissatisfy. Fortunately, the dogs and surroundings are good, otherwise it is afraid that it will be scolded to death by others.

But one day the door in the home was not closed, and Jin Mao sneaked out. This time, the shoveling officer was shocked, and there was no echo for finding and sending dogs everywhere. People felt a little desperate.But a week later, the dog suddenly ran home, and the embarrassing look made people feel distressed.Seeing the losing love dog, the shoveling officer was very excited. She prepared a lot of delicious food for the dog and planned to give it up.

After watching the master’s photo, the state of the dog slowly recovered, but found that its belly was slightly rising. It turned out that the dog was pregnant, and the shovel officer was speechless.Usually take care of a dog, you have to worry about it, how can you raise a group of themselves?Although the hostess was angry, she could only take care of her own dogs. She blame sherself at the time and did not look at it. If she arranged sterilized surgery for the dog early.

It didn’t take long for the big golden retriever to upgrade to be a mother. It gave birth to a large nest of puppies. They were so cute, and they could simply make people’s hearts.Seeing these soft puppies, the anger in the heart of the shoveling officer disappeared.In order to take care of this little angel, the shoveling officer is also willing to be tired. The hostess prepares nutritious and healthy food for the dog, hoping that it can better take care of their children.

Small tips:

At the stage of breastfeeding, a large amount of nutrients need to be supplemented. Therefore, it is necessary to put it in the daily feeding and prepare healthy and nutritious food and sufficient drinking water, so as not to cause excessive consumption of the dog’s body.The newborn puppy relies on her mother to warm it. If the temperature is low, be sure to keep warm and beware of them.

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