Good pregnancy: Difficult to get pregnant with severe adhesion of double -side fallopian tubes?Watch this family of five

Early in the morning today, Xiao Li and her husband of Heze’s cities took three children into my clinic. The small clinics were surrounded by their family of five.The couple held a daughter alone, and the husband was holding the youngest son in his arms.Especially her husband has never stopped from the laughter since the meeting. The 35 -year -old children are envious of countless people.

After meeting, Xiao Li said very excitedly: "Director Deng, I am grateful for you too much. I saw it before and after 5 years. I ran a lot of hospitals and took a lot of medicines. Later, I didn’t hope.Let me know you, time has passed too fast, thank you so much for let me have these three children. "

Xiao Li’s three children

Xiao Li came to my clinic for the first time in 2009. At that time, a child’s primary infertility, more than 5 years of hospitals tossed.The test tube.After coming here, I found that the double -side fallopian tubes were severely adhesive. After three months of minimally invasive surgery, she was pregnant with her eldest daughter, and her second daughter was naturally pregnant.Later, the third child did not conceive for a long time, and came to adjust it again. Now the third child is two and a half years old.

Many people give up the treatment as soon as they hear the word "severe". What I want to tell you here is that the tubal tube is severely adhesive and can be pregnant!

Fallopian tube adhesion is a type of fallopian tube disease. The fallopian tube is a channel for sperm and fertilized eggs. If the fallopian tube adhesion is obstructive, it will affect the normal traffic of the sperm.Infertility or ectopic pregnancy.

Donatal adhesion blocked

1. Fallopian tube adhesion will affect menstruation, cause irregular menstruation, and severe menstruation in a month, and blood clots are generally available in menstruation.

2. Fallopian tube adhesion is generally accompanied by inflammation, and lower abdomen pain will occur. The most common is that patients have back pain and pain in intercourse.

3. The tubal adhesion causes the most infertility to check. If there is no contraceptive in the same room, it is still not pregnant. It is recommended to go to the hospital for examination.Xiao Li was infertile examination and found that bilateral tubal tubes were severely adhesive.

Xiao Li held the last trace of hope to find me. Now the three children and children are doubled. Her husband said, "I dare not think at the time. It is good to have a child. Now it’ s less than 40.I am happy, and I am motivated again. "

A family of five, pay attention to see the mouth that Dad is closed

Now the clinical dredging of the tubal is the tubal conducting therapy and the hypertoscopic minimally invasive surgery. I do Xiao Li’s laparoscopic combination, because she has a serious adhesion, and the simple guide wire intervention may be effective.Not good.

1. Drotcipation wire intervention therapy

This method is to intervene in the abdominal cavity through the clear observation of the photoelectric device and dredge the adhesive part.This method does not require abdominal surgery, painlessness, good treatment effect, and the cure rate can reach more than 95%. Most patients can succeed in pregnancy within half a year.

2. Joint minimally invasive surgery of hysteroscopy

This technology can give doctors a clear field of vision through laparoscopy, can be checked and treated at the same time, accurately finds lesions and adhesive and separated. There is no need to operate, and at the same time, it will reduce the economic burden on patients.

In fact, tubal adhesion is a relatively common gynecological problem, and it is also one of the important reasons for infertility. Female friends should not give up lightly. Find the right doctor and find the right treatment method. Pregnancy is not so difficult.

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