Grandma at 66 -year -old shows "two bars"!The doctor explained the reason for this

Grandma Huang, a 66 -year -old in Changsha, Hunan, is a retired elderly. She likes to exercise her body tough. She often swims with her sisters and has a taste of retirement.

Not long ago, Grandma Huang went to the hospital for a physical examination.Different from the basically normal test results in previous years, this year’s tumor protein (AFP) in the tumor detection of Grandma Huang has increased significantly.

AFP is a sensitive tumor logo. Its abnormal elevation is mainly found in primary liver cancer. It can also be seen in some other germ cell tumors, such as choric membrane cancer.

The significant increase in Grandma Huang AFP has attracted the attention of the medical laboratory.But the results were unexpected, and none of the other data indicated the possibility of primary liver cancer and reproductive cell carcinoma.

At this time, the examiner thought of another possibility: During the normal pregnancy of women, AFP would also increase significantly. Is Grandma Huang, a 66 -year -old?

Test physician uses a human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) test paper (commonly known as a pregnancy test stick) to confirm the blood again.

A magical scene happened: the blood HCG increased significantly, and the "two bright red bars" on the note that Grandma Huang was pregnant!

Does the small probability event happen like this?However, the examiner once again confirmed that the uterine B -ultrasound: remind Grandma Huang as an ordinary elderly uterus without showing signs of pregnancy.

The analysis fell into a deadlock again.At this time, Hu Fangxing, director of the Medical Inspection Section, proposed that it may be that a certain interference substance in the blood may cause the pseudo -elevation of the two, commonly known as false positive.But what kind of substance can not only cause AFP false positives, but also cause HCG’s false positive?

The answer of rheumatoid factor is about to come out.Rheumatoid factors are a self -antibody in the blood of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. It can cause a fake positive as a test method with antigen antibody reactions. It can be said that the number of antigen antibody reactions is the number one interference substance.

The test results finally confirmed everyone’s conjecture: Grandma Huang had high concentration of rheumatoid factors in the body, and the closed -detected AFP and HCG were in normal range.Therefore, the culprit that is basically determined before is the rheumatoid factors.

The examiner contacted the Health Management Center to inform Grandma Huang’s possibility of rheumatism. It is recommended that Grandma Huang improved the relevant examination.

The next day, Grandma Huang, who received the notice, came to the hospital again. Speaking of her in recent months, her body was a little uncomfortable. When I got up in the morning, I always felt stiff.This is because of recent travel and overwork, so it has not attracted much attention.

Through systematic examination, the doctor determined that Grandma Huang had rheumatoid arthritis. Fortunately, it was found that it was in the early stage of the disease. As long as it was actively regulated, it would soon relieve pain and reduce symptoms.

Doctor’s reminder:

During the physical examination or examination, patients do not have to panic if they find an abnormal test results. They should cooperate with the doctor to conduct a medical history investigation. The doctor will be diagnosed according to the patient’s specific situation and other examination results.

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Source: News Morning News

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