Grandma’s funeral, the pregnant wife does not participate in selfishness?There are two cases, pregnant women really do not need to go

Recently, I saw a post with a high degree of discussion on Zhihu, mainly because a husband was talking about his wife, because he died with his grandma since he was a child, but at this time, his wife happened to be pregnant.Health, and some taboos in her heart, she feels not good enough.

His wife has never been to the funeral. Although he usually loves his wife, he feels very chilling and thinks that even if he is pregnant, he should send his relatives for the last journey.

I can’t help but feel some thoughts when I see my husband’s thoughts.

Look at this score:

The first case: In the early stages of pregnancy, the body did not respond.

The body may not have a pregnancy reaction during this time. If it may not have a great impact on the participation, because of the comfort of her husband and respect for their loved ones, it is not necessary to say something.Because this time is more psychological effects, and I feel that pregnancy is a happy event, but the funeral is somewhat confused. It is inevitable that my husband will feel that his wife is very selfish, so the relationship between the husband and wife is harmonious.unfavorable.

The second case: Pregnancy is full for full month, and it is not advisable to be tired.

In this case, pregnant women need to pay close attention to their physical response, because there are enough months to determine the due date, and the possibility of premature delivery at any time during this period.It is living in another city. If you take a car in a long distance, running back and forth, it will definitely be unfavorable to the health of the pregnant woman’s body and baby.So at this time as long as his wife is remembering grandma, he can express his sincere ideas.At this time, her husband should understand more. After all, the baby in her belly will be the person who will accompany you.

The third case: The funeral is not far away in the middle of pregnancy, but it is more taboo.

This is the psychology of many pregnant women. Things such as pregnancy should be as good as possible. This meaning is better. If the big belly goes to the funeral, the mother -in -law’s family will definitely not be happy.In the future, if there is something in children, they will think of this matter, so the mood of pregnant women will have greater fluctuations.At this time, even if the husband will be disappointed, his wife may still be firm in his thoughts, which is also a major contradiction.

So in this case, how should my husband go to solve it? This is what this post should think about.It can be divided into two aspects:

The first aspect: communicate with his wife in time to express your thoughts.

If the grandmother’s funeral really wants the wife to participate and the wife’s body can bear it, then she can do a in -depth communication and communication with her to show her wish.I believe that my wife will make the greatest concession because of love and understanding. She should be gentle and sincere. When she is not willing, she should not be angry with her.

The second aspect: When it is really inconvenient, give her understanding.

If the wife’s psychological burden is relatively heavy, or she is about to give birth, her husband should not be asking her.He settled her and expressed her understanding of her. Behind her careless grandma, as long as her grandmother recognized Sun’s daughter -in -law, and also got care, do not force emotions to his wife.

In general, funeral and pregnancy are actually important things that people will face in their lives. Love is more reflected in the daily life of life.The mourning of the loved ones is too taboo, which is conducive to the relationship between husband and wife.

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