Grandson ate for help?Tibetan vegetables and kelp, teach you how to divide!

There is a kind of dish that often appears on the table, and can be used all year round. Stir -fried peppers, pork ribs, soup, cold mixing, fried hot pot, filling into a stuffing bun …Many people like to eat kelp!

Relying on its own nutritional value, kelp can promote gastrointestinal motility, prevent its own advantages such as thyroid disease, and successfully become the darling of the dining table.People who are familiar with seafood by the sea may be difficult to distinguish these plants in the seawater. Is it the same like a skirt and sea belt?

Wakame?kelp?There are these differences!

Skirts: The taste is relatively soft and waxy, and it can be made into cold dishes directly in boiling water, or it can be eaten in hot soup.

Kelp: The taste is full of toughness, the thin part is crispy suitable for frying, and the thick part of the meat is suitable for soup.

When cooking, you must pay attention to cooking thoroughly and then eat. If it is a dry kelp, it will contain a lot of salt. Wash it repeatedly with water soaking in water to avoid taking too much salt.

The leaf of the skirt is relatively thin, there are obvious long handles in the middle, the color is tender and green, the color is lighter than the kelp, and the touch is softer than the kelp.The kelp looks long in the middle without long handle, the whole body is olive brown, and the color is dark green and black after drying.

Kelp: The iodine content of kelp is about 10 times the skirt dishes, and it is rich in magnesium, zinc, iron, and selenium content. The kelp has a certain medicinal value.

Belt vegetables: The calcium content of skirts is 1.5 times that of kelp, which contains trace elements such as amino acids and crude fibers. It is beneficial to children’s bones and intellectual development. The skirt is also the benefits of clearing intestines and protecting skin tissue, which is more suitable for children.

Belt vegetables and kelp all have their own advantages. Before eating, pay attention to whether you are allergic to seafood. Eating in moderation can help the human body supplement nutrition. HoweverThyroid hypertrophy, damage to health.

Yes!The skirt is indeed auxiliary effects that promote children’s growth. The skirt is rich in nutrient elements required for children such as amino acids, polysaccharides, minerals, etc., which helps maintain the normal operation of the tissue and organs.In the period of growth and development, children need a lot of nutrients, especially calcium, iron, zinc and other elements. The dietary fiber in skirts can promote the child’s intestinal peristalsis, reduce the occurrence of food accumulation, and prevent children’s constipation.

If you want your children to grow taller, you need to achieve reasonable nutrition. Protein and vitamin foods must not be less. Bean foods, fish, lean meat, in full nutrition, pay attention to intake of vegetables.Take nutrition.

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