Guangdong women are pregnant with 55 kg of giant belly, and no production is seen for 12 months. Doctors bluntly can’t see the fetus

In December 2009, a special "pregnant woman" came from Guangzhou Fuming University.

The upper body is thin, the face is like earthy, and the lower body is close to 170 cm.

The huge stomach is clearly visible to the blood vessels. It seems that you can break with your fingers, making the doctor and nurse stunned.

They bluntly have never seen such a belly, and the five -birth women’s pregnant women who have been produced in the moon are not as big as her.

What is even more surprising is that the B -ultrasound examination can not see the fetus at all.

Where is the child in the belly?

Why is the belly so much larger than normal pregnant women?

Peng Ximei’s giant belly

01 marriage

The big belly woman is named Peng Ximei. She was born in a countryside in the southwest of Guangdong in 1980.

Peng Ximei’s parents are farmers facing the loess and facing the sky. They rely on a few acres of fields in the family to have a difficult day, full of meals, and hungry the child to pull the child.

They are the poorest people in the village. They are described as "poverty down, and their families" are not exaggerated.

Peng Ximei, who grew up in this family environment, is well -behaved. She followed her parents to work in the field from an early age to take care of the housework.

Coupled with her tender and delicate words, she was born with a clear eyebrow. She was very popular with the young man, but many people were discouraged to know her family.

Later, it was introduced that a young man in the same village liked Peng Ximei.

Peng Ximei also felt that the young man was honest and honest, and he was considerate to herself.

It didn’t take long for the two to fall into the love river and ended their marriage.

Peng Ximei

After marriage, her husband still loves Peng Ximei, and life is envious.

Peng Ximei thinks that a happy life will always accompany her life.

However, the traditional thoughts of "in the future" in the countryside have always been tied up with small couples.

For two years of marriage, Peng Ximei’s belly had no movement.

The father -in -law is very anxious, looking for "unique recipes" everywhere, and she changes her tricks every day to boil Peng Ximei.

Peng Ximei was very self -blame for her pregnancy. She always felt ashamed of the ancestor of her mother -in -law, so she did not refuse to "bitter medicine" that her mother -in -law had cooked.

After a period of time, Peng Ximei’s belly gradually became bigger, and she felt a little bit swollen. She was happy to look out and feel that she was pregnant.

The mother -in -law exaggeratedly said that it was the magical effect of her own recipe.

It was just that Peng Ximei did not expect that this "pregnancy" pushed her to the abyss.

Peng Ximei feels bloating in the abdomen, thinking she is pregnant

02 The magical "fetus"

Women are pregnant and have children. In the village where Peng Ximei is located, it is not unusual, and they have no habit of conducting inspection.

The same is true for Peng Ximei’s concept. The ancestors came here like this, and there is no need to do special.

It’s just that Peng Ximei’s pregnancy is a bit different from normal pregnant women.

She did not have a series of pregnancy reactions such as nausea, pregnancy vomiting, and not greasy, but often indirect syncope.

The fetus seems to have a magical "blood -sucking" power.

At the beginning of pregnancy, Peng Ximei’s flushed face gradually became like white paper, her limbs were dry and weak, but her belly continued to increase at a rate of several times higher than normal pregnant women.

After three months of pregnancy, Peng Ximei had so big that others had eight months of pregnancy, and instantly became a hot topic in the village:

Peng Ximei rescued the galaxy in her last life. Now, she sent her a triple twitter once?Or is it four?

The days spent in the discussion of people in the village. The ten -month production period has arrived.

The mother -in -law’s family thought that polylls may be different, so wait and see.

In a blink of an eye, a year later, Peng Ximei’s belly still showed no signs of production.

The mother -in -law began to doubt that Peng Ximei also felt wrong and decided to go to the hospital for examination.

B ultrasound did not see a fetus

Do not check itself, start a look at it.

Not only did the doctors not show out the fetus, she also said that she suffered from ovarian cysts, and preliminary judgment was likely to be cancer. If it was cancer, she could only live for two to three years.

The sudden condition made Peng Ximei be caught off guard, as if the five thunder bumped, and felt that the happy event would become a funeral.

Before Peng Ximei asked the doctor carefully, the father -in -law and mother -in -law in the past became cold and cold, and turned to leave the hospital with her husband who had always been tender and tender to her, leaving only Peng Ximei alone.

Soon, her husband relentlessly asked her to make a choice: divorce.Peng Ximei is required to write down the voluntary separate words.Under the same roof, they have their own lives, including their husbands with other women home and cannot interfere.

With the double blow of cancer and lover, no one talked around, and Peng Ximei was on the verge of collapse.

She came to the bridge impulse and wanted to jump to solve her sorrow.Inadvertently, I saw an ant moving.

Small creatures can work hard to survive, how can they easily say goodbye to the world?In this way, the Avenger is only painful, and the saddest thing is his parents.

Peng Ximei decided to divorce her husband and leave this mother -in -law’s house without nostalgia.

She was alone with a big belly began to wander.

03 Savior comes

The wandering life was out of flow, and soon she spent all the savings of Peng Ximei.

Tired, you can only stay overnight at the roadside or on the bottom of the bridge.

She became more yellowish and thin, but her belly was still growing up day by day.

The kind people on the roadside gave her food, send clothes, and some were willing to fund her to cure her.

But Peng Ximei asked several hospitals, but she couldn’t start with her illness.

She is kind that she can’t waste the money of kind people innocently and refuses donations all.

Gradually, she was getting more and more difficult. When she lay down to rest, she seemed to suffocate.

She felt that the limit of life was approaching, and she died of the road by the most unwilling to die.

She will imagine that others are looking for a place to bury her like a dog and lose her most basic dignity.

Thinking about it, she thought of the hospital.

If you die in the hospital, you will be sent to the cremation field at least, which will be considered the last comfort.

So she changed the stray place and lived in the corridor closest to the toilet left.

Peng Xiumei, who is wandering in the hospital

Peng Ximei’s amazing belly attracted the attention of many medical staff and patients’ family members.

They helped her to eat water, and they also vocalized to help her find a person who could treat Peng Ximei.

In December 2009, Dean Xu Kecheng went to the free clinic of Zhanjiang Central Hospital. When he passed the corridor, he was attracted by Peng Ximei’s giant belly.

He took the initiative to step forward and asked Peng Ximei what was going on.

Peng Ximei briefly described her experience of being suffering from cancer, and was briefly described by her in -laws.

Dean Xu, who has decades of medical treatment, felt that Peng Ximei’s condition was not ordinary. It was unbearable to be tortured by the illness at a young age.

He asked Peng Ximei to go to Guangzhou’s hospital to treat her.

Peng Ximei, who was as dead as her heart, suddenly had light in her eyes, but she still told Dean Xu that he had no money to cure the disease.

Dean Xu waved his hand and said to Peng Ximei voicelessly:

"I give you free treatment!"

Peng Ximei was suddenly moved to tears as rain. Dean Xu was like the savior. Although Shan Shan was late, he eventually caught up.

Peng Ximei met Dean Xu

04 surgery

Dean Xu did not say a word.

On December 23, 2009, under the arrangement of the hospital, Peng Ximei was taken to the Guangzhou Fumida Hospital for treatment.

At that time, Peng Ximei was very serious.

The weight has reached 110 kilograms, and the belly is as big as fighting, like a atmospheric balloon that is about to burst.

Having opened the clothes, the blood vessel meridian was clearly visible.

Don’t say that walking, even a few people need to be carefully supported, and urination can only be solved.

Dean Xu immediately established a special diagnosis and treatment team to conduct a comprehensive inspection of Peng Ximei’s body.

However, where the B -ultrasound is shown, you can’t see the uterus at all, and even the internal organs can’t be found. You only see the turbid liquid of a belly.

It is this large amount of liquid that causes the stomach to swell and beyond the limit of B -ultrasound through, so that the organs and tumors cannot be clear.

In desperation, the doctor can only arrange Peng Ximei to conduct a CT examination, which can be 167 cm belly circumference, the thickness of the liquid in the belly of 60 cm, far exceeding the size of the CT design, so that Peng Ximei cannot find the specific condition through routine inspection.

Peng Ximei’s belly is far beyond the size of CT design

Seeing Peng Ximei’s pale face, the doctors were very bad in their hearts, and once again learned about the details of the previous illness from her, thinking that tumors, ascites were related to the prescription, and unknown drugs stimulated the abdomen for a long time, which caused a vicious response.

At the same time, according to the situation of Peng Ximei, they pushed the ascites to compress the other organs, and the organs had been shifted.In addition, blood pressure rises, shortness of respiratory difficulty, typical symptoms of respiratory failure have occurred, and the mortality rate is very large. No tumor resection surgery is performed. I am afraid that there is a danger of life.

Peng Ximei knew that her situation was very bad. She seemed to see the doctor’s concerns. She took Dean Xu’s hand and said: "

"If you are relieved and boldly, if you do n’t cure well, I will donate my body to the hospital; after cure, I am a volunteer in your hospital for a lifetime."

Dean Xu looked at the woman in front of him, and was unable to describe it.

He immediately took the lead in the emergency consultation, especially tailoring the treatment plan for Peng Ximei, and decided to try boldly and let go.

Insert Peng Ximei’s right lower abdomen with a puncture tube to help her export the effusion. This guide is ten days. A total of 50,000 ml of effusion was exported before and after, equivalent to 100 bottles of big bottle of beer.

The tumor that tortured Peng Ximei for many years was finally revealed in front of the doctor. The next step was to perform tumor resection.

But the surgery requires family members to sign.

Although the mother -in -law family is unreasonable, since Peng Ximei was admitted to the hospital, she was still in the hospital, and her family had never appeared in the hospital.

Asked about the situation, Peng Ximei did not tell her mother’s family that she did not want her parents to worry about her, let alone dragging her family who was so poor, so she chose to carry it alone.

Peng Ximei moved everyone’s delicate emotions to her parents. The reporter immediately visited Peng Xi’s house.I heard that Peng Ximei was sick and was treated for free of the hospital. The whole family was worried and moved.

Peng Ximei’s brother couldn’t wait to follow the reporter to the hospital. She had to stay outside the operating room and accompany her sister through the dark period.

Peng Ximei’s brother

Before the operation, Peng Ximei put down everything. She thanked her brother for the arrival, and her resentment to her ex -husband also disappeared. She felt that hating a person was tired, and it was better to live on the spot.

Perhaps her strong and kindness, and the trust of the hospital, and the medical staff met Peng Ximei in poor breathing during the preparation before surgery, and made an emergency adjustment in time. Finally, the surgery was proceeded.The effusion has a total of 55 kg.

Under the unity of medical staff, Peng Ximei turned in danger, her body recovered rapidly, she became cheerful and good.

She kept her promise to Dean Xu at the beginning, worked as a volunteer in the hospital, and experienced patients with her own courage and personal experience to encourage patients with severe diseases, let them put down their psychological burdens and live bravely for life.

Peng Ximei is a volunteer

The heart of the doctor.

Dean Xu Kecheng used his benevolence to save Peng Ximei, who was hanging on the line from the vortex of death.

His responsibility to patients, and the tireless spirit of medical work, is the epitome of the living and work of the majority of medical staff.

Their respect and awe of their lives are the source of motivation for Peng Ximei to inherit this gratitude love.

Therefore, when we encounter setbacks and walk to the trough of life, don’t give up our lives easily.Because there are countless medical staff like Xu Kecheng every day, they do their best, and they grab people from the hands of death day and night.

In the face of the disease, they are brave retrograde people, never afraid, never shrink back. They are real heroes and worthy of our admiration idols.

We believe that the world has its own true feelings, which can make the sick demon tremble and make the flowers of life spread throughout the ground.

Peng Ximei is a volunteer at the hospital and takes a photo with the patient

PS: Since the resumption of, Peng Ximei has been in the hospital as a volunteer, not only helping cancer patients, but also becoming a Communist Party member with excellent ability, but also becoming a mother with 3 children.


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