Guidelines for pregnancy of hepatitis B women: It is not difficult to give birth to a healthy baby

In recent years, with the opening of the second child policy, more and more people have responded to the national call. The most concerned on the younger hepatitis B and "Little Sanyang" female patients is whether they can get pregnant, how to ensure the health of mother and child healthSafety?

Today, we should talk about the related issues that patients should pay attention to when they are pregnant in four cases.

The first case is: If you are a patient with chronic hepatitis B, liver power examination shows that transaminase is slightly elevated, but it does not exceed 2 times the normal value. This situation can be pregnant and has no important effect on the fetus;

If you are now "Da Sanyang" or "Little Sanyang", hepatitis B virus has a high level of DNA and high infectivity, but as long as the immune injection of newborns is done, the mother and baby transmission can block the pathway of maternal and infant transmission by 90%Breastfeeding is not a problem.

The main problem is that antiviral drugs cannot be used during the preparation of pregnancy and pregnancy. During this longer, it is uncertain whether the condition will worsen.

The second case is: Although pregnancy generally does not aggravate the condition, the premise is to ensure that you are just lighter hepatitis.

If you have a regular review in the past year, you can definitely have risen in the past two or three months.

Then, when you are on the disease until now for about a year and a half, you can think that the current hepatitis is light and can safely give birth to your baby.

Therefore, it is important to determine the severe condition. The onset time is very important. Be sure to review regularly to monitor your physical condition.

If you have not checked the liver function on a regular basis and you cannot determine when the onset of the disease, it is difficult to determine whether your condition can go through pregnancy and pregnancy, and it is not easy to judge whether the illness that does not need to take medicine will not worsen for more than ten months.

If this is the case, doctors may recommend that liver puncture to correctly determine the condition. If you do not want to do liver puncture, you can also check the condition for a few months before deciding whether to get pregnant.

The third case is: If you are taking liver -saving drugs for treatment now, is there a situation of repeated fluctuations in the liver function?

If the liver function is abnormal, what should I do if the condition continues to develop for a long time during the liver function?

Therefore, the transaminase must be reduced first, and it must be able to stabilize as much as possible, it is best to have 3 months to half a year.

This requires a good choice of enzymes. There are several requirements for the choice of enzymes: ① The enzyme reduction should be fast; ② enzyme reduction must be stable, and the transaminase can not be reflux after the drug is stopped;Gallase can also be reduced to garbon; ④ Drug molecules should be simple, and can be conceived in a few days after stopping the drug.

The fourth case is: If you start to rise in the first three months of conception and pregnancy. In order to prevent the embryo from deformity, the medicine cannot be used in the first three months.Safe lower enzyme.

After 5 to 6 months of pregnancy, liver function is abnormal, and indicators such as ALT cannot be reduced, and even when they rise to more than 300U/L, you can consider using the treatment of anti -virus treatment (telbeldidin to pregnant women and fetuses for pregnant women and fetuses.High level) not only allows patients with hepatitis B virus in the blood of patients to turn yin, liver function is normal, but also reduce the infection rate of hepatitis B virus in neonatal.

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