Guo Jingjing is pregnant with the fourth child?The stomach of the dress is obvious!Huo Qigang has already expressed his attitude

Unconsciously, Guo Jingjing, a "diving queen", has been married to the wealthy family for eight years. Since the announcement of his retirement, Guo Jingjing has shifted his focus to his family.It is more appropriate to use "getting the hall and the kitchen" to describe Guo Jingjing. Since Guo Jingjing joined the Huo family, he was deeply loved by Huo’s family.Marry! "It is enough to see the Huo family’s extremely recognition of Jingjing.

The reason why Guo Jingjing is respected and liked by so many people has a lot to do with her life style.As ordinary women change their status, they will definitely pay more attention to appearance and consumption habits.However, Guo Jingjing, who became Kuotai, still wore a few cents of skin rings, often patronizing the affordable store, and never wasted.Based on this alone, many people have been unable to do it.

Huo Qigang was able to marry Guo Jingjing, a good wife, was a blessing that he had been cultivated in his last life. The relationship between the two was still very sweet for eight years of marriage.The way to get along with each other is worthy of everyone’s learning and reference. What is happiness?It is not to give the other party’s wealth, so that it is good for their food and clothing to be happy.Among the descendants of many giants, Huo Qigang is indeed a rare talent.Not only is he highly learned, he is also keen on charity. The style of doing things is completely inherited from his grandfather Huo Yingdong.

On May 20th, a Hong Kong media broke the news that Guo Jingjing was suspected to be pregnant with a fourth child. When wearing a red flower dress with Huo Qigang, Guo Jingjing’s abdomen was very obvious.The image of a pregnant woman.

It is no wonder that many netizens will have a guessing of Guo Jingjing’s fourth child, but it seems that this photo is likely to be a problem when Huo Qigang was taking pictures of Guo Jingjing, so it made the outside world think that Jingjing was pregnant.Because when Jingjing participated in the opening ceremony of the public welfare activity of promoting Chinese culture, her waist was still thin, and there was no sign of pregnancy at all.

Therefore, Guo Jingjing’s arms in the fourth child’s statement obviously not established.In addition, when Huo Qigang attended a music festival last year, he publicly responded to the question of whether the Jingjing would be chased by the media. At that time, Huo Qigang stated directly: "The three children are already busy, and they don’t want to consider having four babies!"

From the words, it is not difficult to see that Huo Qigang is really considerate of Guo Jingjing. In order to keep this marriage always fresh, Huo Qigang also thought about many ways, such as every weekend, there will be a short trip from time to time.Huo Qigang is busy at work during the day. When the children fall asleep at night, they are the rare space for them. Huo Qigang will bring Guo Jingjing to watch a movie, drink a glass of fruit juice, and chat on the quiet road in the middle of the night.Couple in love.

The Huo family has always attached great importance to the education of future generations, and the family rules are extremely strict.Therefore, Guo Jingjing, who is the granddaughter of the eldest grandson, gave birth to three children for Huo Qigang for eight years, and the pressure was quite large. At present, for the Huo Qigang couple, how to allow children to get the best education and cultivate children a correct one.The outlook on life and values is the most important thing.

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