Half of this elementary school teacher became pregnant and gave birth to a baby at the same time, and the student collapsed: Who will take class

Comprehensive foreign media reported on November 19 that in March this year, a primary school in the United States announced that 7 female teachers in the school were pregnant, and there were only 15 teachers in this school.Today, these teachers have given birth to eight children one after another and become local celebrities.

Teachers have children’s front scene.

For Oak Street Primary School in Kansas, this year is a busy and joyful year.In March of this year, the principal Ashley Miller announced that 7 of the 15 teachers in the school were pregnant at the same time, and one of the teachers was still twins.

As of October, the seven teachers gave birth to 6 girls and 2 boys.Recently, they returned to school collectively and took a happy photo in the corridor.

Kelly Joe Herne is the mother of twins. She said that the school is like a "small family". The teachers communicate with each other and provide help to share "the closest part of life".

Teachers are with children.

Especially for 7 female teachers who have giving birth to baby, in addition to communication, raising children has become their main topic.Another mother Tara Johnson said: "When we need help, ask for help from ourselves."

But for the principal Ashley and the students, the days are not so good.

Due to the large number of teachers who were pregnant, Ashley’s focus was completely shifted to coordinated substitute teachers during a period of time.In order not to affect the teaching, Ashley launched a retired teacher to come to class, and even the principal went to the classroom to teach.After the teachers returned to school after maternity leave, Ashley began to find a way to coordinate the breastfeeding time of the teachers.

Is anyone pregnant again? "

Ashley said it was a "crazy journey", but he was very happy to happen.Ashley said: "When the last child was born, I was really relieved. We were lucky. All mothers and children were healthy."

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