Have you heard of "ghost tires"?How dangerous is it?Director of the Gynecology of the Third Hospital of Guangyi for you

Chunmei (a pseudonym) in her 20s was just 34 weeks of pregnancy, and when the family was still immersed in the joy of being preparing to welcome newborns, Sudden Chunmei was dizzy, and then fainted and fainted!

Chunmei fainted can rush her family, and quickly take her to a nearby community hospital for MR (magnetic resonance imaging) in the head, and find that there is a lesion in her brain. Considering intracranial hemorrhage.Live in life!

Immediately Chunmei was urgently metastasized to the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University for medical treatment. Through a series of diagnosis and treatment, Chunmei was diagnosed with "chorionic cancer" (later referred to as "down cancer").

I believe that for most people, this is an extremely strange cancer.So how does it happen?Is it "exclusive" cancer for pregnant women?Which people will appear?How should I treat it?How high treatment is high?

With these questions, family doctors interviewed Xiujie, director of the Gynecology of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University and the deputy director of the Guangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Research Institute.One mystery.

Many women who suffer from "velvet cancer" have a good body before pregnancy.

Director Shengxiujie told his family doctor to edit online that when women are pregnant, the gestational sac will produce nourishing cells, and nourishing cells may have evil changes in the body. Even if the pregnancy process has ended, a little bit of nourishing cells in the body will still have evil changes, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formation, forming formedVelipable cancer.This is a highly malignant tumor, which grows rapidly in tumor cells, and is prone to cancer metastasis.

As of now, the specific mechanism of chorionic cancer is not clear.As a vicious nourishing cell tumor, it is mainly related to pregnancy. Most "velvet cancer" occurs after pregnancy.

It is understood that patients who have been diagnosed with "velvet cancer" can be pregnant women, so will "fleece cancer" only happen to pregnant women?

In this regard, Director Sheng Xiujie explained: "People who are or have had a pregnancy process may occur.Production (including premature birth), etc., all have pregnancy, and have produced nourishing cells. These groups have the risk of potential ‘velvet cancer’. Of course, this risk is very low. "

Theoretically, people who have never been pregnant have no risk of "villin".Director Sheng Xiujie also introduced: "However, there is a special type of ovarian choric membrane cancer. It has nothing to do with pregnancy, but this kind of situation is more rare."

At the same time, "velvet cancer" is most likely to cause blood metastasis, and evil change cells invade the blood vessels, and can be metastasized throughout the blood vessels.The lungs are the most abundant places in human blood flow. "Velvet cancer" can easily transfer to the lungs through blood lines, and can also be transferred to the brain, kidneys, liver and other places.

Compared with cancer that metastasis of non -blood metastasis such as cervical cancer, the characteristics of "velvet cancer" blood metastasis make it more likely to cause cancer metastasis.

Seeing here, I believe that everyone has a preliminary understanding of "velvet cancer". Regarding the symptoms of "velvet cancer", Director Shengxiujie introduced that there are three main cases:

① In the uterus with "velvet cancer": whether in early, middle or late stages, the most obvious symptoms are mainly abnormal bleeding.During pregnancy, postpartum, and abnormal causes of abnormal bleeding, it should be paid attention to.

②Protyle "villin" produces lung metastases: mainly manifested as symptoms such as cough, cough, and chest pain.

③Proty of "velvet cancer" to cause brain metastases: symptoms of headache and dizziness may occur, and severe cases can even cause cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral hernia.

Although pregnancy is closely associated with "fluffy cancer", Director Shengxiujie admits that the probability of chorionic cancer is very small, and its incidence is about 0.0001 % -0.36 %, which means that every 10,000 pregnant women, less than 1 placeWomen have "velvet cancer", and pregnant women don’t have to worry too much.

"Ghost" is a nickname of chorionic cancer in the past. Once it is suffering, the mortality rate is as high as 90%.At present, with the continuous improvement of the medical level, the treatment of chorionic cancer is very good. As long as timely treatment, about 90%of patients can be cured.

Director Shengxiujie said: "Velvet carcinoma has changed from nourishing cells. Nourishing cells have a significant characteristic that growth is particularly active. For the cells with active growth, chemotherapy is particularly sensitive.control."

In addition to treating "velvet cancer" by chemotherapy, surgical treatment can also be supplemented.

Director Shengxiujie said: "The treatment method of ‘velvet cancer’ is mainly pharmaceutical chemotherapy, but for isolation can remove lesions, there is often a method of retracting the lesion.. But if there is major bleeding, uterine rupture, or drug resistance, uterine resection is a way to save life. "

By monitoring HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) value, we can find the clues of "fleece cancer" in time.

Director Sheng Xiujie explained: "HCG is a sensitive indicator for detecting ‘velvet cancer’. When the cancerous nourishing cells secrete HCG substance, the HCG index will rise abnormally. Excluding pregnancy and other factors, we can find that HCG has increased to further and furtherExamination is found to have chorionic cancer. HCG testing can not only be used in the diagnosis of ‘fluffy cancer’, but also requires HCG testing in the later treatment tracking and follow -up. "

Under normal circumstances, the reference range of the normal values of unbeatable women’s HCG is 0-5U/L.

In the end, Director Shengxiujie told everyone that the chance of "fleece cancer" is not high. Pregnant women do not need to be too nervous to conduct a normal check -up.At the same time, if there are abnormal bleeding, you should seek medical treatment in time.

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