Have you heard of shiitake mushroom dermatitis?Wuhan woman looks like "whipping", it was originally a calamity that was not cooked in mushrooms.

Jimu Journalist Liao Shiqi

Correspondent Zhou Shan

Looking at the disfigured face in the mirror, and the exhaustion of the whipped body, Ms. Shen (Hua’s surname) "fully armed" came to the hospital’s dermatology clinic for medical treatment.After detailed investigation, the culprit in the diagnosis was actually eating unfamiliar shiitake mushrooms, causing lashing dermatitis.

Ms. Shen, 58, is susceptible to allergies. She is usually careful to stay away from allergies as much as possible.Unexpectedly, a few days ago, I ate 5 string of grilled shiitake mushrooms a few days ago. The next day, the neck skin touched her hands like a rash, and it itchy.Ms. Shen said that for the next two days, the rash that seemed to be sampled was covered with facial, trunk and limb skin.In desperation, she came to the nearby Yangtze River Shipping General Hospital, Wuhan Brain Hospital.

After investigation, Zhao Yun, a dermatologist at the hospital, found that the patient was covered with ride -shaped erythema, slightly edema, and scattered with pimples and pimples.Combined with the details and diseases of the mushrooms she had eaten mushrooms, Ms. Shen was diagnosed with lash -like dermatitis. It is commonly known as mushroom dermatitis. It is a kind of poisoning reaction caused by the polysaccharide polysaccharides in the mushroom cell wall.The appearance is similar to being beaten by whip.

The patient’s whole body is full of "lashing" skin lesions

"Mushrooms, I have no allergies from snacks to most of them. Why is it recruited this time?" Ms. Shen was puzzled.Zhao Yun explained that not everyone will get sick when they eat shiitake mushrooms. Only a few people with special constitutions will react because they have eaten raw shiitake mushrooms and unfamiliar shiitake mushrooms.Only then did Ms. Shen recall, "At that time, the entrance was particularly tender, and it turned out to be familiar!"

Fortunately, the cause of the disease is clear and timely. At present, after an antihistamine drug treatment, and combined with the treatment of traditional Chinese and western medicine such as red light and wet compress, the itching of Ms. Shen is obviously relieved.Essence

Patients are receiving facial wet compressing

Mushroom dermatitis is common in adults. It occurs in the trunk and limbs. Generally, it does not affect the skin and mucous membranes. However, due to skin damage, it is easy to cause the patient’s external image and psychological burden to varying degrees. Therefore, prevention is greater than treatment.Zhao Yun reminded that the polysaccharides of shiitake mushrooms are not heat -resistant, and generally can lose activity in the second half of 100 ° C.When eating daily, you can comprehensively determine whether the shiitake mushrooms are cooked through the appearance, hard and hard level, and taste. For example, after the shiitake mushrooms are cooked, the color is not as white as fresh shiitake mushrooms, chewy at the entrance, and the taste of mushrooms is jerky.EssenceAt the same time, Zhao Yun pointed out that if you unfortunately recruit mushroom dermatitis, you don’t need to worry too much, you can seek medical treatment in time and treat symptomatic treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

(The picture is provided by the Yangtze Shipping General Hospital)

(Source: Polar News)

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