He Chaoying has a weight of 80 pounds, and the big S Huang Yi Huo Siyan and Li Xiang have suffered the suffering of pregnancy.

The four rooms of the gambler have been a happy event recently. Not long ago, He Yanjun proposed to Xun Mengyao successfully, and the two caused a series of hot search.

Not long ago, Si Tai Qian Jin He Chaoying also announced that he was pregnant and agreed to the proposal of his boyfriend Sin Qilong, who was born in 1998.

Yesterday, He Chaoying was too gift and appeared in Chinese -style clothing. She had been 8 months pregnant. She didn’t seem to be very convenient to act, and the whole person’s body was really scary!

Sitting in the crowd, He Chaoying was so fat.

Because the weather is hot, and the pregnant woman is afraid of heat, He Chaoying is sweating, and his brother He Yanjun has a fan fan for her sister.

Looking at it this way, He Chaoying is really fat enough to have the previous three …

In fact, he has been gaining weight since he was pregnant, and he was fat to the side species …

Four Tai Tai is a typical middle -aged woman to send a blessing, but her daughter feels wider than her.

It will be so fat, probably because you can eat it during pregnancy.She had been photographed by Hong Kong media to eat with Sitai, and kept eating.

Think about it that year, the gambler Qianjin was so slim!Intersection

In fact, it is normal for women to get fat and get fat. In recent years, female stars seem to have taken an unusual path -pregnant only fat belly, and their limbs are completely slender.For example, Kun Ling!

Yang Mi!

Yang Ying!

And Yao Chen also joined the other ranks of the fat stomach.

Zhu Dan, who got fat after pregnancy, suspected that she was not a female star …

But in fact, Zhu Dan during pregnancy is also fine, and it is not too fat …

Therefore, not all female stars will not get fat when they are pregnant. Some female stars are fat enough, but I really think this is nothing. Why should a woman who is pregnant must be thin?IntersectionIntersection

Huo Siyan is a typical fatty, and she can’t see it when she is fat, and the double chin is obvious.

This is like this.

Because I have been saying fat and or so on pregnancy, Huo Siyan is quite inferior.After giving birth to Humm, Huo Siyan worked hard to lose weight. After returning, his good figure returned.But I really dare not think about how much paid behind …

I think Huang Yi is a miserable one.At that time, she left everything and ran to the United States to marry and have children. As a result, the whole person was fatter when she was pregnant.

And also cut the hair short, it is still the particularly not good -looking hairstyle …

The whole person looks really not a female star.

As a result, I kept weight loss after giving birth.

Every time I participate in the event, Huang Yi is blessed, Huang Yi becomes fat.

You said that Huang Yigo was so beautiful then!Is it destroyed by Huang Yiqing?Intersection

There is also a big S. If you are not pregnant, I wo n’t think that big S is the kind of fat person in my life!Intersection

In her own words, he was a paper man.

But when Da S was pregnant, he changed a person. In Kangxi, she had a weight of 90 kilograms when she had exposed her pregnancy …

I was not so fat when I was pregnant with my second child, but I was a lot fatter.

Moreover, after Big S gave birth to a child, his figure has not recovered, and he can no longer be the kind of paper man of that year.

It is not necessary to say that Li Xiang has been fat since he was pregnant with Wang Shiling. It has been almost 10 years.

Until now, Li Xiang still maintains his body during pregnancy … but many people also say that Li Xiang is pretty good, fat and rich.

Think about it, Li Xiang of Girls was thinner!And now Li Xiang is quite taboo, and interviews are not allowed to mention this problem.

In fact, I don’t know when this atmosphere has risen. I remember that Xiao S had three children at the time, and it came out very thin every time she gave birth.

I remember that the big S spit out the little S on Kangxi, saying that it was because of you that men in the world thought that women should be very thin after giving birth to children. This atmosphere is brought up by you.

Later, more and more female stars respected their children to lose weight quickly.Take the sister Yang as an example, because they are too thin, and they have caused doubts about surrogacy.The following two are the appearance of her postpartum after giving birth.Intersection

Tong Liya is even more exaggerated. 28 days after giving birth, her little belly completely disappeared …

Miss Zhang Zilin, the world, was just the top of the post -delivery figure.

Therefore, this kind of wind direction is actually not very good, and it is too harsh to women.And female celebrities have too much comparison comparison comparison. She is fatter than who is more fat. After giving birth, she has lost weight to depression.

And the weight loss was reduced to a certain Chengdu, even if she was pregnant, she was completely fat at all, and she only got fat.

Zhao Liying, who came out after giving birth a few days ago, was spit out and said how she was fat …

Ask the people just after giving birth to!And she just came out to have a meal with her husband, but it was not a comeback activity.

I hope this harsh attitude towards pregnant female stars can be changed … it is really almost pathological.

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