He Chaoying is a giant belly as a bridesmaid, revealing BB gender preparing cesarean section, in fact she is also super powerful.

Recently, Yan Jiwen, the daughter of the former chairman of the board of directors of the Renji Hospital of Hong Kong, registered with her boyfriend, and held a wedding banquet to entertain relatives and friends.

As Yan Jiwen’s girlfriend He Chaoying, he still was still not afraid of hard work. He was a girlfriend’s wedding banquet and made a bridesmaid group.

When Yan Jiwen’s jewelry was not inferior to He Chaoying, He Chaoying, wearing a gauze skirt, talked about the difficulty of being a mother during pregnancy.When asked how many pounds now, she didn’t disclose it, but the doctor said it was normal.But I have to say that not every star is thin. He Chaoying is an example, two or three laps before pregnancy.

She also revealed that the due date was originally September, but the change occurred. It is expected that the surgery at the end of August. After her daughter is born, she will make a wedding in Portugal next year.When asked if she would hold a wedding banquet in Hong Kong. She said that she had a traditional ritual in Hong Kong when she had a big gift, and she might not be placed in Hong Kong.

Summary: Preparing for the end of August to have a daughter and a wedding in Portugal next year. The Hong Kong wedding banquet depends on the situation.

Earlier gifts, the scene was very large. Gold and silver jewelry piled up like a mountain. The fourth wife Liang Anqi also gave a luxury house worth 500 million and 100 million dowry head jewelry.Now give birth to BB, Mrs. Four asked her to accompany the moon and prepare everything. Mommy was arranged by one hand. It can be seen that the fourth wife loves her daughter.

Although he was loved by the moon, He Chaoying was still very tutoring.When attending a wedding banquet, a detail was seen.The large diamond ring on his hand was taken off, and he was afraid of grabbing the limelight of his girlfriend, and he would not let himself open because of his superiority.This is a real girlfriend!

He Chaoying’s quiet back, scandal, nightclubs and other various things, often let the four wives exploding, but now they are no longer the rich second generation in the nightclub carnival, with their own careers.

After middle school, she had been an intern in various industries, but was not suitable.Destiny pushed her to the road of art as the entry point of her career.Although her father is famous, she is also a master of painting. Ink painting and oil paintings are also liked to paint birds.

Probably He Chaoying was inherited his father’s gene. He started to learn oil painting at the age of four and visited major well -known art exhibitions.After finishing middle school in the UK, he returned to the Department of Art of the University of Hong Kong to study, becoming an alumni with his father, and can accompany his elderly father.

In 2004, the gambler He Hongzheng took a huge funding in France to photograph the first bronze statue of the Yuanmingyuan Pork Pig, and presented it to the Poly Art Museum. At the same time, the future career of Chaoying had forged a marriage and became the director and CEO of Poly Macau.

Now He Chaoying will not be idle like other ladies, and his success is enviable.Finally, I hope she will give birth to a fat and white baby in the next, and the future marriage life is happy and happy!

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