Hemorrhoids are more than bleeding, what should I do, let me tell you how to treat

In fact, everyone is very clear about the saying of "ten people and nine hemorrhoids", because the frequency of diseases such as hemorrhoids are really high. According to my country’s current survey and research, about 80%of people in my country are generally plagued by hemorrhoids. These Human daily life is more or less affected by a certain degree.So what about hemorrhoid bleeding?In fact, hemorrhoid bleeding is not a disease of small hits. It must be treated in a timely manner. Once you wait until the condition worsens, it is not just such a simple thing that hemorrhoid bleeding.

So we can improve from the following aspects of hemorrhoid bleeding.

1. Control the diet

① Everyone should pay attention to the amount of salt in diet. Once you eat excessive salt, it will cause the water in the body to work normally. In this way, the veins of the anus and the surrounding veins can be caused.

② Some foods may not directly lead to hemorrhoids, but it may cause you to cause itching symptoms in the anus in the process of defecation and increase the chance of anal hemorrhoids.This type of food includes coffee, spicy food, beer and cola and so on.

③ Timed and quantitatively Take linen oil, because linen kernel oil is a special liquid that can soften feces, which can effectively alleviate hemorrhoids.

④ Eat some dark vegetables frequently. Many friends may not know that this dark vegetable contains vitamin K, and the prevention and treatment of vitamin K on hemorrhoid bleeding is very large.

2. Develop good habits

① Do not squat on the toilet for too long. Under normal circumstances, the time for squatting to the toilet does not exceed 3 minutes, and you can’t do other things while squatting.

② When you complete the bowel movement, you should gently wipe the anus. This detail is important, because some rough toilet paper contain some irritating chemical components, which will stimulate the hemorrhoids around the anus.

③ Do not keep a sitting or standing posture for a long time. If you need to work or study, then you must get up at least 5 minutes per hour.

④ Do some proper exercise often. These exercises can enhance their resistance to hemorrhoids, but they cannot be too intense, or they will increase the condition of hemorrhoids.

Third, timely treatment

What I have mentioned earlier can be used in some daily life. If you have the symptoms of hemorrhoid bleeding, you should still receive treatment as soon as possible. The sooner the treatment, the sooner you can recover.If you have better suggestions for the above content, please leave a message in the comment area below.

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