Hepatitis B can’t eat lamb?Doctor reminds: Hepatitis B patients should stay away from 5 kinds of food

Hepatitis B is actually a type B viral hepatitis, which is a disease caused by hepatitis B virus infection.

Hepatitis B viral hepatitis is divided into acute and chronic.

90%of the acute hepatitis B can heal itself, while chronic hepatitis B has different manifestations. It is divided into chronic hepatitis B carriers, chronic activity hepatitis B, and hepatitis B cirrhosis.

At present, the carrying rate of hepatitis B virus in my country is 7.18%, of which about 1/3 of them have repeated liver injuries, which are active hepatitis B or cirrhosis.

However, with the promotion of hepatitis B vaccine, the infection rate of hepatitis B virus in my country has decreased year by year, and the HBSAG carrying rate of children under 5 years of age is only 0.96%.

Many patients have such anxiety, can hepatitis B be completely cured?How long do you take for hepatitis B to take? Is it over life?

Regarding whether hepatitis B can cure is a particularly vague question, it cannot be generalized, and it is necessary to analyze it according to the specific condition.

Heat hepatitis B virus infection is generally divided into acute infections and chronic continuous infections.

Regarding acute infection, if the treatment is timely, the method must be properly cured.

For hidden infections, if you cannot find hepatitis A and B in early stage, it will slowly develop into chronic hepatitis B, which is more difficult to treat.

The study of the liver disease research center of the Taiwan National Hospital of China found that the younger the age of infected patients, the more the probability of developing a persistent infection and developing into a chronic hepatitis B virus carrier or chronic hepatitis B patient.Baby transmission infection.

Hepatitis B virus has a variety of genotypes. Whether each type of type is mutated, the regions and points of mutation are different, so the individual differences between each patient are very large.The same, there are great differences in the recovery and prognosis of patients.

Therefore, after suffering from hepatitis B, the timing of infection is different from the type of virus and the prognosis. No matter what the situation is, once you have hepatitis B, you must actively treat it to achieve the ideal effect. ThereforeThe problem of cure.

Chinese medicine believes that mutton is a kind of food in Wenyang. If you eat too much, it will cause strong liver fire and hepatitis B patients themselves. If you continue to eat mutton, hepatitis B will be more serious.Eat as little as possible.

However, if the physique of hepatitis B patients can eat mutton appropriately if it is cold.

If hepatitis B patients are accompanied by symptoms such as hyperlipidemia or fatty liver, they should eat less mutton, because the fat content in mutton is more.

If hepatitis B patients enter the liver cirrhosis for a long time, hepatotherapy has been hepatic brain disease, at this time, we must control the intake of mutton. Some patients with hepatic encephalopathy, eat more meat, can easily aggravate hepatic brain disease.

When the liver hardening has a long -term digestive tract bleeding, all the food should not be eaten as much as possible, and the lamb can not be eaten. After eating, the lamb can be eaten properly.

1. Turtle turtle

The nutritional value of turtles is relatively high. It belongs to a high -protein food. Many people especially like to drink turtle soup to nourish the body. However, for patients with hepatitis BFood, especially after the liver function is damaged, the digestive metabolic function decreases. If you often eat this high -protein food, it will increase the burden on the liver.

2, sunflower seeds

The cost -effectiveness of sunflower seeds is relatively high. Many families will prepare a lot of sunflower seeds in the New Year, but there are more fat content in sunflower seeds. If you eat a lot, it is easy to increase the burden on the liver and affect the function of the liver. ThereforeTry not to eat sunflower seeds as much as possible.

3. Fat meat

Fat meat belongs to high -fat foods. More than 90%of animal fats contained in the animal are very unfavorable. If patients with hepatitis B often eat fat, too much fat intake will increase the burden on the liver, and it will also cause serious liverDamage causes the disease to deteriorate, so patients with hepatitis B should stay away from fat.

4, pepper

As long as patients with liver disease are far away from spicy food, especially those in patients with big three Yangs have hepatitis B virus, and the liver is in a relatively serious state of damage. If you eat chili, it will cause the digestive function to weaken.Stability of the condition.

5. Pork liver

Pork liver is a high cholesterol food, because the liver function of the hepatitis patient itself is damaged. If you often eat some high cholesterol foods, it will increase the burden on the liver, induce fat metabolism disorders, affect normal digestion and absorption, and cause one to cause oneSeries complications.

Many people will panic as long as they hear the other person who is carriers of hepatitis B. They feel that they will be transmitted to hepatitis B, and they dare not eat with them.

You can tell you very clearly that eating with patients with hepatitis B will not be infected. Not only eating together, you will not be infected. Even ordinary hugs, even some experts think that kissing will not be transmitted.

The main transmission pathway of hepatitis B is blood transmission, maternal and infant transmission, and sexual transmission. If it is damaged during the blood transfusion process, or in our normal skin, it is contaminated with blood, which may be infected.

If you are afraid of being infected, hepatitis B has no hepatitis B antibody in his body, be sure to inject hepatitis B vaccine early. After hepatitis B vaccine is injected, hepatitis B surface antibody will no longer be transmitted to hepatitis B.

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