Hepatitis B mother has recommended to be maternal and baby blocking treatment from 24 weeks of pregnancy

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Hepatitis B virus maternal and baby vertical infection is the most important way for the spread of hepatitis B virus (HBV) in my country.What should hepatitis B mother do when they are pregnant with their children to avoid transmitting hepatitis B to children?The reporter learned from the Zhongshan Seventh Hospital that the Seventh Hospital of Zhongshan has officially opened the vertical transmission blockage of hepatitis B virus, and the first case of hepatitis B is intended to conduct anti -hepatitis B virus blocking treatment measures in the hospital.

The current quo of female hepatitis B in the childbearing age in my country

Hepatitis B virus maternal and baby vertical infection is the most important way for the spread of hepatitis B virus (HBV) in my country.For patients and carriers of HBEAG, HBEAG and HBEAG (HBEAG), and HBEAG, although the baby is immunized according to the national plan (injected hepatitis B immunoglobulin, hepatitis B vaccine), there is still 5%-The 10%chance of infecting children.After his children were unfortunately infected with hepatitis B virus, 25%of infants and children may develop liver diseases such as cirrhosis and liver cancer in the future.

For children and adults over 3 years old, 90%of hepatitis B virus infection can remove hepatitis B virus through autoimmune and avoid chronic hepatitis B;Babies, especially newborn perinatal (baby during the fetus, during childbirth, and within January after birth). Once they are infected with hepatitis B virus, they will be accompanied by hepatitis B virus for life.

Therefore, the age of infection with hepatitis B virus is the most important factor in chronicization of hepatitis B.Therefore, prevention and intervention should be done as soon as possible.

How to perform hepatitis B blocked therapy

In 2018, "The Clinical Management Consensus of the Periodic Female-Age Female-Age of Hepatitis B Viruses infection" (later referred to as consensus) mentioned that hepatitis B maternal and baby blocking treatment starts from 24-28 weeks of pregnancy, and the safety of oral pregnancy is the B level B as the B level B.Anti -virus drugs to block HBV maternal and infant communication.Generally speaking, for the hepatitis B virus that has been normal with liver function, the drug can be discontinued after delivery.

For patients with hepatitis B and Xiaosanyang, when the hepatitis B is performed, the baby must also injected the infant’s hepatitis B immunoglobulin (H Big) and hepatitis B vaccine.When the child is 7 months-1 years old, return to the hospital to further check the hepatitis B surface antigen (S antigen), hepatitis B surface antibody (S antibody), etc.

Professor Chen Youpeng, deputy director of the infection of Zhongshan Seventh Hospital, introduced: "The vertical transmission of hepatitis B virus in China is very common. It is heartbroken that patients with hepatitis B often taboo doctors and do not tell the doctor in the family.Doctors cannot accurately judge the infection and types of hepatitis B during treatment, and delay the best time to prevent and treat. "

He reminded women that if he hepatitis B virus carriers or chronic hepatitis B patients who are at the age of marriage and childbirth, do not have to worry too much about the risk of hepatitis B virus in the next generation. Under the correct guidance and treatment of specialists, most women can be like other women like other women., Get married normally and fertility.

Writing/photography: Nandu reporter Li Rong Zheng Tianxin Jiang Qinghao

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