Hepatitis B patients have long -term medication and side effects, what should I do?Doctor: Pay attention to these 4 points when taking medicine

Hepatitis B is a common liver disease. From a medical perspective, hepatitis B refers to the body infected with hidden hepatitis, causing the liver to varying degrees of inflammatory necrosis.

In the early stages of illness, the symptoms are relatively mild, but over time, patients often have clinical manifestations such as physical fatigue and loss of appetite.If it is not treated in time, it may develop into liver cirrhosis and liver cancer over time, so it must be treated in time after hepatitis B.

However, long -term medication can easily bring side effects on the body. Therefore, patients with patients should pay attention to the following 4 small details, which may reduce the impact of drugs to the human body.

1. Choose the correct medicine

For the hepatitis B crowd, if you want to avoid damage to the body during the treatment process, you must first understand the degree of progress of the cause and condition. In this way, you can give your doctors for reference and choose more suitable drugs.

In addition, if you use the medicine prescribed by the doctor, you must not go to the pharmacy to buy or listen to others.

Because the condition may improve after taking the medicine, only when you go to the hospital in time to understand the condition of the course of recovery, and reduce the dosage dose or adjust the matching of the drug according to the current condition, can you avoid other side effects.

Not only that, the virus activity of each patient is different, and the transaminase indicators are different. If you take the drugs that others eat blindly, it is likely to be counterproductive.

2. Master the principle of medication

If you want to reduce the side effects of the drug, you must adhere to the correct principle of medication. For patients with light symptoms, other methods can also be used during the medication.

For patients with severe diseases, they must be used according to the disease to avoid increasing dosage, otherwise it is easy to increase the metabolic burden of liver and kidney.

3. Use medicine on time on time

Everyone knows that there is a process of metabolism in the human body into the human body. However, if there is no medication on time, the blood concentration in the body is not enough. Therefore, hepatitis B virus cannot be completely suppressed, which will affect the treatment effect.

Therefore, patients’ friends must take medication on time to treat the disease within a short period of time and effectively reduce side effects.

4. Regular review

After a period of medication, patients must go to the hospital to review regularly to understand the hepatitis B and transaminase index, so that the efficacy of hepatitis B drugs can be more directly observed.The results of the examination are not good. Under the guidance of a doctor, you must adjust the amount of drugs to prevent further development of the disease.

Of course, in addition to the above four precautions, patients and friends should also understand what side effects of long -term medication may cause, including drug resistance and affecting renal function.

The reason for the resistance to resistance is that the long -term use of antiviral drug virus has gradually occupied the body and reproduced in the body, which fluctuates a large fluctuations in the disease, and the cause of kidney injury is that some drugs need kidney metabolism.

All in all, through the description of the above content, we already know what kind of disease is hepatitis B, and what side effects can the human body easily bring to the human body during the treatment of hepatitis B, such as drug resistance and renal renal function.

Therefore, in order to prevent unnecessary damage to the human body, patients and friends must pay attention to the four medication details mentioned above.

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