Her daughter was accidentally pregnant, she told her father with the help of Geer

Ancient road

After pushing the cup at night, I was awakened by the sound of birds.

Opening my eyes, I looked out from the window glass of the wooden lattice, and the blue sky was hung by the window, as if I was sleeping with the sky last night.I look at the humble room, and there is a table on the face with a TV. It is a kettle and two white enamel cups next to it.

Fortunately, it was a little dizzy.I was lying in the quilt and remembered the song I sang last night:

(Female) The thirst is unbearable, and after drinking, the goldfish in the water has drilled into my belly.

(Male) The thirst is unbearable.

(Female) The thirst is unbearable, and after drinking, it is because the rain is too much this year, and the source can no longer remember it.


This is a period of singing between father and daughter. Her daughter was accidentally pregnant. She told her father with the help of Geer.His father did not scold and reprimand, and also sang a song to give his daughter an idea, but unfortunately the original water source (boy) daughter couldn’t remember.This is a true portrayal of people living in the valley of the Hengduan Mountains.I remembered this song. When I came to this place, I was full of expectations. I believe that there will be a surprise to smash my head.

Many bird sounds like concerto, diarrhea from the window, and the long and short sound knocks on each of my nerves.I got up from the bed and prepared to welcome the new day in Waka.

Unfortunately, it was too late to go to Shangri -La Airport last night, and I added me around Jihe to Badin, and the car went straight to Waka Town.Out of Shangri -La, against the Jinsha River, the car was flying on a flat road in the mountains.Due to darkness, the mountains on both sides stood there, and they could not see the mountain appearance that stayed in turn.More than forty minutes later, the car stopped in Waka.

The whole picture of Waka cannot be seen in the night. I can only look at the galloping column in the bright light across the river. The side of the river is the area of Yunnan, but the side of the river is the place in Sichuan.The only way to get off is also a heavy town of the ancient tea.Now, I will walk on the road of Waka immediately to feel the humanities, architecture, folk customs, etc. here.

Under the guidance of Aiji, we were wearing a brilliant golden light and walking in the quiet town of Waka.A rose of a plant is blooming. The cement roads in the countryside are straight and spacious. The residents’ houses are wide and national characteristics. What is impressive is the purple bougainvillea. They fall from the wall of the house like a waterfall.Many residents’ houses have been made into inn, hotels, and restaurants. The people living in the mountains for generations have been relocated and settled here.Waka seems to be a beautiful, tranquil town.Previously, this was just a ferry. The businessmen on the ancient road of the tea horse must cross the river from the end of the Benzira to Waka, and then march through the sheep intestine trail on the mountainside.At that time, the Vaca Mountain was all cactus, and no one lived here.When Gu Ji introduced these, the small eyes on his face were narrowed into a seam by the sun.He is a young man with a tall figure.

Looking down from the heights of Waka, the mud -gray Jinsha River quietly flowed from the depths of the bottom of the valley, and the peaks of the rolling peaks made you look far away.We looked at this thousand -year -old river, thinking about many interesting stories around it.

We turned all the town of Waka again, and took me to the corner of the Jinsha River again. When I told me that when the Jinsha River first passed through this place, the mountain god Ba Uduji and the land gods here are fighting.The legendary story, the result created this rush of turbulent turbulence.After Ji Ji told me about these myths, I put on the railing of the observation deck in one hand, and stared at the boulder in the Jinsha River in front of me.I hope to hear more ancient and present stories, so that my trip will gain something.

"Around Jiji, how did we arrange in the afternoon?" I looked at the "male genitals" naturally formed on the mountain behind the observation deck.

"Teacher, we went to Dongzi Brother’s house after lunch." With a smile when Hui Ji said this, those eyes became a line, and his face was innocent.

We got in the car and went back.

In the canyon on both sides, the car flew forward along the flow of the Jinsha River. These mountains are full of cactus, giving people a desolate life power and hardship.

After lunch, Ai Ji took me to the third floor of the teahouse opened by Dongzi’s house.When we walked into the room, there was a fire pond on the corner of the corner.Sitting on the cushion of the window sitting in order, I was sitting on Dongzi, Tashi Nima, Tashi Dengzhu and others. I was warm in my heart.

"Brother, how do you gain today?" Tashi Nima chopped his head and asked.

"I just started!" I said sitting beside Dongzi.

"Teacher, and Tashi Nima and I went from Shangri -La to Waka today, just to tell you a story!" Tashi Deng Zhu said.His hair was slightly raised, and his round belly was very public.

"You run over like this to make me move!" I put my hands together on my chest.

Dongzi called the hostess at home to cook tea for us.On the large table on the induction cooker, a black belly -rounded flat pottery can immediately put on a black belly crooked mouth.There are six or seven bears on its head.The hostess opened the electromagnetic cooker to boil tea, and then threw a pile of golden butter in the pot.

"You don’t have this thing!" Dong Zi said with a well -known person.

"We use a mixer to make tea." I replied, this is the first time I have seen this kind of tea set in my life.

"Try to drink tea from the people on the ancient road of the tea horse today." Dongzi said.He is a local cultural celebrity. He is proficient in singing and dancing, and he can write lyrics to compose lyrics.When the sun hat on his head showed a ponytail -like long hair, and his dark face was smiling, there was a pair of charming dimples, and the light in his eyes was full of arrogance.

The hostess puts the filter on the pot, and the tea in the teapot drops into the pot tank through the filter.Raise the bamboo stick constantly.The tea fragrance came into our tea cup with a layer of oil.

"Don’t you need to fire pond now?" I asked softly.

"Basically no longer!" Ai Ji said across the table, and the cigarette in his hand rose to a white smoke.

"Waka is a good place!" Dong Zi finished this sentence, looked up at the front, and the eyes suddenly became deep.He continued to say, "This place can be said to be the" hometown of love dance "! Do you know? The men and women in this place gathered on the Danba Ri Festival and sang each other.At all times, the boy who cares about the girl will run over and pull the headscarf, and then run away in a hurry. If the girl likes this boy, she will follow them. The bold girl will run to grab the boy’s waistIn the knife, the boy was half pushed and the girl’s wish. Oh! It’s an open adolescence! "

I was surprised in my heart. Everything started from the pond, and there were sticky and smooth butter tea along my throat, staying in the stomach and warmth.

"We can’t imagine!" Dongzi blown the fat on the tea cup gently, the dark red tea soup was exposed, and the hair in his ear had turned white."Two young people who fall in love will bring a blanket to a quiet slope land, lying down from a few meters away, looking at the bright bright moon and the shining stars over the valley.People start to sing. "Meeting", "Wish Tune", "Saying Dreams", etc., the tunes are lingering and resentment, such as weeping like a complaint. The song of love has trapped the moon., I heard tears. It wasn’t until the sun rose from the mountain on the east that it reluctantly fell from the hill on the west. Two young people who sang a night -night party, holding a blanket one after another, facing the slope to the slopeGo down and gradually pull away, but their hearts are like the flower of holy love in their hearts. Their love is sublimated in the singing, and their love becomes thick in the night. Such love is in the current world of the world.Can you find it? "Dong Zi was immersed in his narrative.

All of us did not intervene and quietly waited for his narrative.

The hostess began to prepare the second butter tea, and the bamboo stick stirred in the pot pot, making a slight rush.

"Before, I have watched the TV series" The Ancient Camellia Horse Road ", which is about killing and winning, full of blood. And I walk in the mountains and rivers here all year round, and sleep with the people here under the roof. IThe story on the ancient tea -horse road heard is not the case. Generally, a merchant has ten ‘Lama’ (managed the mule), and a waist has seven mules. That is to sayThe mule, a waist manages seven horses on the road. Although they are walking on the mountains in the mountains, they are sweaty by the hot sun of the inflammation, or the haze landed in the bright rainzers, the road is muddy, the road is muddy.But the beautiful singing will never stop, a long and long, repeated melody will float on the mountain road, and the singing sounds their footsteps.The flowers come. Some wild animals stood on the rock, and were drunk until the team left, and stared at their back affectionately. Everywhere, remove the wraps, tie the mules, feed feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed and feed.Water, boil a pot of tea, eat a few mouthfuls of ravioli and dried meat, and wait for the night to cover this large land. A bunch of bonfires crackled in the wild, and the wax pulled up the string around the bonfire and fluttered with long sleeves.Steady, melodious singing is full of this wilderness. They know that women in Lhasa in the Sun City are inquiring. Has the peach blossoms of Waka opened?The oil has been adhered to. Oh, dance a song, let the singing fly over millions of mountains, soothe the waiting heart. After a few months, the waist handed the pancreas, bastard, tea, and silk scarves to them.In the hands of the Sun City, the lover of the Sun City fell into tears. The bonfire went out, and they fell asleep around the fire. Guarding their moon and stars, plating the silver Qinghui on the body of La, let the wind roll awayThey are exhausted all the way. "

"Robber and horse gang?" I asked a little anxiously.

Dongzi laughed, and the pair of charming dimples rolled up two deep vortex.Tashinima’s elbow was on the table, holding his chin with his hand, Tashi Deng Zhu’s arms wrapped around his chest, chewing a toothpick in his mouth, waiting for Dongzi’s telling.

"The famous Tibetan businessman Rob Sangbu has gone through this road countless times." Dongzi said proudly.

"Is it Rob Sangbu, a businessman in the temple?!" I asked in surprise.

"It is him. There are many stories that spread him in the folk. The at the forefront of the caravan is the most handsome horse, with a mirror on his forehead, the most beautiful cushion on the saddle, a fork gun on the head of the horse pot, the waist, the waistTake a long knife. They entered another boundary from this boundary, and the robbers there were waiting on the side of the road. The horse pot head leraded the reins and shouted.! ‘The robber head said. His knife was hung around his waist, his clothes were a bit tattered, and his lustful face could not see the fierce appearance. The robbers together were a bit on the hillside, and some of the roads were blocked.The blade is bright and shiny. The horse pot head rides on the horse’s back, takes out a horn snuff bottle from the pocket of the chest, pulls out the plug and pour some smoke powder on the thumb, inhale in the nostril, and spit out a cigarette., Pat your hands and put the snuff box into your pocket, this slowly come down from the horse and welcome the stolen head. ‘I brought you to the snuff, headscarf, cloth, and cloth from Lhasa, Sun City,It will definitely make you happy. What do you need to bring from Jiantang? ‘Magnatuta asked Qiang to stole the head.’ We brought wine and a cow. You worked hard on the road.The robbers went forward together. The Ma Gang’s wafs unloaded the wraps from the back of the mule, and the robbers were preparing to kill beef beef. The cattle fell to the ground in a few calls.Move again. They sat in the shadow of the willow trees in the stream, removed their wooden bowls from their own waist, and put them in front of them, like brothers who had never met for a long time.The experience along the way, frequently raised the toast and drink. The fragrance of meat was scattered in the air, and the wine began to make the tongue roll.Shaking his head lightly and saying: "Who isn’t this! ‘In the sunset golden afterglow, they are holding the wooden bowl full of wine, drinking red ears and red ears, and drinking unparalleled. Finally, lit a bunch of bonfires, pull up the strings and jump up and jump up.Dance. They sang: ‘Riding the horse through the snow mountain, the bell is getting farther and farther in her hometown, holding the horse and walking under the mountain, but the bell is jingling and the hometown of the hometown …’ The next day, from the next day, fromGet up on the ground, burn early tea, hurriedly ate breakfast, the robbers and horse gangs are reluctant to separate. The head of the horse opens his arms and holds the strong stealing head tightly in his arms.The pot head rode on the horse without returning to the horse, holding the reins in his hand, and when his feet patted the horse’s belly, he shouted in his mouth, and the sound rang in the deep valley loudly. The robbers looked at the horse pot.On the back of the head, the envy eyes flashed in the eyes. La rushed to the back of the horse’s head and disappeared at the end of the road. ‘This horse pot head is really a good person!’ The robbers are finished, and the drooping hair is finished.The spikes were caught in the braid, picked up things and sang a song and sang on the mountain. The sound of the stones stepped on the soles of their feet made a loud noise.

Dongzi stopped, removed the sun hat from his head, and put it on his knees.

"This is some stories about the ancient tea horse." Dongzi raised his hands to the top of his head and smooth his hair backwards.


Tea is getting stronger and stronger, and the accumulated oil is getting more golden.The room was silent for a while, Tashi Deng Zhu covered his mouth and cough, and our eyes turned towards him.

"Yeah! Then let me tell a real story." Tashi Deng Zhu said with his hoarse voice, a smile on his face.

"A very strange thing happened in this Hengduan Mountains. It was in 1944, and the old man couldn’t remember the specific time. That day, the sky fell on the sky, and it was gray. People hid in the soil.In the room, it is not time to complain about the rain. The crops in the ground are about to harvest, but the rain cannot be broken like thinning. Slangonb squats beside the fire pond and stirs the ashes with a wooden stick.They heard a weird voice, and it shook the valley. Slangonu rolled out of the door and saw a huge iron bird whistling towards the valley.His eardrums are about to be deaf. The iron bird passed on the ground with the ground in front, and then they heard a huge roar. The seven households on the mountain ran outside, staring at the iron in horror with a panic face, staring at the iron in horror.The direction of the bird’s disappearance. The oldest person in the village said: ‘The devil of the mountain was escaped by the devil under the mountain, and he would eat the people in the valley.The whole body is trembling. How can a dozen men gather together to stop the tragedy. The rain is floating, and the whole valley is gray. Slangonbu smashed the rain on his face with his hands and said: "We go, we goPlease ask the monks to do it! ‘The sorrow on the men’s faces was diluted by this sentence. They felt that this was the only way to solve the problem. Who did they send it because they had to go to the Temple of the Temple.In the place, will those devils catch people? In the end, Slangonbu and two strong men in the village were sent out. Their family bid farewell to them. They held three heads with three heads.The mule followed the slope of the Panshan trail of the "Zhi" shape. Their shoes were filled with mud, and the cold rain dropped the temperature on our body. ‘If we were caught by the devil?’ Someone asked. ‘Someone asked.Ge fluff, you will say something that is not tuned, you read the Mother Sutra, and the devil can still meet you? ‘Slangonab said. The three of them frozen lips were somewhat dark, and the three -headed mule was not very not very not very bad.Well on the hoof and fly around the broken water droplets. When Slanga walked at the foot of the mountain, the rain stopped inexplicably, and the sky was still gray. They looked at each other.It is a bad sign. They have to pass through the valley, pass the mountain mouth in front, and then follow the narrow valley full of thorns, and then turn over the two mountains to reach the Omi Temple.You have to walk for a day. They look up at their villages. Except for the green next to the village, the entire hillside is occupied by dark brown brown, and they look at it.Pray that you can pass through the mountain mouth in front of you safely. But the closer to the mountain mouth, the more panic and fear in their hearts. "

Tashi Deng Zhu took a sip of tea, smashed the fat on his lips with his hand, pulled the shirt’s sleeves up, and exposed a white arm.

"They saw the huge iron bird they saw before, and it was smoky. The iron bird overturned the stones and soils on the ground, dug out a deep ditch, and pungent burning.Scorching smell. Slanga stopped, and they looked at the behemoth in surprise, sighing for its strength. They walked carefully, scattered and strange fragments were scattered everywhere.. ‘Grid velvet said with uneasily eyes. Slangonu bent down and picked up a piece of things, and there was a white picture on it.Bar! ‘Slangonbu proposes.’ We still go to Mi Jia Temple and ask the monks to surrender this devil. ‘Gee said timidly. Slangonb and Dawa handed the reins of the mule to Gealong’s hand,They walked towards the iron bird. They saw the two wings of the iron bird broken, the fragments were everywhere, and they could see the emergence of Mars and hearing the crackling sound.Smoke came out of the door. Slangbu stood at the door and hesitated for a long time. He pulled a knife out of his waist and drilled into the iron bird’s belly. The iron bird’s belly was large, and a pungent burnt smell was filled withThere is nothing in it. When I look at the iron bird’s head, two people are sitting on a stool, lying there, and one fell to the ground.There is a broken glass. ‘Dawa, there is no devil here, three people lying in it.’ Slangonu said. Two people gathered over and saw these three people motionless.Then realized that they were dead. They were no longer afraid, and began to find some useful things in iron birds, and found some ropes, clothes, blankets, shoes.I don’t need to go to the Mijia Temple. When they returned to the mountain mouth, Gelong suddenly said: "It’s so pitiful to let them die there!’It is a child born to parents, and they cannot let them throw their corpses in the wild!’ Dawa made up a sentence. ‘Then we put these three corpses back to the village.It’s time to get rid of the iron bird’s belly again. When you recognize it carefully, you can see that these three people are big noses, blue eyes, and the hair on the arms is dense like monkeys.Where do you come from and why you die here? It seems that they like this place, so let them be buried here. A mule carrying a corpse began to go towards the village. At the foot of the mountain, they discussed again that they were holding this way to carry this way.Will the corpses be scolded by the villagers. But thinking that if they rot the insects, these big noses are really sinned, and they will be retributed because of no mercy., Hold the rope of the mule towards the mountain road. Ge fluff and Dawa also followed their mules. The mules slipped from time to time on the muddy road, and they dragged them up hard. Slanga was coming.When the village, all the villagers were at the village entrance. After listening to their telling people’s worry, these people were different from the villagers. If the burial was not good, it would be troublesome.They sent someone to the secret curse of the neighboring village and asked him how to deal with these big noses.In the evening, the Mantra Master came over in person. He danced in front of the three corpses to worship the dance, and then ordered the oil lamp to recite them and pray.The villagers said that they came from the heavens according to the secret curse, and they asked them to return to the instructions there. The next morning, the three corpses were cremated, and a strong smoke rose.Slangbu and Gee, Dawa put their ashes into a pot of pots, went down the mountain again in the drizzle falling, and buried the pottery on the mountain closest to the iron bird.‘They can see iron birds, they will be at ease!‘Ge 说 said.‘Their soul will fly back to heaven with iron birds.‘Slangonu added.The three of them got into the iron bird’s belly again, turned it over, and took things that they thought they could use and left the iron bird.In fact, it was an airplane of the hump transportation team. For some reason, it fell into the Hengduan Mountains. The plane was blown by the wind. Under the continuous dismantling of the nearby villagers, only the skeleton remained.There was a scientific research group who came to an inspection at this time. They were surprised to find that the villagers’ pigs were written in English and C-47 on the door of the villagers. I asked to know that a transport aircraft had fallen.After that, they saw a lot of aircraft wreckage at many villagers’ homes."

"Is Old Slangbu still alive?" I asked.

"He has been alive ten years ago. I listened to his son told this story." Deng Zhu, Tashi, explained.

"There is also a blacksmith. Later, the steel on the plane was removed and made a lot of knives, because the steel was very pretty." Dongzi interjected.

"There is still a kind of red wine on our side, the name is C-47." Ai Ji said.

All of us laughed.I think there are many stories to be excavated in this alpine canyon.


"Get a lot!" I said sincerely.

"After drinking the tea, pour the grease on the fat, and eat it for a special fragrant!" Dong Zi persuaded us, he started to move.

I was still immersed in these stories and did not eat the ravioli.My eyes turned to Tashi Nima.More than ten years ago, he was a very handsome young man, with a long flowing hair, making many girls spring.His alcohol was even more staggering.Now, he has an inch head, and his skin tone is a little black and more stable.

"Brother, I originally wanted to tell you about Kavag Bogbu Snow Mountain (Merri Snow Mountain), but today I will tell you a gangster. He was born in our village, that is, at the foot of the Kavagbag Boshan. When he was seventeen years old, his parents married him a daughter -in -law. This daughter -in -law came from a far -distance village. After a few years of cultivation of land and grazing for a few years, his daughter -in -law gave birth to a boy, which made them very good.Happy. When the child grows up to one year old, he suddenly told his family that he was going to run the tea horse. His parents and daughter -in -law took turns to discourage it. He just couldn’t listen. His father couldn’t be angry.He slapped. His mother bowed his back and sobbed in a fire pond. Soon, he disappeared from the village. "Tashi Nima stopped pause, and then said," His name is Nongbu, it is a one, it is a one.People who are particularly witty and wise. The farm fabric followed the horse gang for the first time to take the tea horse road for the first time, and finally arrived at Kangding through Deqin, Mangkang, and Batang.His life is full of interest. He got the fees of 20 silver rounds, plus yellow tops and a brand -new collection. When they returned again, he gave his shirt and collection to his father and fifteen pieces of fifteen yuan.Yin Yuan gave it to his mother. The family no longer blame him, but his daughter -in -law’s eyes were full of tears. The farm cloth embarked on the ancient tea horse.. Ma Guotou went to the temple to ask for the living Buddha to help them choose a good luck. On this day, when the sky was bright, they were gathered in front of the strong fragrant fragrant platform of mulberry, and the laces on their left foot were unbuttoned.Raise it on his forehead, and everyone prayed together: ‘Nong cloth Sangma God, please bless me! When you go to Xi Ma Tang, don’t get my turn to grant it;Don’t be my turn when Lugangla’s turn … ‘After the wishes of the wishes, they hand over their shoelaces to Makotou. Maguetutou stood in front of the Boxiangtai to recite the "Ping An Sutra" and put the shoes in my hand.Bringing it on the mulberry smoke, and finally wish the temple god, earth god, mountain god, water god, animal god on the road from now on, you bless your horse gang all the way to the murderous good luck, and arrive at Lhasa safely.Divide the shoelaces in the hand into three groups, the first group is grazing, the second group is water, and the third group is cooking for burning fire. In which group of La, the Lats each find their own shoelaces, know this dayWhat to do to live. Finally, the horse pot head made a brief mobilization. At the end of the La, the Lats raised their guns and fired towards the sky, and shouted in their mouths! Lason 啰!. Hundreds of heads carrying the goods of the cargo are walking on the narrow road of the mountainside. The stones that the mule accidentally stepped on the road fell from the side of the road, raised a dust and fell into the deep valley. Three days later, they entered the Jinsha River dry heat.Waka in the river valley. They will stay here all night, use the boat to cross the horse the next day, and then cross the cargo. After two or three days, the horse gangs have successfully passed the Jinsha River.. The most painful thing to make the Nong cloth is the tribute to Jiantang, where there is an endless grass beach. Even a tree is not long, and the grass is short. When you see dry cow dung on the roadFor firewood.Sometimes, in order to get water, La has happened in the tribute to Jiantang’s lost.Nong cloth used the tribute to Jiantang for four days.After a few months of difficulty, the gang of Nongbu finally arrived in Lhasa.They rushed the mule to the delivery location. After the goods were cleared, the Nong cloth felt relieved.He went to the river to wash off the dust and sweat, put on clean clothes, and waited for the horseshutou to give them foot fees in the inn."

"They crossed the grass, trip to the river, and climbed the snowy mountains.

We turned to look at him.Retrimating the bottom of the shirt picked up, revealing a little white belly.Waka is really a little hot. I heard that it has not been raining for so long.

"Nong cloth got a foot fee of nearly two hundred silver circles, which he had never expected. The Nong cloth bought a hat for his father and bought a set of collections and jewelry for his mother and daughter -in -law.Hold, hide in the deepest part of your own hood. The horse pot head lets the Lats release the horses in the suburbs of Lhasa for a while, and when the hair color is brightened, settle back to the Tang Dynasty.The hard work can make his family live a life of food and clothing. Among them, the daughter -in -law gave him another daughter and a man. When the father’s father was leaving, he just returned home and made the final say with his father, but hisWhen his mother died, he moved hard on the ancient Tea Horse Road. After many years of running, the people also became smooth and bold. He had many good -looking ones on the ancient tea and horses. He also liked to drink some alcohol, I often make a noise. Once, the gangs of the Nongfu reached a inn, unloaded the goods, drove the horses to the river to drink water to eat grass, and then rushed back to the pile.When I was chatting in the room, a crisp ring sound rang. They looked from the wooden window and saw a team of horse gangs come over.He was quiet at a time. They were lying on the cushion at the farm cloth, and there was nothing nonsense. Suddenly, he heard the horses’ hiss. The Nong cloth climbed up and looked down from the window.The tie horse rope was unbuttoned, and it was tied his horse up. However, the agricultural cloth was angry, but the people cursed loudly. The man ignored it, and the farm fabric stepped down the stairs to the yard to block the man’s way to let him let him go.Tie the horses of the horse pot head. The two were arguing, and then they twisted together. The Nong cloth brought the man with a nose and swollen, and then tied the horse’s horse.When boasting their ability, someone in the yard shouted: ‘Who hit me and rolled me down!’ The wafs with Nong cloth looked out of the window and took a breath.. The Nongbu went down and stood in front of the burly man. There were a dozen strong man standing behind the body. The Nong cloth just wanted to talk to him, but the man pulled out the knife from his waist and chopped him to cut him.Come over. The knife of the Nong cloth had not had time to draw, and his head had been cut off. He immediately lost his consciousness. When he woke up, it was four or five days later.Guo Tou left a little silver round for the inn, saying that if he woke up to take care of him, he would be buried by him if he died. This wound was over four months. After a little better, he returned to Deqin’s hometown.He saw that the door was not stunned, and the squeako sounded when he pushed the door with both hands. There was no one in the family. He walked into the pond and sat by the fire pond. The cold ashes, the ice pot.Hearing the footsteps outside the house, the man walked around the door. He shouted: ‘Who is it?’ His woman pushed the door and kneeling on his knees. ‘What does this mean?Club asked. ‘The person in the horse said that you were killed. I couldn’t live with three children alone, but I could only remarry!’ Women answered. ‘Is that person who is right to you?Wait for the child to be good!‘A woman answered again.‘That’s OK!‘The woman heard the words of the Nong cloth, and she stunned him with three noises, hurriedly got up and ran outside the house.The farm closure his eyes, tightened his lips, and the salty water flowed into his mouth.Nong cloth was full of body, the ground, he didn’t want to grow; he didn’t want to put it, he was often hungry.Nong cloth locks the house again, looking for a horse gang who let him fly.Nong cloth followed the horse to Jinghong, Simao, Pu’er, Dali, etc., and also walked through Yadong. When he went to Karenburg, India, he restored the original oil and humor.He stuffed the newspaper in the cowhide cocks around his waist, and went to the shop in Karenburg to feel like Indian girls in the store; touched the boss’s hand in the Tibetan tavern, said some hot words; when passing through a village,, Singing a soul love song in a woman … Nong cloth is unruly.Once, Nongfu returned from India, and was caught by the bandits halfway. Not only did they deduct the mules and materials, but they also distributed their guns to force the farmers to fight the PLA.Nong cloth was scared to fight when he heard the gunfire, and his body was softened on the ground.He put his head into a small hole, listening to the sound of gunfire and bullets, and later fell asleep.Someone was kicking his ass in his dream. When he pulled out his head from the cave, he saw the muzzle of the black hole pointed at him.He instinctively raised his hands and was caught in the prison.It has passed for more than 20 years.When he was released and returned to Deqin, he was already a white -haired old man.Seeing anyone, he will stretch out his tongue and shout ‘the headquarters (leader)’.He couldn’t do anything, and was finally assigned to the object of the five guarantee households.Once we took him to Kunming and made an interview with him. Later, the old man said that he didn’t want to return to Deqin, and he had to stay in Kunming.We could only scare him and let him take a plane back to Deqin."

"The teachers are going to be dark, let’s go to dinner." Ai Ji reminded us.

"You can talk about there!" I stood up and proposed.

"How can I tell the story when I eat, I want to sing and drink." Dongzi said.

"Big Brother, we will talk about tomorrow." Tashi Nima comforted me.

When we walked on the street, the sky was dark, and the three peaks opposite Waka were like a pinyin "W".I laughed gently.

[Introduction to the Author] Zi Renlob, a native of Lhasa City, Tibet Autonomous Region, a member of the All Committee of the Chinese Writers Association, executive vice chairman of the Tibetan Writers Association, editor -in -chief of Tibetan Literature, selected as a masterpiece of the Ministry of Propaganda and the "Four Batch" talent projectEssenceThe masterpieces include "Killer", "Boundary", "Ami Ri Gag", "Release Sheep", "God", "Port" and other novels.The Chinese Novel Association 2015 China Novel Ranking No. 3.The work is translated into English, French, Spanish and other words.

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