Hot Wen | The most beautiful strangers!Pregnant women’s subway, the woman’s off -the -binding down jacket is heated for infants

Recently, a news about” 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近 近” rush to Weibo hot search for the attention of netizens.

The parties responded: Anyone will do this

At 8 o’clock on the morning of December 7, Ms. Jia in Zhengzhou just left the station when she went to work by the subway. A man suddenly ran to her in front of her for help, saying that her wife was about to give birth to a child.I ran over, I didn’t expect the child to be born. At that time, I didn’t think much at that time. The first reaction was to take off the down jacket to pick up the children who fell to the ground. About two or three minutes, the medical staff who received the alarm also pushed the first aid bed to run.Come over, then they hugged their children and pushed the mother to run to the hospital’s emergency room for treatment. At present, the mother and son are safe.

Ms. Jia said that it would do so if it was replaced by anyone.

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Netizen: Praise it for a kind and warm person!

Ms. Jia’s approach was to move countless netizens in this cold winter warmth, and received everyone’s praise.Some netizens said that there are still many good people in this world. At the critical moment, you appear, and praise people who are warm and warm; and some netizens say that every time I see this positive energy news, it will make us warm.ah.This woman who took off her down jacket was really great.And those who run the medical staff also let us see glory and warmth; some netizens said that not everyone will do this, but this lady comes from instinctual kindness.

Suzhou pregnant women are born on the street, doctors and citizens help each other

It is not uncommon for people like Ms. Jia to be enthusiastic and full of positive energy. On October 27, 2017, a pregnant woman in Suzhou, Jiangsu suddenly became a street -produced child. Doctors and citizens helped them.The jacket is covered with a woman.After the doctor and nurse rushed quickly, the mother was lifted to the ambulance with the help of everyone.

Pregnant women are in their childhood, and police auxiliary personnel have built a "temporary delivery room" and built a safe barrier

In 2021, a "can’t wait" baby was born on the street, and his parents who were "caught off guard" could only sit in place to wait for rescue.

"Her child was born, and help her." The two enthusiastic people who were sleepy in the encounter on the side helped like the patrol police for help.It is located in a downtown, dense flow, cars, electric vehicles and other vehicles to shuttle back and forth … A total of 6 police auxiliary personnel who supported police forces in the nearby patrolling were present.Due to the limited medical conditions on the spot, patrol police auxiliary personnel dare not move to pregnant women and babies easily. In the process of waiting for the ambulance, police auxiliary staff quickly implemented alert and order in the surroundings of the couple to prevent pregnant women and newborn babies from occurringAccident.

A few minutes later, 120 ambulance arrived at the scene.The patrol police assistant immediately cooperated with the medical staff to pull a large piece of white cloth curtain for the pregnant woman at the scene, surrounded the pregnant women and babies in the middle, and supported the protective circle by hand through the human wall.

"There are too many people on the roadside, and the wind sand is also very large, and it is safer to surround." Police -aid personnel participating in the ambulance introduced.

After the "temporary delivery room" was established, doctors and nurses quickly carried out necessary care and disinfection work for pregnant women and newborns.After more than 5 minutes of hard work, the nursing work on the scene was successfully completed.For further observation care, due to the timely rescue, pregnant women Ms. Wei and the newborn baby mother and child are safe.

Media comment: May good deeds and benefit to gather into a powerful energy that promotes the goodness of society

Although the weather is cold, it is good to warm people.Just as netizens’ emotions, in fact, warm things in daily life often bring us enough movement.Some of them are shocking and some are just working hard, but they all pass on love and kindness, and also summon more people in their hearts.As Ms. Jia said in an interview, "I think anyone will do this."Let us like the kind and warm people together, and hope that love will continue to be passed on, and willing to remit with good deeds to become a powerful energy that promotes the goodness of society.

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Source: Xinhua News Agency Weibo, Surging News, Jinguan News, Guangzhou Daily, Sina Weibo, etc.

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