How big is the "belly" of expectant mothers?The internal organs are squeezed like this after pregnancy, and every stage is torture

After pregnancy, the biggest change of expectant mother’s body is probably the stomach. The baby’s baby has become a very magical thing from the size of a soybean to watermelon.

At the same time, I can’t help curious that the baby’s baby grows so big in the stomach of the expectant mother. What should the internal organs of the expectant mother be squeezed?

Let’s look at this kind of moving picture first. The movement of the movement clearly depicts the whole process of grew up the baby’s grew up, and the whole process of being squeezed in the visceral of the expectant mother’s body.

After reading it, I feel very distressed to the mother, because every time the baby grows up, the expectant mother will feel a little bit uncomfortable.Many expectant mothers said that during pregnancy, the body often had difficulty breathing and chest tightness, which was actually because of the crowded internal organs.

1. Early pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, the stomach of the expectant mother was not so big, and the pregnant belly was not obvious.Some son -in -law with a rich state, almost no change in early pregnancy, often misunderstand misunderstandings.

In the early pregnancy, the uterus of expectant mothers is preparing for the later expansion, which will soften and thicken, so as to protect the baby baby.

◆ Bladder: In the early stages of pregnancy, in addition to being affected by pregnancy, expectant mothers will also cause frequent urination and urgency due to squeezing the bladder, and this situation will always be accompanied by the end of pregnancy.

Personal mothers should pay attention to: In the early pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay attention to their diet, don’t "make up too early, make up for the head", it is easy to make nutrition on herself.In addition, remember to wear pants that are convenient to wear, so that you will go to the toilet faster.

2. In the middle of pregnancy

In the second trimester, the stomach of the expectant mother began to get bigger and bigger, and the baby’s baby grew very quickly.The internal organs in the expectant mother’s body began to be squeezed and squeezed to other places.

◆ Stomach: Because squeezing is forced to move up, at this time, the expectant mothers will have the case without appetite, bloating, and eating.

◆ Lungs: expectant mothers often have unsatisfactory breathing, and they become breathless. This is because the prospective mother’s lungs are crowded.

Personal mothers should pay attention: the pregnant belly becomes obvious, and the expectant mothers often have backache, so expectant mothers can usually let the family help massage the waist. When sitting position, a pillow can also be placed on the waist, which will be more comfortable.

3. In the third trimester

After the prospective mother arrived in the third trimester, her stomach became larger, and the internal organs in the body, especially the intestines, were squeezed by the uterus.But expectant mothers will find that the whole person seems to start to become easier. This is because the baby’s baby began to go down and enter the pot.

◆ Intestinal tract: The expectant mothers in the third trimester are squeezed by the intestine, so they will be more likely to be constipation and flatulence.

Personal mothers should pay attention: so expectant mothers, eat more easy -to -digest foods ~

1) 42 days after delivery to 6 months

This is the first golden period of Baoma after giving birth. At this stage, Baoma’s body is very fragile, and all functions are in a state of imbalance. Therefore, the most needed by Baoma at this stage is to rest well, eat well, exercise cooperation, and cooperate with exercise.good.

For 42 days after giving birth, Baoma would go to the hospital for an examination. If Baoma found that her pelvic floor function was not recovered well, remember to do related rehabilitation treatment.

In addition, Baoma must not die for the body, it is likely to cause insufficient breast milk or even hurt the body’s function.

2) within 6 months after giving birth to within a half year and a half

At this time, Bao Ma’s body was recovered, and the situation was basic.At this stage, Baoma needs to pay more attention to the rectus of the body, the pelvic floor muscles, and the recovery of the pelvis.

The birth of the pelvic floor muscle is required for rehabilitation training. The mother of the caesarean section also needs to train, because no matter what kind of childbirth method, the pelvic foundation damage of Baoma has formed.

3) within one and a half-year after delivery

This stage is the last golden period of the postpartum recovery of Baoma. At this time, Bao Ma needs to start comprehensive conditioning, and then gradually excessively excessive to normal life stage.

However, Baoma must also remember to keep exercise and eat healthy diet, so that it will recover better after delivery!

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