How big is the embryo at 5 weeks of pregnancy?##

In the morning, he was changing a white coat, and Jinhua asked with a smile: "Jiangsu’s Lulu test is pregnant, and it has been stopped for 35 days. She said why she didn’t feel it?"

Women who are pregnant after treatment are always particularly nervous. Don’t look at Lulu’s usual grinning, not in a hurry, it is no exception.

35 days of menopause, that is, 5 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the embryo bed is about 2 weeks. At this time, most pregnant mothers have no particularly obvious response as usual as usual.Some pregnant women also have symptoms such as breast pain and fatigue.Of course, there are also a few pregnant mothers who have mild nausea and vomiting reactions.The reaction of early pregnancy will become more and more obvious, but there are also some pregnant mothers who have no early pregnancy response and it doesn’t matter.

"She also asked when to go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound, and I told her, but she would be suspicious, but I would like to do it."

At this period of 5 weeks of pregnancy, the fertilized eggs have been bed, and the size of the gestational sac is about 4–6 mm. If it is pregnant in the palace, you can see the gestational sac.4.At this time, the fetal heart buds are not available, and the gestational sac is relatively small.However, if the menstrual cycle is relatively long, or women who are in bed may not be able to check the gestational sac.If it is an ectopic pregnancy, sometimes you can see the part of the yin super.

"What else needed to remind her?" Xiao Jinhua asked again.

At 5 weeks of pregnancy, the vaginal secretion of pregnant mothers will increase a bit. Sometimes occasionally the lower abdomen will faintly pain, or it feels like frequent urination, but it is not obvious, because the baby is still too small and has little impact on the mother.

The typical symptoms of early pregnancy are menopause. There will be no more menstruation during normal pregnancy, and a small amount of vaginal bleeding may occur about 10 days after the same room. It should be bleeding caused by fertilized eggs in bed.

Early pregnancy reactions are generally started at about 40 days of menopause, such as nausea, vomiting or retching, drowsiness, fatigue, frequent urination, urgency, widening of areolas, increased vaginal discharge, etc. The early pregnancy response gradually relieved to disappear around 12 weeks of pregnancy.However, it will also vary from person to person. Some pregnant mothers have no symptoms throughout pregnancy, which is related to hormone levels and personal tolerance.

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