How can I break the uterine fibroids when I am pregnant?

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This is a typical case: a 37 -year -old woman gave birth to a child. I checked the body to discover uterine fibroids 4 years ago. There was no symptom.Recently, it was found that the tumor was about 4 cm, because I do n’t know if I can continue to become pregnant, and whether the fibroids will cause abortion and premature birth and go to the hospital for treatment.

After the implementation of the full second child policy, many women are preparing for the second child.However, some women found that the uterus had fibroids after pregnancy, so they began to worry.Can uterine fibroids continue to become pregnant?Will fibroids cause abortion or premature birth?What should I pay attention to after production?

In response to these issues, we interviewed Professor Guo Suiqun, deputy dean of the Third Hospital of Southern Medical University and chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department.

Fibroids are common in women

Uterine fibroids, also known as uterine smooth fibroids, are a very common benign tumor in clinical women’s reproductive system diseases.According to reports, the incidence rate is as high as 20%-30%, most of which occur in women aged 30-50 years old. The growth of uterine fibroids is related to women’s hormones.

It is generally believed that the long fibroids (mucosal fibroids) in the uterus may affect pregnancy; the small fibroids (fibroids in the muscle wall) in the middle of the uterine muscle layer will not affect, and it may affectFibroids outside the uterus generally do not affect pregnancy; if the fibroids are close to the growth of fallopian tubes, they may also affect natural pregnancy.

The influence of fibroids on pregnant women

Uterine fibroids, when more than 5 cm, have surgical indications, but this is not absolute.Even if the fibroids are surgically removed first, the wound of the uterus after surgery is easy to form adhesion with the outside, and there is still a problem of fibroid recurrence. After surgery, contraception is required for 3 to 12 months, and then the next pregnancy is considered.

Therefore, when a female encounters fibroids, doctors generally ask whether women who are preparing to get pregnant in the near future, or whether the female fibroids who find fibroids are elderly maternal, urgent will have children, etc.For fibroids, pregnancy, which one is solved first.

Of course, female friends with uterine fibroids are pregnant, they pay more attention than other pregnant women.Although most pregnant women with uterine fibroids are not abnormal during pregnancy, due to the rise in estrogen hormone in the body during pregnancy, some fibroids will grow accelerated;Low low, causing abnormal fetal positions, affecting natural delivery, and even postpartum bleeding; in a few cases, "red degeneration" of fibroids may occur during early pregnancy, which will cause abdominal pain and uterine contraction, which will increase the risk of postpartum bleeding and abnormal fetal position;Even surgery during pregnancy.

Therefore, these female friends must pay more attention to rest, conduct prenatal examinations on time, and try to survive the entire pregnancy period under the guidance of a doctor.If the fibroids are large or more, you may choose a cesarean section to complete the surgery of uterine fibroids at the same time.

Professor Guo also mentioned that gynecological surgery during pregnancy will not affect the fetus.Because after the 14th weeks of pregnancy, the embryo is relatively stable and will not have a miscarriage due to surgery.

Uterine fibroids are not an absolute factor affecting pregnancy. It is the ideal ending to complete fertility on the premise of trying to do less treatment.

How to prevent uterine fibroids after giving birth

After giving birth to a baby, don’t take it lightly.

Professor Guo introduced that the probability of recurrence after uterine fibroids increased with the increase of the number of muscle fibrus. The chance of recurrence of multiple methamphetamine after surgery was about 50%.Only about 1/3 of them need to be surgery again.If a woman with a near -class period, even if recurrence, fibroids are generally slow, the risk of reinstallation is reduced.

The exact cause of uterine fibroids is not clear. Because fibroids are better at fertility, adolescence is rare, and after menopausal atrophy or fading, it is prompted that it may be related to female sex hormones.Biochemical testing has confirmed that the concentration of estrogen receptor in fibroids is significantly higher than peripheral muscle tissue. Therefore, it is believed that the high -sensitivity to estrogen tissue to estrogen is one of the important factors for the occurrence of fibroids.

In addition, cell genetic studies have shown that 25%-50%of uterine fibroids have abnormal cell genetics.Many women take drugs, supplements and some beauty and beauty products containing estrogen without the guidance of doctors, deliberately or unknowingly improve their estrogen levels.Increase the chance of the occurrence of uterine fibroids.Women should regularly participate in gynecological census for early detection of early treatment.Southern Daily reporter Li Yan

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