How can the husband and wife live after pregnancy?Don’t teach you how to do it

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Generally, when the wife is pregnant, the husband and wife are connected to the biggest problem together. How to solve the physiological needs?Because the birth process will last for 10 months, this time is the most difficult, because it is not satisfied, and even some couples quarrel, and some cracks appear in their feelings.

Many mothers often reflect when they are pregnant. Husbands often suggest that they want, but after all, during pregnancy, they are very afraid of hurting the baby, so they refuse.

After all, sex is essential between husband and wife, and it is also an important part of maintaining the relationship between the two sides. Many expectant mothers are very afraid of whether her husband will go outside because of his rejection.

Then the question is. During pregnancy, whether the husband and wife can do a house, it is actually possible. Then how to protect the baby, you can still solve it. Let ’s take a look with the editor!

1. Be sure to pay attention to your wife’s pregnancy time

In the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus is in the stage of instability of the fetus, and there may be abortion at any time.So in the first three months, you must not do business. Dad will forcibly bear it. The same is true for pregnant mothers. You cannot cause irreversible consequences due to the impulse.Remind and love yourself.

About April to June of pregnancy, the fetus is very stable during this period, and some sexual life can be performed appropriately.This not only allows both husband and wife to alleviate physiology, but also effectively enhance their feelings between each other.

In addition, it can also have certain benefits for the fetus. The mood of pregnant mothers will always affect the fetus. If the mother’s mood is very happy, the fetus will be relatively happy, and it will have some benefits for his healthy growth.

When the husband and wife have sex, the pregnant mother’s uterus will constantly shrink in because of excitement, so that the fetus is wrapped in it, it will feel very secure, so during this period, some sexual life is very good.It helps the fetus to become smarter.

2. Pay attention to the physical condition of his wife

When traveling during pregnancy, the prospective dad must not be strong, and the wife should be done when the wife feels the most comfortable.In addition, the amplitude of the two must not be too large, especially the strength must be controlled.

A slight collision is acceptable to the fetus, but too hard will damage the growth of the fetus.When the two are doing business, the prospective dad must notice that once his wife’s body is unwell, stop immediately and do not continue. Millions must put the safety of pregnant mothers and fetuses first.

3. Pay attention to hygiene beforehand

This is very important. Before the work, both were better to take a warm bath.This will not only keep your body clean, but also make the blood circulation of pregnant mothers smoother, but also make the two people more relaxed.

In addition, some couples think they are pregnant, so there is no need to take contraceptive measures, and there is no need to bring a condom.This is the wrong idea. The prospective dad remembers that they must bring a condom. The purpose is not for contraception, but to prevent pregnant women from miscarriage or premature birth.

Not using a condom may cause the wife’s uterus to shrink violently, which may cause abdominal pain, which will seriously cause abortion.In addition, the resistance of women during pregnancy is relatively fragile. In order to prevent the wife from being infected with unnecessary infection, it is advised everyone to prepare for condoms before doing it.

In fact, for mothers during pregnancy, the strong sexual desire varies from person to person. Some people respond to strong reactions during pregnancy. They often vomit without saying, and they will feel sore and weak.This discomfort will strongly suppress the sexual desire. The prospective dad sees this situation and advise you to give up tolerance.

However, some women will be particularly strong. A netizen previously told the editor: I do n’t know why, I always want it when I am pregnant. It may be more frequent.Later, my husband said he didn’t touch me anything.

Therefore, during pregnancy, it is okay to do it, but it must be controlled. If it is too frequent, it will be harmful to the fetus to a certain extent.But control is control, not to say that you want you to completely control, and the appropriate occasional disposable life is very good for the physical and mental and fetal growth of pregnant women.That’s it today. If you like the editor, order to learn more about more exciting parenting content.

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